23 Weeks How Many Months

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mo - April 10

hi ladies i was wodering next sunday ill be 24 weeks does that mean ill be starting my 6th month?


crystal - April 10

yes mo u will be startin your 6th month. If want want to find how many weeks equals how many months, it's easy math just divide.


Sara - April 10

I will also be 24 weeks Sunday, and yes we will be 6 months =)


May - April 11

Hi, the math is easy - I guess you mean how people determine no of months - based on calender months or lunar months... you could check this site out: http://pregnancytoday.com/resource/themonths.htm


shelly - April 12

22 weeks is the start of the sixth month:) here is a link to show you how it breaks down: http://www.theparentsite.com/pregnancy/trimesters.asp hope this helps. this is based on 9 months. 24 weeks would be 6 full months based on a 10 month lunar calender. hugs:)


leah - April 12

If you can't help you don't need to post your expert comments that the question is stupid. ofcourse you are not the only one to know how many days are there in a month. You obviously did not understand her question. She wanted to know if people say how many months based on calender months or not...


crystal - April 13

I wasn't tryin to make anyone feel like they r askin a stupid question. b/c if u dont know u dont know. To shelly your 6th week start at 24 weeks.(depending on how u count it) Most doctors determine your due date by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, but your not really pregnant the first two weeks b/c u have not ovulated yet, and u dont usally find out out your pregnant until your 4 or 5 weeks. But this is how most people count it. Forty weeks adds up to about 9 calender months(30 or 31 days each) or ten lunar months(28 days each) which is easier. So every 4 weeks your another month along. So if u count this way you'll be 10 lunar months pregnant by the time your 40 weeks.


leah - April 13

crystal - nice of you to answer the question clearly. I was talking about mimi who said this question was stupid/unreal etc.


monica - April 13

its not a stupid question. pregnancy months/weeks is very confusing. Mo- I am 24 weeks, I say I am 6 complete months pregnant and in my 7months. When is your due date?


B - April 13

Yes you are congrats!!!!


Lisa - May 25

I am 21 weeks prgenant how many months is that


Steph - May 25

5 months 3 weeks so yes 24 weeks is 6 months :o)


Stephanie - May 25

Monica- I did that in the beginning too but everyone thought I was nuts bc they say that thru lunar months. When you use that way its really gonna make ya mixed up at the end. I say 4 weeks is 1 month and 6 weeks is 1 1/2 months. Lunar months use this example- 1 thru 4 weeks is the first month but by the time you get to the end it makes no sense! Try it and tell me what you think..................


Stephanie - May 25

Lisa- 21 weeks is 5 months 1 week


STeph - May 25

To crystal- I agree bc your due date falls on the day you become 10 months preggo :o) .........In other words 9 full months of pregnancy!


teresa - May 30

mimi...what the..? there are no such things as stupid questions....i'm sure u dont have the answer to everything so keep ur rude comments to urself. mo- i know how u feel. it is confusing but yea u will be


m - May 30

yeah, that wasn't a very nice comment. It wasn't an answer, it was a comment. The girl asked a question looking for an answer, not your stupid comment. I understand her question, because it is confusing to some because of basically what Shelly said. Some people base it on 9 months, some on 10 months. The two readings can be confusing.



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