24 Weeks And Leg Cramps

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DanielleO - May 19

Hey ladies, Everynight for the past week or so I have been waking up and having the worst leg cramps in my calves. Is this normal or am I just strange?? Thanks girls


Jody - May 19

I have the same thing! I am 24 weeks as well. Just remember to point your toes towards you when you get them. It helps alot and also stretch before bed!


littlemama1022 - May 19

I also have leg cramps, I am 26 weeks. A lot of people have told me it's because I don't drink enough water. Pointing your toes towards makes mine go away most of the time. Good Luck.


Angiconda - May 20

I am 25 weeks and have it too, I dont know that I would beleive the water thing because I drink a ton of water and still get them. I know it is normal and I have heard that getting them (when not pregnant) means you are not getting enough calcium, however I dont know for sure


DanielleO - May 20

Thanks for you answers ladies. I drink alot of water too so I dont know if that would be my problem. It could be not getting enough calcium...its ok to take calcium pills while pregnant right?


Mingill - May 20

Hi all, I have the same problem and I'm 25 weeks. I find that pointing my toes only makes it worse. I have to stand and then I have what feels like a knot in my leg for the rest of the day. I drink plenty of water and milk as well as take prenatal vitamins, so I've got no clue what's causing them or how to avoid them. As far as calcium pills are concerned, I'd check with you Doc. but I know my vitamins have 250 mg of calcium in them. I'm not sure if there is a limit to what we should take though.


ThePezChick - May 20

In the book I got at childbirth cla__ses it says to point your toes away from you (downward) or flex your feet upward to make them go away. It discourages you from getting up and walking around. I'm not having them yet, so I'm not sure if this works. I does say drink a lot of water, but doesn't mention calcium at all. Just pa__sing along some info....


Erynn21 - May 20

OMG-I woke up 3 nights ago w/ one of the worst leg cramps I have ever had! I had stretched in my sleep and bam my calf turned into a ball of firey pain. I woke up my hubby completely freaking out(needless to say that freaked him out), I was just like "My leg, my leg aughhhh." He rubbed it and it felt way better, but now it has hurt since then, I feel like I do when I go on a strenuous hike. My muscle is tweaked, although I must say I was in a car accident about 10 yrs ago that tore my calf muscle, so I have had this before. I'm now 25wks. so this must be something that happens now. Muscle cramps are usually caused from not enough pota__sium, and my prenatals do not have very much in them, I drink a ton of water, so I know it's not that. I have never heard about the calcium thing, but I'm getting lots of that, I'm going to try to ingest more pota__sium rich food and see if that helps. And to PezChick the pointing your toes thing did not work for me my that was what actually started my whole dilemma. Take care all.


mcatherine - May 20

I am 24 weeks and get them as well. I have started eating a banana everyday for the pota__sium and they have started to calm down a lot. Erynn21 is correct -the lack of pota__sium is often the source of leg/calve cramps during pregnancy. Most pre/vits don't have a lot of pota__sium in them. Don't eat too many, though - they also constipate you!


CamysMama - May 20

Hi, I just wrote a similar post in "September Mummys-to-be," so sorry for the repeat, but I've been getting the leg cramps, too! I'm 23 weeks now, and have been having them for the last few weeks. They're always at night when I'm sleeping, and in my calves, usually my left leg (maybe because I'm sleeping on my left side.) They're so bad they wake me up going "oww! Oww! OWW!" And then I accidentally wake up my fiance, and he is concerned and asks me if I'm okay. I've been told that the leg cramps can be triggered by not getting enough electrolytes. Apparently because we drink so much more water than usual, our electrolytes can become depleted and need to be replenished. My mom has been giving me Smart Water, which she gets at the Trader Joe's market, and it's great! It tastes just like regular water, with no extra sugar or flavoring. I've found it helps a lot, but on days that I just drink regular water, the leg cramps still come back. I'm definitely going to try the banana idea, mcathrine! brandy0903 also suggested eating bananas in "September Mummys-to-be."


DanielleO - May 20

Eating banana's would probably work if its the pota__sium thing, but if they constipate you then i dont want to eat any!! i've had enough constipation throughout this pregnancy as it is!! I'd rather have the leg cramps lol!!


CamysMama - May 20

DanielleO, you might want to try the Smart Water, or Gatorade if you can't find it. It couldn't hurt!


mcatherine - May 20

Camysmom - I have never heard the electrolyte theory. I think I will go look for Smart Water tomorrow. Thanks!


Mingill - May 21

Hi, yes I actually posed this question on the 'September Mummys-to-be' before I found this thread, but overall the advice sounds similar, try bananas (a source of pota__sium) and electrolytes. I thought the cramps might be caused by my job, I work retail part-time and stand for up to 4 hours at a time, but it seems to be a common occurance.


sophandbob - May 29

Absolutely normal! I too have been having them. it happens when I wake and stretch. I have been tyring so hard not to strecth, but sometimes it is subconcious and I do it without thinking. I then end up in the most excrutiating pain - like someone is ripping my claf muscle out. So bad that it makes me cry, and I can't walk without limping for 2-3 days. My boyf is now dreading what I'll be like in labour! Not even ma__sage helps - but the toe thing Jody mentions does. I've been told to eat lotgs of bananas and it could be a pottasium/magnesium shortage, and i've also been told about calcium too, so i drink a pint of semi-skimmed, with added omega 3, before bed.


Lil_Mamma - May 29

Im also at 24 weeks and I wake up to Major calf cramps! It usually wakes my husband up because of my whinning! I usually just ma__sage the cramp out.. seems to take a little while but it works... Between Leg cramps and my little guy having a boxing match with my organs...... Im loosing too much sleep!



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