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jessicadru - June 7

Has anyone done the 3D or 4D ultrasound? It sounds pretty neat but kindof exensive, just wondered if it was worth it?


KellyO - June 7

I have one scheduled but my ultrasound tech said that alot of times when she does them she can not get really good pictures becuase the babies are only normal and they are not always in a good position to get good pictures. My tech said to schedule it for around 28-32 weeks so you can see a fullt developed baby. She also said sometimes that the babies are extremely cramped so she can't get good pictures either. She basically said it was a gamble. Good Luck!


tritty - June 7

i haven't had one done but my friend did and IT WAS AMAZING. it looked like someone crawled in her belly and took a picture of the baby. you could see exactly what she was going to look like. i know they are expensive but seem worth it to me! i plan on having one done!


Kira_lynn - June 7

140 bucks Canadian...doesnt seem too expensive! It covers 30min. session with a cd full of pictures.


jessicadru - June 7

Thanks guys. Here is what the one closest to me offers, Gender Determination Package - $100 Non-Diagnostic Ultrasound Package Includes: 10 - 15 minute 3D/4D ultrasound session 2 photos of your baby keepsake photo folder gender determination guests of the expectant parents are welcome So does that sound good?


HannahBaby - June 7

Im getting one done in July (www.viewamiracle.com) Its 200 dollars for a 30 minute dvd and tons of pictures. The reason i picked this facility (its 4 hours away) is because they guarantee you pictures of the babies face, or they dont charge you any money!! thats the best part because as KellyO said, sometimes they dont cooperate and you cant get a face shot


Kara H. - June 7

I am having it done on Tuesday so I will post again to let you know if I thought it was worth it. Mine will be the 4D so it will be on a DVD instead of just still pics. My doctors office charges $185 and that includes a 30 min scan, DVD, and still pictures. My doctor is actually going to discount the above listed price for us. We have had lost three previous pregnancies to miscarriage and she said she really wanted us to have it done to help in the bonding process. I guess we must come across as afraid to bond with our pregnancy. Actually we are really excited, but we are a little more reserved than most people.


HannahBaby - June 8

let us know how it goes Kara. Im having a 4D in july


shortcake - June 8

im thinking about getting them done around the first part of July. I'll have to drive about an hour and 45 minutes since no place around here does them. It's 160 dollars for a 3D/4D 15 minute session with a CD recording of pictures and video. I'll be 28 going on 29 weeks. I mostly want to go because the 2D and black and white 3D pictures my doctors office have taken looked really creepy lol! I just want rea__sured that maybe it was just my u/s tech who just didn't capture the best angle, in which I ended up getting scary face pictures. lol Baby's been in odd positions for all my doc's u/s so that could be why too.


Kara H. - June 13

Well, I had my 4D today. It was really neat. It was our usual u/s tech who did it. Our session was supposed to be 30 min. but it was closer to 45 min. I have known since 24 wks that our baby was big so we probably should have booked our appointment sooner than 30wks. It was a little bit tighter than she ideally liked it to be. But we still got lots of good pictures. She printed about 10 pictures for us to take with us, plus the DVD. All in all I think it was worth it, I just wish we would have done it a little bit sooner due to his large size.


sandee - June 14

Hi Kira_lynn, What U/S clinic in Canada does it. I asked U/S clinic in calgary and they refused unless it is referral from my Doctor. Could you please tell me if it was referral from your doctor?


Krista - June 14

I paid $80 USD at a fetal studio back when I was 25 1/2 weeks. I got 3 3d photos, 2 2d photos, and a 4d dvd set to music of the whole ultrasound! The tech said that usually that early on the babies faces are very skinny...but not my little pumpkin! lol...he's a chubby and SO cute! we can already tell that he looks like his daddy =) WELL WORTH THE MONEY...in fact, I want to go back again. They said that between 29-31 weeks is the best...the baby isn't too small or too sqooshed. =)


jenrodel - June 16

Speaking of clinics in Canada, does anyone know where 3D/4D ultrasounds are done in the Vancouver area? The hospital would not refer. Thanks!



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