3d Sonogram

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rachel - September 18

i'm 20 weeks and really wanting a 3d sonogram. has anybody had one? i looked into it and everything says its like $150 at the cheapest....and i'm broke lol. but i hear its worth it


megan - September 18

omg it is its sooooooooo cool to see your baby like that. i have to go back because my little one was being shy and only mooned us. so if your going to have it done then drink oj 30 min. before u go. its something about oj that makes the baby move around alot.


shelly - September 18

I got a 3d ultrasound 2 weeks ago and now get a one every month. Look into doing research projects at your hospital. My doc recomended I do a research project on premature birth, and in return I get a free 3d ultrasound every month, they are so cool, and all I have to do is let them check my blood and cervix every time I go!!


Julz - September 19

I know it's very exciting to see your baby, but I would recomend holding off on the 3D sono until your closer to 30 weeks. Many people forget that the baby isn't fully developed this early on, so they go in expecting to see this cute, fully formed baby, when what they really end up seeing is a frail, very skeletal-looking baby, that looks more like something you would find in an archiological dig. I only know because I've had them done at the request of my doctor. But knowing what I know now, I definitely wouldn't pay $150 to have that done anytime before 27 weeks.


Cathy - September 20

$150 sounds pretty cheap to me. For a regular ultrasound I have to pay $250 a pop.(insurance won't pay for more than one) I have already had 2 and due for another in a few weeks. I would hate to see what they would charge me for a 3d,but I think I will ask them just for reference.


YC - September 20

Hi Rachel, I am in California and in the area I live in they run anywhere from $100-150. We plan on getting it done but the place I am going to go to wont do it before 27 weeks because of the reasons Julz mentioned. They want the face and body to be a little fuller. They also dont reccommend going after 33 weeks because things are so crowded and the can't get a clear picture of the baby's face. I am 27weeks and am planning on getting it done at 30 weeks. Cathy I asked why they were cheaper and the ultrasound tech. at the place said that it is because these are for cosmetic purposes only. It's a legit facility with a doctor and ultrasound tech (I went there for a 2D at 21 weeks) but they are looking at things like gender and trying to get cute shots of the baby sucking it's thumb, face shots, etc. They are not looking at "medical" things and if they see something they refer you back to your doctor. The 2d was worth it as we got to get it recorded on DVD and got 10 pictures for $65. The 3D package is a 10 minute DVD and 4 color photos for $100. Can't wait.


just to be safe - September 21

It is probably not the best idea to get lots of u/s, especially the 3D color ones, unless it is medically warranted--they have not done too many studies on the effects of repeated u/s (which is a very high pitched sound), especially the ones that use 3D and color--well, actually the jury is still out on the effects. I am sure they are fine, but you should treat them as medical procedures, not just forms of entertainment.


shelly - September 21

all the research I've done on them says they're safe. Just to be safe, I was just curious where you found you're information because I would like to check that out.


just to be safe - September 22

I have read about it in several baby books, including Sears, and also in Mothering Magazine. Of course the for-profit places advertise they are safe--and I am not saying they are not! It is just that it is a fairly new technology and so there has not been much time to study the effects. Sort of like new drugs that come out, takes decades of studies after the fact to see real results. I would not worry about it too much, but, as I said in my first post, it is a medical, diagnostic tool first, before it is "entertainment".


shelly - September 22

If you go on medical information websites like webmd and such they all say that studies done show they're safe


Dani - September 22

Everything i have read says they are safe, and it is the same technique used with regular U/S and they are safe as well. Anything w/sugar will make the baby active before the appt. :) & some places that i have checked w/dont really like doing them before 20 wks, that way you get a better pic :)



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