2 Babies Sleeping In The Same Room

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Tanya2 - April 26

My daughter will be 11 months old when I have my second baby, we found out that we are having a boy. For those of you with two kids, is it ok if both kids share a room? My main concern is that with a newborn waking up at all hours of the night, it might disturb my daughter's sleep (although she is a good sleeper and sleeps through anything). Also I heard from someone that it is illegal for a girl and boy to share a room. Is that true? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks ladies.


stormy - April 26

i havent heard of it being illegal.... i shared a room with my brother for awhile when i was younger.. if they were older and it was a privacy thing then i could maybe see thepoint of it but i dont think it matters.. if u dont have the room theyll have to share.. there only babies so it shouldnt matter.. and different s_x twins share rooms for yrs cause of the bond the have formed.. some times same cot.. ur decision though i dont see how it would be wrong..


Been There - April 27

It's not illegal for boys and girls to share a room, as far as I know. Perhaps you could keep the baby in your room (if you have space) for about 6 months, until they sleep through most of the night. Then you may avoid waking your daughter so much. My son (the new baby) will have to share with my 8 year-old after about 12 months, if we aren't able to get a larger house before then.


HannahBaby - April 27

um, its definatly NOT illegal to have a girl and boy share a room.....My kids (no matter what s_x) will share a room eventually. My daughter is 15 months and i am 16 weeks pregnant. I co sleep for about 8 months so after that time period the baby will be in with his sister, we have a 3 bed room house but want to keep the other room a guest room for as long as possible


Tanya2 - April 27

Thanks for your input. We do have a 3 bedroom house so it should be ok to move my girl. I guess I have to do that soon before the boy comes along so that she is used to it by then. I might have the baby in my room in a ba__sinet for 2 months and then move him, depending on how he sleeps etc. My girl slept through the night at 4 months, so hopefully this one is similar or better :-) Thanks again.


Taffy - April 27

Tanya, I wouldn't worry. In the Uk I think it's a problem if one of the kids is aged 10 or above bt certainly not for babies. I'm the oldest of 4 and the only girl. When each of my brothers was born their cot was in my bedroom and it didn't bother me. If my brother cried I would get up in my sleep and give him back his dummy or toy and we would both go back to sleep. My parents would always wait for 5 minutes before coming in because he would usually stop crying by then.


Tanya2 - April 28

thanks Taffy, u were such a good big sister. I"ll keep that in mind see how things go when the baby is born, depending on how he sleeps and how my daughter takes the whole thing. Good luck to you.


Emily - April 28

i ti s not illieagal and perfectly acceptable until your children reach puberty. As for the baby waking up your dd, you could always try it for a while and then if it is a problem, figure something out until your son starts sleeping through the night. If you plan to breatfeed, you may find it nice to have him in your room in a ba__senet near your bed so you don't have to go far to feed him. It is really up to you and what works for your family. good luck


Tanya2 - April 28

Thanks Emily, I think thats exaclty what I'm going to do. See how things work and then go with the flow.


SuzieQ - April 28

I just read an article in "Today's Parent" while in the doc office about children sleeping in the same room. Apparently it's wonderful if they can get along. It mentioned keeping the baby with the parents as long as possible to make it easier for the other sibling. When they are a bit older (under 9 yrs) it can give them a sense of security as well, as they will often crawl into each other's beds for safety (how cute!). Also, the article said they will need seperate rooms eventually (of course) and that you will pretty much know when the time comes. Best wishes :)


falafal0 - April 30

As the others have said, not illegal, otherwise my parents would be in jail because we had a three bedroom house and I have four brothers! Got my own room when I was a teenager, my parents got the middle room and one had moved out by then, so the three othe brothers shared the biggest room, which was very big...If it were me, I'd try it with the new baby in with your DD first. She might not wake up at all. It depends on what you think she will do...you know her best. Maybe you already know she'll sleep through the night noises - have you made some noise or are you able to walk in there and out to get things comfortably? See what she does...I think it's be nice if they could share a room. We have a very small three bedroom house, with our youngest,m a daughter having her own room, and our two boys sharing a bunk bed. We don't have the luxury to even think about putting the new baby anywhere else except in our room for the first 6 months probably. By the time he grows out of a ba__sinet, (no room for anything else) if we are still renting here, he'll have to go in with our daughter, regardless. She's 4 next month, so by the time he gets in with her, she'll be five! Young children have no problems with sharing, haven't met any that have yet actually. It's when they get older and want their own space (own toys as youngin's are different) that you have to take it into account. Good luck...


Tanya2 - May 2

Thanks Falafal0, Yes I think I will just go with the flow. My little one sleeps pretty well. If it is noisy and she falls asleep, then she can sleep through the noise, but if it is quiet and she sleeps, she sometimes wakes up when there is a sudden noise. I think we will have the baby in the crib in my room for atleast the first month and then after that we will see how it goes. I really don't want to use the guest room as another baby room, that would mean 2 monitors etc. Thanks for your input.



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