23 Weeks In Pain

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MLeiss06 - February 28

I have a doctors appointment on the 20th, im just asking to maybe put my mind at ease until then......Im 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and i am having TONS of pelvic pain! It feels like the baby is sitting right in between my legs.. It hurts to close my legs, get out of bed, and even stand up sometimes and the inside of my thighs have become sore and achy....I dont remember expieriencing this with my son....Has this or is this happning to anyone else???


kendra.marie - February 28

that hasn't happened to me i just have horrible back pain i had back labor with my daughter & now i just get backaches from hell i cry to sleep its horrible i hate it i know this labor will be bakc labor again or at least i bet it oh what have i got myself in for lol. it sucks i dont have tha pain u have but ive got back pains. sry im no help


kolleen_caudillo - February 28

i go thru the same thing. my back kills me at any point of day. try a heating pad or a warm bath


fefer1 - March 2

hey, I have the same issue - and didn't have it nearly as bad with my dd. I can hardly walk sometimes without my lower area cramping up and..I have to carry around my 18 mo old dd!! I'm almost 27 weeks now - and it just gets worse. My next appt is on the 13th and I certainly plan on discussing it. I did read that it could be ligament pain - that second time around your muscles just aren't strong enough and it hurts more. That sucks.


Gemini_Girl - March 3

Hi it could be "S.P.D - SYMPHYSIS PUBIS DYSFUNCTION" google it! I had it really bad in the 2nd tri, theres not much they can do, but I had some physio and got a support belt, as soon as I gave birth the pain went away - thank goodness! GL


sarah21 - March 4

It is very normal. It is your round ligaments stretching and the relaxin hormone starting to loosen up your joints. SPD is a possible scenario but it's most likely just ligaments. I totally thought I had SPD, but after about 5 weeks it got a bit better, then came back and is still pretty bad at 37 weeks now but you kind of get used to it. Try to avoid motions that aggravate it like mopping, sweeping, separating your legs. Keep your legs together when you turn over in bed and get out of the car and it will help.


fefer1 - March 4

yeah - I a__sumed it was SPD. It sucks though - nothing helps. I have a 18 month old dd and I have to pick her up, carry her, play with her on the floor - and it's such a PAIN literally, to get up and move around. Can't wait for this be over.


MLeiss06 - March 5

I KNOW its NOT round ligament pain..I am VERY familiar with what that feels like...Its my pelvis....I cant put my legs together when i am laying down, its waaaay to painful. I literally feels like she is just laying deep in there. Last night i tried to get out of bed, but the pain was really EXCRUCIATING and i felt something pop in there...its was really wierd.....i have a doc appointment on the 19th so hopefully they can figure out what the hell is wrong with me! =P


fefer1 - March 5

yeah, I don't think mine is ligaments either - it's the bones. I can hardly get out of bed myself some days - or roll over. I feel like a bone or knife is stabbing me - or that I'm going to break apart. IT sucks. My OB referred me to a physical therapist but I really haven't had time to go. I tried a chiropractor with my dd - but it didn't help me at all. I think your pelvic bones can really get out of alignment and make one hip higher than the other. Why don't you call the dr and ask them about it?? That way if they want to refer you to a Phys, Ther. you don't have to wait....I also hear the pregnancy girdle/belts help - haven't tried one yet.



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