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Saydie - April 29

I am 21 weeks due sept 7. Just wondering if anybody is close to me and wanting to have somebody to talk to


Adria - April 30

I'm due Sept. 8th and 21 weeks, would you like to chat? [email protected]


Louise - April 30

I am due September 8th also. I'm feeling really good, except for some some mood swings. I was feeling the baby move a lot and then it quieted down over the past few days and that bothers me. I rented a doppler monitor to listen to the heartbeat at night to help a__sure me that everything is going great. How are you doing?


carmen - April 30

Hi i am 21 weeks also and due 7th sept! Just had my 20 week scan everything ok but i am a terrible worrier! Are u feeling much movement yet? Im not and this worries me..


miranda - April 30

carmen, I am also a terrible worrier. I think it has more to do with hormones than anything else! I am 20 weeks, due Sept 18.


NiNi - May 1

Im 22 weeks and 3 days now I beliee I cant check my ticker for pregnancy but you can talk to me Im due Sept 1 [email protected]


ireland - May 1

that's my due date as well!! boy or girl or havn't you found out???


Jbear - May 2

I'm due Sept. 4th. I'm feeling a bunch of movement already, more than I ever did with my first pregnancy. I'm also so huge that I'm embarra__sed to tell people that I'm not due till sept.


Rachel - June 23

Sure why not? So what r u having


Rachel - June 23

Ok. So im in the army and im 22 weeks pregnant. My husband is also in the army and is leaving for Iraq in November just a month after our baby girl is born. Here['s my dilemma if i remain in the army i will deploy to Iraq in Feb so our baby will be four months old. I know the army has benefits but are they worth missing my little girls precious milestones. Anybody with some advice please respond.


Leigh Ann - July 19

I'm 21 weeks due Nov. 26 they say. I concieved feb.19th they believe.....going on six months! So what have you experienced so far?



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