22 Weeks And Movement Is Slowing Down

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Aimes - May 22

I was 22 weeks this Friday. Early last week I felt the baby moving all the time, and was even getting some pretty strong kicks. Seems like the last couple of days I havne't felt her much at all. I still feel small movements, but nothing like before. Do they go through active periods and then slow down for a couple of days? I have a Dr appointment Thursday but I wonder if I should go in there to be sure. Has this happened to anyone? I am trying to stay calm, but I am beginning to get very worried. Thank you


Aimes - May 22

oh and also, she's usually very active after I eat lunch, which I just did and I still don't feel anything. I haven't had any bleeding or cramping. I just don't want to overreact and head to the dr. if this is a common thing.


knpandrews - May 22

Aimes... i wish i had words of wisdom for you. But unfortunately I dont. I am kind of going through the same thing. however, I am 19 wks. and have not felt the baby move yet. I am anxiously waiting but have not felt what people tell me I should feel. I hope that things work out for you and please know that the more we all worry the worse it gets in our heads. Sorry I could not be of more help.


Aimes - May 23

Hi, thanks for responding. I think I just worry too much! She must have just been taking a snooze or I was too busy over the weekend to notice much. Last night after dinner I felt a lot of movement, so I was relieved. I started feeling small movements around 18 weeks, I think. I bet you'll feel it soon. I think around 20 weeks my husband could feel it really lightly from the outside. Honestly, it feels a lot like gas rumbling, but it's really low, too low for gas! Hope you feel it soon!


clare - May 23

hiya im 25 weeks and i go through phases of getting beaten half to death then the next day nothing i think its normal but when i dont feel anything for a while i lay on my back quite still and wait for something as they have a tendency to wake up while you are trying to sleep . i wouldnt worry too much but if it happens alot and the movement has gone to more or less nothing alot of the time check with ur midwife. also i have a moniter thingy that you put on your belly to listen to the heartbeat so i use that quite alot if im worried then i hear the little heart and im happy again lol xx


Jen - May 23

Aimes, I am going through the same thing. I am 21 weeks and he is usually active, especially at night but the past few days I have barely felt anything. I read that babies can go through active and not so active periods. I also read to drink some juice or milk and go lay down for an hour or so and the combination of the drink and your inactivity should get the baby going. I tried this and usually it works but the past few nights it hasn't. I have an appt next week so hopefully it's just me being paranoid. Let us know how your appt goes : )


ThePezChick - May 23

I'm a little over 20 weeks and feel the same thing. I've read a lot on movement and this is apparently very normal. Nothing to worry about. Your sweet little ones are just sleeping. They're going through big growth spurts now (my doctor told me today) and need the rest. I'm sure growing as they are is rather strenuous!


marranie - May 24

Movements definately come and go, though i think it is actually the timing, during the quiet times the baby is probably doing break dance routine while we're asleep and taking it quiet during the day.


Aimes - May 24

Thanks guys. I have been feeling more and more the last two days. It's very reasurring. We'll see what my doctor says tomorrow because I feel like i may be measuring small for 23 weeks (well, almost!). Thanks for the advice


michellep - May 24

I have been having the same thing happen. For awhile I was feeling movement about three times a day, and then all of a sudden it stopped for a few days. It has been coming and going like that for awhile. I did have an ultrasound today, and it was moving like crazy (I'm at 20 wks btw) and I could only feel it sometimes. I wonder if it also has to do where it is located when it is moving in order for me to feel it. I feel it a lot more when it is way up high by my belly b___ton (when I'm lying down) and way down low.


Aimes - May 25

I have something funny to share regarding movment. I asked my dr about the day or so where the movement was less. He told me that at this stage it's very sporatic and I probably won't feel too much. Well, I feel her every day, and aside from that two day stretch, feel it a lot. I didn't say anything to him, but as he was putting the dopplar on her, she kicked right in the middle of it and it made a noise that interrupted the heartbeat sound! I love it--I just thought, "ha, there you go she does kick a lot!" Some times dr's can be clueless


Jen - May 25

LOL Aimes. Me and dh were trying to listen on a monitor we have at home and he did the same thing. And whenever I am at the doctor's he runs away from it, the doc says she has to chase him like a bunny. Plus he hates ultrasounds, he kicks things away from him and covers his head, too funny.



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