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1stTimeMommie - February 19



TinaSos - February 19

I'm also 20 weeks and not sure if I felt the baby yet. The doctor told me I may not know what I'm feeling. She said in a couple of weeks it will be more noticable.


Cad0587 - February 19

Don't worry. I'm 23 weeks on Saturday and I'm not sure if I've felt it yet either. I've heard of 1st timers not feeling much till as late as 26 weeks! don't worry!


TamaraAngel - February 19

I'm in the same boat. I'll be 20 weeks this week and can't feel him yet! :o( I try so hard. I lay down and focus on it, but all i feel is my heart beating and i swear i even feel my blood flowing... lol... that's how intently i'm focusing!


sonia989 - February 19

lol. At 18 weeks, I lay down and concentrated so hard and felt my own blood flowing, too. Then, just after i had posted about not feeling the baby, I felt him. And now at 23 weeks he sometimes moves so much that it feels like he's making popcorn in there.


ophelia73 - February 20

I was about 20 weeks the first time I felt baby, and that was after I had eaten Kung Pao from our local Chinese place. There was no doubt about it, then! Since then it is non-stop sometimes (I am 24 weeks). It feels like she is doing jumping jacks in there. Don't worry, you'll get there! I did the same thing as TamaraAngel & sonia989 - I would focus so hard on feeling it, all I could feel was my thumping heartbeat. It will come, and it will be the most amazing thing you've ever felt!


aafinden - February 23

I kinda started to feel the baby rolling around, but the other night I felt the first kicks, like a b___terfly in my tummy, a couple of little kicks since, but nothing major :-( I just wanna feel my baby


kimberly - February 23

I felt my first at about 23 weeks and I felt my second much earlier around 14 weeks. I think I felt my second sooner b/c I knew what it felt like already.


MNMOM - February 23

some don't feel the baby until 22 weeks, especially if it is your first....try not to worry!


wailing - February 24

Don't worry! This early it's hard to tell if it's flutters or just your tummy digesting. They say it depends on your size how soon you'll feel the baby. Smaller people feel flutters quicker but some women don't feel anything until 23+ wks. Soon enough you 'll feel the baby ALL the time. It happens when u least expect it!!!!


Allisonc79 - February 27

I think it's because you actually don't feel anything in your uterus, it's the baby kicking through and hitting other parts outside of it. So for smaller people it's easier because there is less of a cushion for the baby. Or they say it could be from having really strong muscle there.



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