5 Months And Worried

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erica - March 3

I will be 18 weeks next week, dont see Dr. for 2 more weeks....Just not feeling pregnant, not growing at all....been sick 2x with throat infections since last appt....should I be worried? I thought I would start growing more by now, and I am not....stomach still seems firm though and I am still gaining lbs..( just not there)..ha ha... Are there things I should be worried about?


PP - March 3

I'm in my 20th week and I have barely gained any weight and I am not showing. I am eating and I have the flu. I know how you feel. I get my big ultrasound on 1.5 weeks and then I see the doctor in 2 weeks. I am lucky though cause my baby is kicking me all the time. Enjoy the not pregnant feeling cause when your getting kicked constantly its not great either.


chelle - March 4

u wont notice as much your change in size b-cuz you see yourself everyday. Ask others who dont see u as often if the notice your belly growing.


marisol - August 29

no, I am pregnant with 22 weeks and I am bearly showing... if your pelvic bones are wide..(wide hips) the baby is right there... you will begin to see your stomach grow at 6 to 7 months... that is what happend to me w/ my 1st baby... and about the throat infections you should consult it with your doctor.. hang on there.. as a mother we all get concerned for our unborn children..


Sam - August 29

I have my husband take a picture of me every week on Wednesday (I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday) and although I'm not real big, you can definitely see me get "thicker" since I started taking the pictures at 12 weeks. It's kind of a fun record of the whole thing also. You will probably "pop out" soon...


Donna - August 29

I am in my 23rd week and have only gained 3 lbs..This is my 3rd pregnancy. According to my OB it has alot to do with the lay out of your womb and organs(???) He said as long the baby keeps growing like it should I shouldnt worry. When you dont show you dont feel very pregnant until the movement kicks in.


Sonia - August 29

True, I guess it really hits you when you actually see some growth in your belly or feel the kicks. I would guess maybe you could give your doctor a call? For peace of mind, just let him know what's going on and after you talk to him I'm sure you will feel much better and waiting for your next ultrasound wont be as difficult as it is now.



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