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MAGGIE - January 28



amber - January 30

i am 22 weeks and lets see im finally showing, im always hungry. and i cant tell if the tap in my lower abdomen is the baby or what it is ! i wish i knew


Kelly - April 7

I too feel movements in my lower abdomen. They feel like muscle spasms. I"m not always sure if it's my baby or not but i hope it is because the movement comforts me.


Trish - April 8

I am 22 weeks, and I feel the baby a lot at times and then nothing at other times. My stomach also gets hard at times, braxten hicks (very normal) I can feel where the baby is laying when I press down on my stomach too. We have a doppler here at home so we listen to the heartbeat every night. Was there something specific you wanted to know? also you can go to google and type in 22 weeks pregnant you will have lots to read.


Shona - April 8

I am 23 weeks and I can feel little flutters in my tummy and have mild tummy cramps oca__sionally. My apet_te is higher than normal and my s_x drive has increased.


KellyB - April 8

I am finishing up my 22nd week today. In the past week the baby's movements are more regular and I can even see a kick from the outside (just this week). It's been really neat. I had a doctors appointment last night and she said I am right on track. More and more hungry as time goes by. I am still small and not showing much. If you didn't know me, you wouldn't even know!


Lindsey - April 8

Hey- I am 20 weeks pregnant, when can you actually feel it on the outside? My busband is dying to feel the kicks.... I feel lots movement inside but not kicks yet.


toni - July 17

how do you knowif you arepregant. i still have myperiods, buti gain weigh and my stomach is big


jd - August 1

i felt my baby slightly from 16 weeks my 3rd baby ime 20 weeks and my partner felt baby move and seen it move aswell


misha - August 1

i am 22 weeks too. my baby is very active and i am small framed so i feel her a lot. i can see the baby move through my skin and everyone can feel it that touch my stomach. i personally hate s_x while pregnant, so i made my husband get over that. i am not really hungry though. about the same as normal for me.


Melissa - August 1

Hi everyone, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I haven't had any morning sickness in 3 weeks so I think it's over with, but I'm just worried about my weight. When I first found out I was pregnant I was 160 and month after went to the doctor I was over 170 now I'm 168, my mother-in-law told me not to worry that it's normal to lose weight and plus I've been so sick. I too have been feeling my baby move to me it feels like little kicks my husband got to feel, it's mostly at night when the baby wants to move. I'm going to the hospital on the 3rd to have an unltrasound so we're hoping we'll get to find out what the baby is. Good Luck to everyone!!!



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