25 Weeks How Many Months

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AMB - September 20

So I am 25 weeks and I think that means that I am going in to my7th month my hubby says no that it means i am 6months and 1 week I go to the dr on Thursday but would love to settle this little bet there is a week of foot rubs on it !! haha


To AMB - September 20

You're 6th month starts at week 24.


Bonnie - September 20

You're either right at 6 months or at the end of 5 months. If you went by 4 weeks in a month it would show you as 6 months, but because pregnancy is measured in 40 weeks, it looks like 10 months but it's less as some months have less days. My pee brain is too small to work it out exactly, I will ask my math-brained hubby though. But I believe you are right at the end of months or just barely at your 6th.


Bonnie - September 21

Okay, had hubby work it out as my pregnancy brain has gone stupid :P IF you are going by the traditional 9 months that people count pregnancy by.....you will be 6th months at 26 weeks (52 weeks in a year divided by 2 for 6 months). So you are still officially 5 months until your 26th week.......You can't just count a month as 4 weeks as every months has more than 4 weeks, there are extra days in them. If you go by the old fashioned lunar calendar you would be 6 months, but no one goes by that as we count a full term pregnancy at 9 months, not 10. So theoretically you both lost the bet, lol. Can I have the foot rubs? :D


Christy - September 21

Okay, this is how I see it. A typical pregnancy is around 40 weeks=10 months...So in my opinion your are starting your 7th month. I too am 25 weeks on Friday and I consider myself 7 months. I am also going to the doctor tomorrow and will ask her. I REALLY hope we're right. You deserve those foot rubs way more than hubby!!!!


hi - September 21

i am reading now in "the pregnancy book" by doctors Sears, that the 6th month is between 21-25 weeks. so i think the foot rub is yours!


AMB - September 21

Thanks so much ~ at least its not me that it confuses ! lol I asked hubby if I just let him be right if I still get the foot rubs and he said yes so I will be asking the dr tomorrow and let you all know how it turns out ! B___tonight I am enjoying a foot rub!!! LOL


Bonnie - September 21

Christy, you are going by a lunar calendar which is has more than 12 months in a year (which is fine). Generally people go by a 12 month calendar, which is a 9 month pregnancy. In our normal year, you can't count 4 weeks in a month since we have extra days as well. There are 52 weeks in a year (12 months), divide that by 2 and you get 26 weeks (for 6 months). So, unless she wants to count more than 12 months in a year and work on a different timeline than what we normally use, she will not be 6 months until her 26th week.


Dani - September 21

I am 24 wks.. when i turned 24 wks i considered myself 6 months..it is less confusing that way. and if i were 25 wks, i would think 6 months & 1 week. but the other ppl are right about the 10 month thing,and all that.. its confusing...good luck


Jen - September 21

This is how I figure. Count your pregnancy months from the first day of your last period. If 4 weeks=1month then there would be 13 months in a year.....get it! You aren't preg for 10 months, it really only comes out to 9mo 1wk when you count from first day of last period till due date.


Paula - September 26

What to Expect when you're Expecting says the 7th month starts at 27 weeks.


J - September 26

You have finished your sixth month at 26 weeks, your seventh month begins after that so at the start of your 27th week, you will not be 7 months until you complete your 31st week but you will be "in" your7th month. The 8th month starts your 32nd week. There are several pregnancy calendars available on the web that will help with this.


Kate and Baby - September 30

I am 23 weeks and still consider myself 5 1/2 months. But I know that my calculations are probably off. Don't worry about the losing brain cells while pregnant. I ask my husband stupid questions even before I was pregnant.


Kate and Baby - September 30

Sorry to write again but my husband is laughing b/c he said your husband is going to be a very happy man with all those feet ma__sages. LOL. He said that 28 weeks is 7 months.


Brandie - September 30

Your 6 months Congrats. Your 27th week is the last week of your 2nd trimester. I just started my 26 week. Good luck!


Prego - September 30

A friend of mine told me that she didnt know the answer to this question either so what she did was took her due date and count back from that so in other words me for instance i am due march 15 so feb 15 i would be 8 months january 15 i would be 7 months and so on and so fourth and i think that it does make sense but that is just me!!!!!


Prego - September 30

cant they just be smart and have someone come up with a system that every one follows instead of confusing the already confused pregnant woman!!!!!!!



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