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c - October 6

I've been thinking about getting a 3D u/s done and I was just wondering for those who have had the u/s when the best time to do it is


Rhonda - October 6

I had one done to due "advanced maturnal age" I am 35yrs I guess I am really old ha ha lol well anyways I think the further along the better I just had mine done on Oct 4th and I am 22wks and the pics were so amazing my little guy is sooo cute!! But I would not do it before atleast 20wks cause you have to remember the bigger the better but not too close cause then there is not enough space to see much...best thing to do is call and ask the place you are planning to have it done but it is something you will never forget ever!!!


erinsoul - October 6

I've looked into doing one also. The place I am considering going to suggests between 24 and 34 weeks. Their explaination was before that time, the baby's fat and cartilage is still pretty thin and doesn't make for a very detailed picture of baby's features.


Karen - October 7

Hi! My place said 28-32 weeks for the same reason as erinsoul's place.


cecile - October 7

i did my first one was 14 weeks and i,ll be geting my second at 22 weeks im 21 weeks now so i,ll have it done nex week im excited to find out the s_x of the baby


Sam - October 8

I'm getting mine at 25 weeks. They say not to do it before 24.


RA - October 9

the longer you wait the more features you could see in the baby. I had mine done at 20 weeks because it was free and i was 20 weeks at that time, but you should wait to see more of the baby. I was able to see him but in a blurry sort of way. So take your time


Anne - October 10

I had one done the other day and I'm 23 weeks. I could see everything on my babies face. It was was really cool.


dani - October 10

HOw much is it for the 3D ultrasound? My Obgyn office will do it for $225, but it's only for an 1/2 and it comes with a disk. I really want to get it done but don't want to pay to much $$$$. Any thought???


Anne - October 10

My doc does it for nothing, you just have to ask.


Tieraney - October 10

I had one done at 18 wks and everything showed up clear and it was awesome, you can see everything!


kendall - October 10

i did some looking around online and the lowest i found was $95 for a 3D u/s, dvd or vhs, and still photos thats in phx but you might find one in your area its called ultrasona(.com) good luck


Heather - October 11

I have heard the 3d ultrasound is not good for the baby and can cause problems. I dont have details but about a year ago Discovery magazine cam out with an article about a study they did on the 3d ultrasound and its saftey for the baby. Overall they concluded its very very loud for the baby making it uncomforatable which raises their heart rate and also that it is very bright for the baby as it has to be to get the picture since the picture is created with a reflcetion of light. I was all for taking the pictures but now I am worried it won't be a pleasent experience for my baby, anyone else know anything about this?



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