32 Oz Of Water Before Sonagram

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pregnant76 - January 26

I don't know why but this is really stressing me out. I have a small bladder as it is but to drink that much water and hold it for an entire hour? HELP!!!


aliciavr6 - January 26

My ultrasound tech actually told me to empty my bladder when I got there and she said for the 20w one, it doesn't have to be full. Just drink enough to make your bladder kind of full, I don't think you have to be peeing your pants. :)


shygirly - January 26

you dont have to fill your bladder, i dunno why they told you that. i went in and they didnt tell me to drink water or to empty it, and they saw they baby just fine.


danimarie - January 26

It was the same for me as the other girls are saying...they told me I didn't need to have a full bladder....They saw everything perfectly fine. Good luck!


c_baer19 - January 26

My husband works in radiology; the reason you are supposed to have a full bladder is because it makes it much easier to see the baby and everything clearly through the water in a full bladder. Trust me, I know it's hard.. I didn't think I could hold it, but you only have to drink 24-38 oz of water, 45 minutes before your appointment. If you can't hold it, let the woman at the front desk know and she'll tell you to just go pee - they want the best picture possible, but they don't want you in any pain because of holding your bladder, lol.


hollygolightly - January 26

You can see the baby fine at 20+ weeks on an empty bladder. Having a full bladder can only help though. My last appointment at 22weeks we never would have seen the chest if my bladder was not full.


RLWilcox - January 26

My doctor told us that when you drink the water your bladder presses on your cervix and thats what they need to measure, I couldn't drink it all because it was making me sick, but she just waited until my bladder filled up.


suze42 - January 26

When I had 20 wk u/s w/DS, I couldnt hold it any longer, so I peed about 5 min before they called my in. The tech seemed kinda irked...but she had no problem seeing everything on the baby..we saw the heart chambers, got measurements AND saw his little pee pee very clearly. So i really dont get it either. Im not going to make mysefl miserable..and I cannot hold my water for the life of me! So they get what they get! 32 oz....yeah right! LOL Good Luck!!!


IrinaZ - January 26

I don't know... As far as I know you don't need to have a full bladder past 1st trimester. I had my u/s done at 18w.5d and had an emplty bladder and we saw everything just fine!


sahmof3 - January 26

pregnant76... Is it an early u/s. I had to have a full bladder for my early u/s's (1st trimester) to make things easier to see. Later ones I didn't have to have a full bladder.


c_baer19 - January 26

Yeah, also you said sonogram instead of ultrasound, so I'm a__suming you mean internal, and they usually only do those early on. I have only had an ultrasound in my first trimester at 12 weeks, haven't had my 20 week U/S yet so I'm not sure about the difference with a full/empty bladder between early and later ultrasounds.


Kelly11 - January 26

Mine was the complete opposite...they actually said to just drink water "normally" before the appointment. Well since mine was at 8am I tried to drink some water before getting there and apparently it made my viewing situation worse so about halfway through the appointment she asked me to go empty my bladder. Supposedly my full bladder was causing contractions in my uterus making it even more difficult...I would say 32 oz is a bit extreme but I guess if that's what they told you then go with it and if it's just toooo unbearable tell them you're really uncomfortable before you get there. Is this a 20 week ultrasound?


britt_m - January 26

I was told 32 oz for my 20 week u/s, altho I just drank most of a water bottle on the way there. I was a little bit uncomfortable laying there with the u/s tech pushing around my bladder, I asked why I was told to drink so much (even tho I didn't) and she said it helps to push the baby up away from the pelvis, not that they can fit back under there but b/c they may try and hide certain things. Which she showed me mine was doing, lol, b/c my bladder wasn't full. That was a few weeks ago I believe I was 18w 1d.


suze42 - January 26

I know for the transvag u/s they ask you to empty your bladder.. But I guess some techs still like a full bladder for the regular u/s. 32 oz is a bit much...I may try for a bottled water, but thats about all I can handle.


pregnant76 - January 27

This is my 20 week sonagram which I am really excited about. I guess it just really stresses me out only because I feel like I'm always going to the bathroom. But, everyone's answers have helped so much. Thank you!!!


ophelia73 - January 27

Pregnant76 - My u/s was Thursday, and I was super stressed because I also have to pee like every 15 minutes. It takes about 20 min to get to our ob's office, so I went to the bathroom before we left the house (even though they said no voiding for an hour), and drank a bottle of coke & some water on the way there. By the time we got there and they called us back, it was fine. In fact, afterwards I had to go up to the lab to do my urine specimen, and (this is gross) I overflowed the cup & peed all over my hand b/c I wasn't paying attention. So don't stress, and just do what feels comfortable for you. I knew my bladder would be full, so I didn't bother with the one hour rule. She was able to see everything perfectly.


SaraH - January 30

my doc wanted a full bladder at the 19w u/s. This wasn't so that they could see the baby better (which is the reason they want it full earlier in the pregnancy), but so that they could also take a look at the cervix (atlest that is what the u/s tech told me). Once she'd looked at my cervix on the u/s she let me use the bathroom before we actually did all of the babies measurements and such.



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