21 Weeks And Contractions HELP

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Susanna - January 20

What I thought was baby movement, I found out yesterday were contractions. I was at a specialist appointment when I had one during an ultrasound. He said this was o.k., as long as they were not frequent (three in a hour). Has anybody else experienced this? How normal is it? Should I be worried? I was up all night thinking I was having contractions!!!!! Help!


Rhea - January 21

I am 19 weeks pregnant and everytime I go to the doctors they stress to me the absolute importance of drinking fluids primarily because they can onset contractions. You might just want to increase your intake of fluids especially water.


A - January 24

I think you're describing Braxton Hicks Contractions, which are normal at your stage of pregnancy. I'm also 21 weeks and have probably had a couple a day for the last week or two (seems to happen when I lie down). My stomach suddenly goes VERY hard and then it goes back to normal. I was told that they happen more if you're fit. I really don't think you need to worry unless they become very frequent (as the doctor said).


karla figueroa - January 24

how dou you know your having a contraction


karla figueroa - January 24

how do you know when your having a contraction


Holli - February 7

Don't worry about the contractions unless they become frequent or painful. I am 21 weeks now. At 19 weeks I began having some pretty frequent contractions - one every hour or so for a few days. I had one that hurt, so I called the dr. It turned out I had an infection that was causing the contractions. But the dr told me occasional contractions, especially if this is not your first pregnancy, aren't anything to worry about.


Amy Westerman - February 9

I showed a contraction during a routine ultra sound very early and the doctors told me it is very normal because they are not the same type of contraction experienced during labor.


Keba - February 14

If your contractions are painful then that could be a sign of trouble. At this stage of pregnancy survival of your baby would be almost nil. If you experience frequent or painful contractions call your doctor right away. If he says it's okay but you still think you may be in labor or having a serious problem, go to the emergency room.


ladybug1k - February 21

Labor contractions at this point do NOT have to be painful to be productive, so do not lul yourself into a feeling of safety. With my first pregnancy I went into labor at 22 weeks, or at least this is when I figured out I was having contractions and they got frequent enough to make me start dilating. They did not hurt at all!! It felt like a creapy crawly feeling going accross my stomach and then it would harden and then release. Even if you feel no pain, if you have more than 3 an hour, call your doctor, lay down and drink water until they tell you what to do next. They can help stop the contractions. I was on meds until 36 1/2 weeks and delivered a perfectly healthy baby. I am now 17 weeks with my second and just started having them again. These feel different and are not as frequent yet, but still no pain. Just watching it closely at this point and increasing my doc apts. I'm also going to be starting 17P progesterone shots that are supposed to help hopefully. Good luck!! Better safe than sorry. Call you doc if you have a question. That is what they are there for.



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