22 Weeks

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Jessica - December 31

Hey Everyone. I am 22 weeks and 2 days now !!!! YAY. Just wondering how many other women are at the same stage as me and their due dates!? Mine is May 4. And how is everyone feeling at this point?! Thanks! :)


Teagan - January 1

Im 22 weeks and 3 days Im due may 5th. Im feeling great feeling my baby starting to kick more. Jessica when do you think you concieved and what are your measurments? Mine are alittle off thats why Im wondering. Also how are you feeling?


Heather L - January 1

I'm due May 3rd. :) My baby kicks me all night long, especially when I roll over. I am measuring right on according to my u/s. I am having a GIRL! :)


ak - January 2

Due May 2nd. I am 22 weeks and two days also. mesuring for 24 weeks and its and boy!!


k - January 7

Sounds like everyone is doing great:)


kristin - January 8

Hi, I'm due April 30th with my third..A BOY! I guess I'm about 24/25 weeks? We have A boy and a girl already ..Feeling great..the third is uneventful. I'm hoping to have this baby in april my son is May, it would be nice to have all three different months.


Suzanne - January 8

I am 23 weeks, first baby, had an amnio (BIG OUCH), it is a boy, feel like c___p most of the time, carrying real high, eating like crazy, sleep a ton, due May 5th, got pregnant August 9th. Can't wait to get this over with!!!


K - January 8

Hey Suzanne Im also due may 5th and got pregnant around the same time.


To Suzanne - January 8

If you dont mind what are you measuring at? Im due may 5th and I measured at 23 weeks when I was 22 weeks.


Tess - January 9

Im 21wks/3 days and Im due May 19th. We just found out today that we're having a baby girl :) So far Ive gained 5 lbs, our baby's heartbeat is 150 bpm and she is know measuring almost 11 inches and weighing 1 lb.


Leanne - January 19

I'm due May 20th. Almost 23 weeks and have only gained 7 pounds so far. I worry that I'm not gaining enough weight but my doctor says to consider myself lucky. I feel really good except tired.


lucy - January 20

im almost 23 weeks now..knew last week we're having our first baby GIRL!!! we're so excited.. she weighed at that time 16.4 oz and her heartbeats were 152/min.. i've gained 4 lbs until now and baby is due 24 may :)


krista-lee - January 21

22 weeks, 1 day =) due may 26th


Brianne E Cornman - February 4

i am due on june 14th and i feel great. the baby kicks allnight and very rarely lets me rest but i am happy to feel every movement.it lets me know everything is all right.we found out today it's a boy!



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