26 Weeks And Cervix Shortening

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tina - August 4

i'm 26 weeks tomorrow. because i had a leep procedure done 5 years ago, my doctor keeps an eye on my cervix to make sure i'm not thinning. two weeks ago my cervix measured at 3.6 and today it measured 3.2. i'm concerned that my cervix is thinning out too quickly. my doctor seems not to be worried and i'll get my cervix checked in two more weeks. has anyone else had this happen and carried the baby till term? i know that 3.2 cm isn't that bad but what concerns me is the it went from 3.6cm to 3.2 cm in just two weeks. i'm not dilated or funneling and my os is closed. thank in advance for your answers.


Justine - August 5

I'm no expert but I don't think you need to worry. At my 21 week scan the doctors did a scan to see if I'd be severly premature (before 34 weeks) on the basis of cervix length - it just needed to be over 1.5cm at 21 to 24 weeks to have less than 1% chance of giving birth before 34 weeks. Obviously still keep an eye on it but there's no need to be worried.


t - August 5

justine, i have never heard this before. if it's true than that's great. did your doctor give you this information and did you have an incompetent cervix during a pregnancy?


bump - August 7



a - August 7

Mine also went down from about 4.2 to 3.5cm in just about 4-5 weeks (at appr. 23 wks), but the doctor was not concerned about it. I was told that anything over 2.5cm was fine and that the cervix continues to shorten with time due to the weight of the baby. If you are worried, try to rest as much as possible. Good luck!


t - August 7

thanks a. that's good to hear. how far along are you now and has your cervix shorten anymore?


Justine - August 8

Tina - I don't have an incompetent cervix but at my hospital in London, UK you can have a v____al scan at 21 to 24 weeks to see if your high risk for giving birth before 34 weeks and the measurement the doctor used was cervical length over 1.5cm made you low risk (under 1%). He did add though that sometimes there were other reasons why someone would be premature and cervical length isn't the only thing. I don't think you need to worry though obviously keep seeing the doctor. I think you'll be fine. I'm also 26 weeks (due Nov 8th) and I've read on the internet (can't remember where sorry) that at 28 weeks your baby has a 96% chance of survival. I saw someone else write they'ld be told at 27 weeks its 90%. Obviously its best to go to term though but we're nearly there.


Justine - August 8

I've also been told by a doctor to drink plenty of water - he said its one of the best ways to stop a premature birth.


a - August 9

t, I am about 25wks now. They have not checked me since the last time as they thought it would not be necessary. I sure hope they are right. There have been quite a few posts here about cervical length lately, so I try to lie down as much as possible to reduce my worries.


t - August 9

yeah, i lie down as well. i do as little as possible. i don't work so i try and stay off my feet most of the day. i wish i could find out what length is normal for the week that i'm in.


Justine - August 10

Tina - I found this paper about cervical length on the internet - its scientific so a bit technical but it seems to be saying your cevical length is around the mean (average). http://sogc.medical.org/SOGCnet/sogc_docs/common/guide/pdfs/ps102.pdf#search='cervical%20length%2026%20weeks'


Justine - August 10

You need to take out the first dash (-) after sogc and before doc (not the second one and the two dashes at the end to get the site to work.


tina - August 10

thank you justine



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