23 Week Pregnant

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jocelyn - April 10

I am 23 weeks pregnant, how many months am i?


iakram - April 10

i week shy of 6 months.


livdea - April 10

I'm going to give you some advice I learned early on...STICK WITH WEEKS! Perhaps for men you can pick a month but for the women I just tell them weeks...so much easier! Everyone's month scale is different! I'm almost 28 weeks and just started saying I'm 6 months! So....you know!


Mandy1984 - April 10

IT depends on your due date, eg. I am due on the 9th October and was 3months pregnant on the 9th April even though I am 14 weeks I am only 3mths


Chrissythefairy - April 10

what iakram said, 1 week shy of 6 months.


EricaG - April 10

livdea is right, stick with weeks because some people say that pregnancy is 10 months long and all that stuff. I personally think that's a load of c___p. It is accepted that pregnancy is considered 9 months long. That's what they say on tv shows, movies, books, etc. The people that believe that you are pregnant for 10 months count each month as 4 weeks. That's silly because actually the average month is closer to 4.5 weeks. They are going by "lunar months" or whatever. Anyway I just always chuckle and roll my eyes when I see a woman who is 16 weeks say she is 4 months or a woman who is 20 weeks say she is 5 months. Anyway , this debate has been going on forever on this forum. In my opinion the ten month thing was just made up by women who want to sound like they're further along than they actually are. The truth is ,if you are walking down the street and someone asks you how far along you are and you say 5 months, because 9 months is what most people believe is the standard gestation time, they will a__sume you have 4 months left, not 5. It has been drilled into our heads since childhood that pregnancy is 9 months long, you can't just go and change it on people. Whatever, I guess if you wantt o confuse people you can go around saying you're pregnant for 10 months and whatnot, but the socially accepted time peeiod of a pregnancy is 9 months. Even according to America's bestselling pregnancy book, "what to expect when you're expecting" you are pregnant for 9 months. According to this book, at 23 weeks pregnant you are 5 months and 1 week pregnant. You will be 6 months pregnant at 27 weeks. the sixth month begins on the first day of the 23rd week, so being at the end of the 23rd week, you are 1 week into your 6th month. Keep in mind however, you wait until the last day of the 27th week before you say you are actually 6 months. Well. you can do it whatever way you want, but I stick with weeks, that way it doesn't confuse anybody.


Remy - April 10

LoL Erica - if you wanna get all technical about it a woman is actually pregnant for 9 1/2 months (38 Weeks =P). I still don't know why they consider the first two weeks between your period and ovulation being part of the pregnancy.


Olivene - April 11

This is baffling isn't it!? In America, we hear 9 months is the standard, but I'm not sure where all of you are living. It is different in other parts of the world. Herw in Japan, everyone goes by the ten month standard. I wouldn't guess that was invented by women who want to be further along. I'm betting it was established by the medical community for whatever reason. Jocelyn, if you are in America, just go by what the pregnancy books there say, or do what I've been doing- tell people the approximate due date and let them do the math!


falafal0 - April 11

This is how I do it for everyone - my fourth pregnancy so I've had enough of this and that. When I am given my due date, I work from that. I am due the 21 st August, so when I hit the 2st of each month, then I'm another month. Come April 21st, I'll be '5 months pregnant'. In the end, the baby will come out - people go by the months, and it's so much easier for everyone.



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