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18wbabynov - May 8

k... so i have a 4 month apt today at my dr office, and i have to do all the fun stuff like pap ect... im thrilled... NOT. but that cant hurt the baby, right? are there any really important questions you would ask of the dr? anything i should especially pay attention for at the apt? any input would be great... i just wanna hear a little heartbeat... then i will be so relieved that this baby had made it thus far! though little cookie... i seem to worry about everything, i know, but i just want whats best for this little person! thanks for any posts!


18wbabynov - May 8

oopss... meant "tough little cookie"


Robyn - May 8

Hi 18! Don't worry about the "fun" pap - it won't hurt the babe - they do them all the time during pregnancies. Some questions that will probably come up are about all the tests that you can have done to see if the baby is developing okay. There's a test for down syndrome and for spinal diseases and more... - you'll probably want to be informed about those so that you can decide if you want them done or not. I don't know what else you could ask - as long as your feeling good and don't have any major concerns, then just relax and be excited to hear that hb! I'm 15 wks today, so we're pretty close to each other - this is a weird time - b/c we're feeling good and can't feel the baby yet - so we're nervous if everything is okay - but just enjoy it while you can - I hear it starts to get harder as we get bigger! Good luck to you and let us know how it goes - Take care!


HannahBaby - May 8

I had my pap at 7 weeks with both pregnancies. Dont get scared if you bleed. I bleed and spotted for about 3 days. good luck


18wbabynov - May 8

thanks girls... i might not go out of my mind before my apt. after all... thanks sooo much!


emilymalm - May 9

I had my pap at 13 weeks and I bled and spotted for about 2 days afterward. It was slightly more painful but not horrible or anything. My appointment an hour long. The first 30 mins was just talking to her and answering a bunch of questions. The second half was a physical exam and then listening to the heartbeat. I had already rented a home doppler and found the heartbeat on my own so I wasn't anxious about that part. I came in with a list of questions and concerns to ask.


Erynn21 - May 9

I had a pap done @ 10wks. it didn't feel any worse for me, in fact it was slightly better, instead of the little brush my doc. used a little wooden spatula, it was okay. She just gave me all the tests that I wanted, I took everything and they all were fine. I was really nervous, I hadn't had a pap for a couple of years, and I was pregnant. I didn't have any spotting or anything like that, but I was a ball of nerves until I found out my test were A-okay. You'll be fine.



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