2 Different Questions At Once

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Deirdra - July 7

Im just wondering when your belly buttons cahnged? ive been waiting for mine to do so...im 24 almost 25 weeks, and i can feel strong movements and i am shwoiing quiet a bit, this is my first, so i dont know when it will change....and question #2 can i still be feeling ligament pain like in the earlier weeks when my uterus was moving to its final position?? but i know its not moving...or is it just me growing??


HannahBaby - July 7

My belly b___ton never popped with my first baby, just got kinda funny looking. Im 26 weeks and its still an inney, but maybe on its way out sometime soon. Not everyones belly b___ton pops out. If you had a deep inney, like me, it most likely will not pop out.


eyes82000 - July 7

Mine never popped with my first eiether and it hasn't yet this time, I'm 25 weeks now. Somedays I still get the ligament pains too. I guess everything is still streching and growing.


SuzieQ - July 7

My belly b___ton was a total innie - or so I thought until about 21 weeks when it stretched out for a few days, then popped right out. lol - it feels weird! And I still get ligament pain at 27 weeks, but it feels more stretched out feeling now instead of just crampy.


venus_in_scorpio - July 7

im 20 weeks and my belly b___ton has not popped out yet BUT it does look a lot shallower, (I had a deep innie too) and it makes for a funny looking piercing. haha. Ican imagine stretching pains are going to be felt a lot because the baby is growing so fast and cramping its living quarters you have to be stretching. I wouldnt worry but if it really cncerns you ask your doctor... theyre really accommodating to neurotic first time moms! ( I know mine is because boy am i neurotic) good luck with ur belly b___ton!! is it pierced? my doctor said i probably wont have to take mine out...


lexy - July 7

mine never popped out with my first either and i don't expect it to with this one either. i guess it all depends on your body type. i am still experiencing some pain too, but i am only 19weeks..so i don't know when or if it will end. can't remember about my first one.


CaliTrish - July 12

I'm almost 28 weeks and my belly b___ton has definitely gotten a lot shallower. If I push next to it, I can get it to pop out a bit. But it hasn't officially popped yet.


Taffy - July 12

I;m now 26 weeks and my belly b___ton hasn't popped either. There's a lot of pressure underneath it so I thought it might have popped by now. I asked my Mum and she said that hers didn't pop with any of us 4 but instead became flattened and that seems to be what is happening with me.


flower.momma - July 12

I have a shallow, little innie, and it is gettin' kinda flat, ready to pop! Last time it went flat, popped at about 25 weeks, and then I stretched so much that it totally went flat again. My husband kept looking at my belly and saying, "where's your belly-b___ton?"



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