21 Weeks And The Bastard Is Cheating

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sassifras - May 22

This may seem a bit immature, but I was wondering if anyone had any really good, humiliating things I could do to the man I once loved with all of my heart. I just caught him , the tramp left him a voicemail and the phones are in my name. When he started turning it off when I was around i knew...I pulled the same c__p in high school. So, now my 2 yr old who called him daddy, and my unborn child will not have a father, or a decent one. I need revenge, it will make me feel so much better. i need the hatred and anger to help me move on, I don't want to be weak and give in and EVER consider taking the loser back. And ideas ladies? Or if there are any guys reading this, what would REALLY p___s you off and hurt your feelings.....


Hana - May 22

Aw honey, i feel for you i really do. I know you feel anger at the moment, but i promise you revenge will only momentarily make you feel better. The opposite of love is not hate its indifference and if you really wanna p__s him off leave him and act as if he means nothing to you. The more you try to seek revenge the more your showing him how much you care. I know its hard I really do but you dont need to deal with this little peice of c___p at the moment, you need to take all that energy and channel it through taking care of your future and your children, he is simple NOT worth your time or energy. Keep us posted and best of luck.


Kristin72 - May 22

Sa__sifras~That is great advice from Hana..I could not have said it better myself. Indifference is great revenge..I know it is hurtful right now but like Hana said channel your energies towards your pregnancy and your 2 year old. The a**hole does not deserve one bit of attention from you. Even if he tries to explain himself cut him off and tell him you don't have time for his c___p..Also, you might want to remind him of what he has lost ~you, your two year old, and the new baby on the way...Hope it was worth it for the whore he is with. That b___h makes me sick too..I wonder if she has any idea of your situation. Anyway, surround yourself with positive people..girlfriends, family members, or support groups. Do things for yourself..take a new course, take your 2 yr old for a walk. Take Care of number 1 and that's you..someone has to. Trust me the creep is going to feel his mistake badddddddd..but you have to stand your ground and remain strong. Soon enough you will find a supportive man who will love you and admire you for being the wonderful mother that you are. Keep your head up..and do not let this stress effect your pregnancy. Kristin :)


SuzieQ - May 22

Geez - I would want revenge too! It's so hard to be mature some days! lol Good for you for telling her about HPV though. Personally, I would make a clean break - totally cut him off from your life and keep him out of it. So many friends of mine see their ex's and end up dragging things out and putting themselves through way too much drama. It sure deosn't hurt to spread the word about a man who cheats on a pregnant woman though .....


annie24 - May 22

hi sa__sifras, i was going to recommend that date web site but you got there already.what a w**k*r. i wont even pretend i know what you are going through and i feel for you so much but i would congratulate you for getting out of there so soon and not putting up with it....at least you are showing your kids a great example that no matter what is happening with them, they do not have to put up with being treated badly. The best revenge i think would be for you to go out, get your hair done, buy something new to wear and just get together with your friends.hopefully some day you will pa__s him in the street looking fantastic and a nice big bump showing should really show him how he messed up.trust me.good luck and any time you need a chat, there are plenty of people here!!!!! enjoy the pampering!!!


sara b - May 22

Revenge can help in a way. I will tell you my story. I found out my bf had been lying and cheating on me. I confronted him and told him if he wanted to be with me he had to confess EVERYTHING in detail (painful but necessary for my sanity). He did, so I then made him give me the pa__swords to his voicemail, email, internet accounts, etc. I checked them all right in front of him and made sure everything he'd told me was the TOTAL TRUTH. I wrote the bimbo's number down and hung it by the phone so every month I can check it against the phone bill. I then told him to confess to his parents in front of me everything he had done. He did all this for me so I know he does want me over *bimbo*. Two months later we're rebuilding the relationship and think we're expecting our first baby together. Don't do anything mean or ugly, just try what I did so he'll have reminders of how badly he screwed up around for a while. If he wants to be with you he'll take the humiliation because its still not half the humiliation he put you through. Also if this woman is a coworker I'd send him out on a job hunt or speak to his supervisor about moving them to seperate departments. I wish you all the best and good luck. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


ITSABOY - May 22

I am sorry that he cheated get rid of him and move on!


