2nd Trimester Chronic Fatigue

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crin - October 26

anybody else feeling utterly exhausted? i am just over 18 weeks and can hardly lift my arms let alone stay awake all day at work - am doing a little exercies and eating pretty well i think - any suggestions??? sympathy??? others feeling the same way?? thanks


Natalie - October 26

i know how you feel, so exhausted all the time. im 22 weeks now, and i have had the iredness non stop since 9 weeks. theres not much that can really be done about it. have you had your iron levels checked? mine were fine, i just need to have a rest when i need it and eat when i need it etc, and just try and ride it out


Sam - October 26

I was going to suggest the same as Natalie -- make sure they test your iron. I was low, and was very tired, too. Now I'm on supplements, which seem to help some.


Christi - October 26

I am a little over 20 weeks. I stay exhausted. If I could sleep through these 9 months I would. I love to sleep. Nothing seems to be wrong... I a__sume its normal. Your body is working overtime... extra weight, extra blood...extra stress...lol....your horomones will wear a woman out, ya know??? It sucks...hopefully itll eventually go away.


Beth - October 26

I'm almost 27 weeks and I went for a walk last night, well maybe I was waddling a little bit :) I'm still tired today, I can barely keep my eyes open and I don't think sleeping at work is acceptable here, I wish! I do countdowns for the weekend because then I can sleep all I want, only two more wake-up days left until I can sleep in and be lazy.....


val - October 26

I am 16 weeks, and I am completely exhausted too. I don't have the energy to do hardly anything...I nod off at my desk every day at work, and I never have the energy to do anything I need to do like housework...Like Beth said, I count down the days until the weekend, when I don't have to get up and come to work....But I still don't get to sleep that late on the weekends, so I never seem to be able to get caught up on any sleep. I also can't take naps. I feel like I will be tired for the rest of my life!


Eileen - October 29

Im 26 weeks and counting lately i've been changing things around like my daughters room my bed room want to do the bathroom over things like that---i think they call it the nesting stage?? don't get me wrong on my days off from work i sleep untill i can't no more but then of course i have long nights were my brain can't sleep because i'm thinking about everything---and of course my baby likes to move around in the middle of the night so that keeps me up----but hey you have to enjoy it cause we are all due one day! then we can laugh about it......good luck moms



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