21 Weeks And Have Placenta Previa

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aerialina - March 30

I showed brownish discharge and went to the ER a week ago the confirmed there that I have complete placenta previa. I went to my doctors office yesterday and they said the same thing. Does anyone know the chances of the placenta moving up and away from my cervix? This is my 7th child and all 6 of my other children were born natural. I am scared to death of a c- section. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you kindly!


EricaG - March 30

http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/pregcomplications/830.html According to this website, about 90% of cases diagnosed in mid pregnancy correct themselves by the time the baby is full term. Those are good odds! Try not to be scared, you still have lots of time for it to move.


3babies - March 31

Hi aerialina, it was my understanding that if you have complete placenta previa at that stage of pregnancy it is unlikely to move up and out of the way. That is more likely to happen if it is diagnosed earlier or if it isnt complete. Are you scheduled for a scan to check it's progress. I think they usually re-check about 28 weeks. I dont want to scare you but if it is you really need to take it seriously and look after yourself. You would be considered very high risk because you are grand-multip (great name for >5 pregnancies!) My girlfriend had complete placenta previa with antepartum haemorrhages and the last 7 weeks of her pregnancy on bedrest because it wasnt diagnosed earlier. At least your doctor is aware of it. I know its hard but try not to be scared of the c-section. I realise it is an unknown for you, but I have had two, and they have both been great experiences with good recoveries. Remember with placenta previa, it's not just about the baby's life, it's about yours too.


sweetsouthernbelle - April 9

i dont get to find out if my placenta previa has fixed itself yet or not until the 17th...not to scare you but my doc said that normally if it is found early in pregnancy then it has time to move out of the way...but after 5 months theres a less chance of it moving...but they told me that to increase the chances of it moving to decrease s_xual activity and not to strain or lift anything heavy...i hope i helped...maybe everything will correct itself and you'll be fine...good luck and best wishes



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