Zonkatje - May 30

Sa__s, it sounds like he is a serial cheater and you have three choices. 1. Divorce him. If you take this option - take the high road, don't retaliate. He has his own demons to deal with, that's more than enough. Your children need a father in their life and if you take the low road, you risk their future relationship with him and their future relationships with men in general. 2. Insist on individual and marriage counseling for both of you. This is a long journey with hard work and you may end up divorced. If you love him and down deep he's a good man, it's worth a try to know you did everything you could. 3. Express your anger, forgive him, watch him like a hawk and hope for the best in the future. Which more than likely will mean more women. As for the other woman, forget about her. She's not the problem, he is and his inability to be happy with his marriage. He took the easy way out, instead of working with you to create a marriage that is everything he needs, he chooses other women to supplement or to hide from his problems. He created this mess, not her and her involvement with him is more than likely based on a web of lies. Involving her in your marriage by calling her, gives him the opening to go to her for sympathy, not deal with his mess.


HannahBaby - May 30

Just because hes not a good boyfriend doesnt mean that hes not a good father. Cheating is unforgivable but maybe its worth trying to work it out....for your kids. Good luck


lexa - May 30

It sounds as though you don't want him back, or just so pis**d off right now that maybe you are not thinking clearly. Getting revenge will only last a short while. It may make you feel better, but that will wear off and you'll be back to feeling miserable in no time. Sometimes doing/saying nothing is the best way to hurt his feelings. Act as if you don't care. Ignore him. Don't hold lenghty conversations with him. Don't call him, let him call you. When he does tell him you are fine and the baby is fine. Nothing else to say and hang up. As someone else mentioned, his own demons will haunt him! You don't have to be weak, you can be strong. You need to be strong for the sake of your son and unborn child. Anger and hatred will pa__s in time. Think of your children now! Keep us posted!


Perl - May 31

If you are married and since you have a child who is attached to him, then I'd say try to work it out through counseling. If you're not married to this joker, then just cut him off completely and totally and move on. The best revenge is for him to see you living happily, respecting yourself enough to leave him with grace, keeping your dignity and doing perfectly fine or even better off without him.


Baby - June 1

I am sorry sweetie! you can do better ,trust inGod and a good man will come in time just worry about that baby and the one you already have!


flower.momma - June 1

My sister was in a similar situation as you. She had a 7 year old who called her husband daddy and a son who was about 6 months old when he left her for another woman. She was in her early 30's when this happened, so don't worry about maturity. She snuck over to his apartment at night and keyed THEIR brand new car that he took because she had just had a baby and couldn't make payments. He never accused her of it, so he thought it was just some kids. She did feel a lot better after that, although it didn't take away her pain.


San_dee - June 1

ha ha, i knew of someone that put fish oil down the airvents of the car lol, apparently not a nice smell and extrememly hard to get rid of


MystinaAlise - June 1

i agree that revenge wont get you anything in the long run... but it is fun... i once sprinkled borox (sp?) in the tightie whities of an ex so that his dangling male parts ended up so swollen that he couldnt walk... the best part... me and his baby momma came up with the idea... now if MY baby daddy cheats on me im not going for revenge because he will lose me and his baby and what else could i do that would hurt him the way the loss of his child will... (of course i would be VERY VERY tempted to choke the sh*t outta him at the time) good luck girl and you dont need a man like that in your or your childrens lives...


frankschick2001 - June 19

I feel terrible for you, but if you are looking for revenge ideas, I don;t have any. The best revenge is success. Good revenge is remaining a normal person with your sanity in tact and he will see what he gave up. If you turn into a lunatic, he'll think his cheating was justified.


cmfqueens - June 19

Thats the best advice I have heard yet.



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