5 Months Pregnant And My Dr Told Me To Diet

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chloe - December 13

h__lo, im 5 months pregnant and i have gained 16 pounds...but my measurments of my upper legs and arms and hips are the same as when i wasnt pregnant...its only on my belly...what should i do...did anyone else gain that much at 5 months or am i getting too fat to fast? HELP!!


Lisa - December 13

I am 22 weeks and have gained 25 pounds so far, doc said he wasn't concerned( he is a high risk) specialist. Everyone gains differently.


Christine - December 13

I dont think you are far above average...by 20 weeks you are supposed to gain around 10lbs...give or take a few...do not diet...your not overly large...I am 5 1/2 months and have gained about the same as you...doctors are different..but I would not listen to him...weight gain also varies by if you were over weight/under weight/normal weight before pregnancy..Your not getting too fat to fast...good luck


CM - December 15

Hi, i'm 22 weeks and have gained 20 pounds so far which i was worried was too much too fast also!! My doctor said that as long as you are gaining weight from eating healthy and not from pigging out she said not to be too worried. For me it is also just in my belly and no where else too so i think i'm ok. If i start gaining everywhere else as well then i'll worry


Christine - December 16

I made a mistake...I have gained about 17lbs...but I still dont think you have anything to worry about


chloe - December 16

thanks guys...i was worried....i wasnt over weight before i got pregnant i dont think so anyways i was 128 lbs and im like 5' 6. So i guess ill just have to wait it out and see i guess. THANK YOU!!


Nikki - December 26

Didn't your doctor tell you what sort of diet to start? Is it diabetic diet? If they are worried that the weight gain is too rapid and that you may develop gestational diabetes they may tell you in advance to start a diabetic diet. Doc should at least tell you what type of diet and why.


Darlina - January 14

Hello, I gained 18lbs and my doctor said i was fine and to worry about it when I have the baby because in America most women dont only gain 35lbs.



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