23 Weekers Do U Get Braxton Hicks Alot Alittle None

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mandee - April 16

hi girls! congrats to all other fellow 23 weekers. just wondering, if anyone else has been getting those pesky braxton hicks? do you get a few a day or less, more, or none. i get about 25 a day. it's my 3rd baby, so i feel each one, and they can be quite uncomfortable to. anyone else? do share your experience!


PP - April 16

I am 26 almost 27 weeks and I have felt none. I would be concerned if I had several like you are. Have you talked to your doctor? Though this is my first so I do tend to write stuff off as normal and I have had occa__sional cramping which I suspect is braxton hicks.


Curious - April 16

What do braxton hicks feel like?


cara - April 16

I am 23 weeks also and I get them everyday. I have gotten up to 3-4 in an hour. I have talked to my Doctor and he doesn't seem concerned unless they come ona regualr basis. They are extremely uncomfortable for me though. It feels like you whole abdomen is hardening up.


mandy~ - April 17

im 25wks and im not sure what they are either i do feel tightness in my stomache more than other times. but i dont think they are braxton hicks i have no idea what they feel like?


nelly - April 17

I have been having pains that feel like contractions sense I was 20 weeks pregnant, I woiuld have between 10 and 15 a day. I told my doctor and he said to time them and see how consistent they are and if they got regular to go to the hospital. He also told me that the baby could be getting all the nutrition and I could be dehydrated and that would cause contractions. I am 27 weeks now and am still having them.


Sara - April 17

I am 24 weeks and have not experienced Braxton-Hicks yet. My sister never had them once, so maybe I will be as lucky as her =)


mandee - April 18

cara, my dr. didn't seem concerned eigther, and sometimes i was getting 4 an hr. and they blew me off. i go in tomorrow, for a regular appt. i may try to have them check my cervix then, just for peace of mind. a contraction feels like your uterus, is suddenly hardening up in a knot, and it can last, well mine can be up to a minute long, and then it relaxes again. like cara, mine are uncomfortable, as well. i guess our dr. share the same belief, don't worry, but it's hard not to, when they can hurt.



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