2nd Trimester Sick Again

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Kitagrl - October 16

I am 15 wks pg with my 3rd child...my first two were boys and I was done being sick promptly at the end of the 1st trimester. This time I thought I was done but now recently I am starting to feel a bit of nausea again and also have been getting diarrhea sometimes by the end of the day (if its not that, it has been bad constipation...). Usually with my other pg-cies it seems like my "bowels" have always gotten more regulated. This time, they are like going haywire and I can't believe I am still tired and feeling kinda gross by 15 weeks. Number one, is this normal...and number two, you think its a girl this time??? Thanks!


milissa - October 17

with my first I was sick for 4 1/2 months! and had everything in the books"


Mellissa - October 19

Everyone says that each pregnancy is different but I can't confirm this as this is my first. What I do know is that how sick you are has nothing to do with the s_x of the baby, that's old wives tales. For fun, we experimented with over 14 of these tales to see if they predidicted one s_x over the other and we had 6 for a boy and 8 for a girl! Not exactly accurate. Since you're already a veteran Mom, I'd say that as long as your prenatal appointments and blood tests are showing nothing abnormal, maybe the old pregancy symptoms are catching up with you this time around! I sympathise, I was sick for 17wks and the only symptom I didn't get was constipation (which I now have!)


Kris - October 19

Kitagrl- I am in the same boat! I am 16 weeks and I am still nasuas! I can't believe it!! I have been constipated too. I have still not gotten over being tired. I read that all these things would go away in the second trimester. You were supposed to have a burst of energy and feel better. Not the case for me as well!!!! I guess every women is different, we are just the unlucky ones!


naomi - October 20

Join the club same thing here! to top it all off everyone i know thinks i am having twins and i just found out that they run in the family i don't go back to the obgyn until 11/2, i also look like i am 6 month pg when i am only 14 wks! i feel bigger than i am and can hardly move let alone get comfortable. will let you know what i find out when i do!



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