24 Weeks Put On Bed Rest And Nervous HELP

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phillygir1 - February 21

Ok, I am a mommy of a 16 month old which I also had probelms with pre-term labor as well. I had an u/s 5 weeks ago and my cervix was 3cm and everythng was fine. Yesterday I had an u/s and my cervix is 2.2 cm and I was put on bed rest. The doctor asked me if I had pains, bleeding, discharge...I am 24 weeks! When I was 30 weeks with my daughter I was 3.5 cm dilated and out on bed rest and delivered at 36 weeks. I am not dilated at all, just my cervix is thinning out. They want to give me the steriod shots in the butt again to speed the process up with the baby's lungs...which I am fine with, my daughter had this too and she is fine...but what else can be done? I am so scared at this point. The baby is only 1 1/2 lbs...if I get these shots will is make it gain weight as well? If anyone can help, please comment back.


babyblue2 - February 22

The steroid shots are only to help develop the baby's lungs faster. They won't help the baby grow faster. Its a good thing you are being watched so carefully considering your history. Try to take it easy and stay off your feet. I know its hard (having been on bedrest for at least a month with my last 2 pregnancies), but do it for the baby. Can they not st_tch your cervix shut? Or is this not an option? As I said... I am glad they are keeping a close watch on you, so at least you can rest knowing you are in good hands. All the best.


flaca08 - February 24

im 27 wks pregnant, my first pregnancy i was put on bed rest i still had her at 29 wks, my second she was fine i dint need to be in bed rest, now for my third i was put on bed rest at 25 wks, because my cervix was thinning out, now they put me on procardia to stop any contractions, they gave me the steroids shots, and i also have a nurse coming every wk giving me progestrone shots, and ive been doing good, u should find out about that, if u want more info let me know, ill be happy to help u,,goodluck



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