4 D U S

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lailadab - February 27

hi ladies ... did any of you have a 3D or 4D u/s? we would like to have one but i wanted to know if any of u had ever tried it!


filly06 - February 28

We are scheduled for a 3D ultrasound in April...but I have seen pictures before and it is very cool. of course everyone says the later you wait the more the baby will look like what they will on their b-day! ;)


Mommy1 - February 28

I have had a 3D and a 4D done....very cool pic's!! I would suggest it!


Danielle19 - February 28

i had one at 18 weeks and m son like alien like, i wish i would have waited longer, but wouldn't have matter as i only had the one ultrasound, but i think it is best to wait as long as you can, but there really cool


britt_m - February 28

I had one, I was almost 22 weeks. They turned out fine. If you want to check them out they're on my piczo, lifeis1drful.piczo . com and click on ultrasound pix. GL


Tracy88 - February 28

I had one done last week at 27, almost 28 weeks. You can see the pics on maymommies(dot)piczo(dot)com and click on Tracy88. I just posted three of them.


Tracy88 - February 28

Oh, and they don't like to do them past 28 weeks or so (give or take) because the baby gets too big and squished. The most optimal time is 26 to 28 weeks.


raeshawn - March 1

Hi I just wanted to add to this. I had 3D taken at 18 weeks 5 days. I have to agree with Danielle19, I thought the same thing. I even asked the u/s tech what was going on with the baby. The tech said, you are only 18 weeks the baby is still developing! I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I watched too much TV! The really amazing thing is the pic captured my baby sucking her thumb. When I show the pic to people they are amazed. I'm now 23 weeks I want to ask the doctor for another one. However, I don't think they will being as though everything has been going well thus far!



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