5 Must Have Items 5 Not So Good Items

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sunniesmile - February 26

Hello everybody!! So it's time to register : o ) whhooo!!! I was just wandering what are the top 5 items you guys absolutely love and the 5 that were not very impressive...I want to make sure that I register for right items--dh and I went a little crazy on the wedding registery and got a bunch of stuff we didn't use. I would like to be alot smarter this time :) Thanks!!!


mommybabyboy21 - February 26

1. about 100 diapears, 2. recieving blankets, 3. good stroller, 4. Boppy (espically if you are going to b___st feed) 5. good bathtub...not so impressive 1 stuffed animals 2 under arm thermoater or pacifier themoter I dont think they are accurate at all 3. changing table...never really used it much 4. baby moniter 5. couldn't find a good bottle warmer it either made it too hot or not warm enough so I don't want one.


Diva647 - February 26

absolutely a baby bouncer thingy. I put my little one in that all the time instead of on the floor or whereever. a playmat, i LOVED my sling, better than a baby bjorn cuz i used it longer. a good thermometer, diapers, baby towels, and some good parenting books like The Baby Whisperer, oh & of course toys, like lamaze or similar & baby einstein dvds, they won't use them right away but they will eventually. HAVE FUN, i never had a shower & had to buy all that c___p ourselves. OH & some type of diaper genie will save your room from tinkle smells


RLWilcox - February 26

I'm in the same boat as you, first baby and trying to figure out what to get... My MIL just send me some cloth diapers and she used them as burp rags, said they worked soo well because there so thick so were gonna try that, I also want a baby wipe warmer.


Punkin - February 26

1. Bouncy Seat, we loved that! 2. Boppy, didn't have one with first, want one now 3. Glider rocker, this was a god send on those long sleepless nights 4. Pack and Play, DD slept in this for quite awhile in our room, and it was great for naps on the go 5. Car Seat cover, a must for winter babies, this is a MUST for me WHAT I DIDN'T USE 1. wipe warmer, you can just warm them in your hands, they are a fire hazard if they dry out (my first was recalled) and baby gets used to warm wipes and you can't take the warmer with you, so it's a shock to the little one for on the go changes 2. Diaper Genie, so much of a pain, we used it a first, but really it's easier to take the trash out everyday. liners are exp___sive, the Genie ends of stinking, it's a pain pain pain!!!! 3. Pacifier thermometer, not so accurate, a pain, the across the forehead ones work great 4. Fancy bathtub, a small one worked best for us, I could set it in the tub with me and we bathed together, this is just what worked well for us 5. Changing Table, never never used it!! Waste of space!! Hope this helps, everyone is so different this is just what works well for us!


moescrilla - February 26

well, diapers and stuff is an obvious one... and you can never have too many diapers, so stock up on those. But otherwise. 1. BOPPY!!!! (I loved it, it came in soooo handy for allot of things) 2. bouncer 3. Good thermometer (I always used it rectally, to be on the safe side) 4. swing 5. ba__sinet (its good if you want them to sleep in the same room with you for a little while, you can have it right by your bed) WORTHLESS ITEMS (in my opinion ofcourse ) 1. Diaper champ (genie is better, the champ stinks up the place) 2. bottle warmer (just put the bottle in hot water, it warms it up quick) 3. allot of toys (they dont play with anything the first 3 or so months, and even then they dont play with half the things you buy them) 4. cheap diapers (The best ones are pampers swaddlers, the cheap ones actually probably would be ok for the first few months, but when they get older, they go through them way to fast. Pampers and Huggies holds more.) 5. I'd have to say stuffed animals too..they're useless...and just take up too much space.


taraleej - February 26

I had a wipe warmer and used it for about a week haha ...but the best things are deffinalty what these girls mentioned...also a good baby bag (diaper bag) not to big its a ha__sel, and of course the obvious lots of diapers and wipes...towles and face clothes, bibs, blankets ..the worst things i bought were...diaper genie..never used it..change table didnt use that either..wipe warmer..and a bottle warmer....also expensive newborn clothes that they wear once..its so not worth it....:))


MNMOM - February 26

I had a wipe warmer and used it until my son was potty-trained - LOVED IT!!!! Also used my changing table faithfully - saved on the back! I would have liked a bottle warmer, but didn't have a decent one and not even sure if a decent one exitsts! My son loved his bouncy seat and his swing, and a Bobby is a MUST if you nurse, and a good stroller is a must too. Also a sidenote, Pampers Swaddlers were my favorite diapers, and I tried them ALL!


Allisonc79 - February 27

I would say a 1) Mini-Co Sleeper, for the first few months when you want easy access to baby from your bed 2) Baby healthcare and grooming set 3) Bathtub, and enough bathrobes and washcloths (easy on the skin) 4) Wipe warmer, for 3am diaper changing 5) Ear thermometor


AshleyandAverysmom - February 27

FYI..I didnt think the baby wipe warmer was all that great b/c it dries up half the wipes. I would get a swaddle blanket, babies love to be snug! Also you might want to have some mlycon on hand for those gas bubbles that make baby cry! I liked the take along swing, its smaller and easliy folds up to take places! and last but not least a Big Bottle of wine for You :)


jen327 - February 27

1) Boncey seat swing combo! They are great 2) Boppy 3) Good stroller but test drive them first, go to the store and push them around, you will be amazed at what you hate, I went with the Perego PK3 because it is the size of a full stroller but folds like a umbrella and can be put up and down with 1 hand and it holds the carseat until the baby is old enough for the stroller 4) pack and play for by your bed when baby is new 5) Wipe warmer NEEDLESS ITEMS 1) changing table - I bought a really nice dresser and am putting the pad on it, they snap into the back of the dresser 2) Becareful with diapers, I got about 200 and my son was almost 10 lbs when he was born, so it was a waste, gift cert. are best used for that when teh baby comes 3) Stuffed Animals 4) diaper bag, shop for one you really want and don't force yourself to buy the one that the place you are registering carries. You will end up buying a new one if you do that. 5) newborn clothes, you really only need 3 -5 pairs, they only fit until 9 lbs so if your baby is big like 8+ lbs they are a waste. You will rather have 0-3 or 3-6.


pebblesnbambam - February 27

1. Teething tablets!!!!!!!!! I don't know about you gals but they really worked for my son.. Can't think of the name brand but they are homeopathic... LOVED THEM! (ok.. won't need them for a while.. but start looking for them) #2 Tylenol (You and Baby), #3 pack n play with ba__senet option, #4 Pajama sleeper-sacks... ease of diaper change at nights, and #5... lots of onsies.. The first few months they will be dressed up for special occations.. and all other times live in a onsie... WASTE #1 Diaper Genie or any variation.. use baggies!! #2 Full size swing.. get a papoose, smaller swing bouncy chair, #3 High Chair... again..think small and get the convertable one that goes on a regular chair. Baby can use through toddler age. #4 Bottle Warmer.. I HATED it and then my son got used to warm milk.. they say babies don't naturally prefer warm milk... but we get them accostomed to that. #5 Bobby.. I am going to try to use one again... but I had a Csection with last and it hurt me to have that wrapped around my waist...


JulieK - February 27

Hmmm. I have to disagree with some of you ladies. We love our diaper genie!, use it everyday, and have no stink issues. Good stuff: 1. childrens' tylenol 2. sleep sack-ours likes this so much better than a blanket 3. a swing-this was heaven sent I swear 4. baby nail clippers 5. glider rocker-works wonders Waste of money for us 1. newborn clothes 2. newborn diapers 3. vibrating chair-baby hated it 4. toys for 3 months and under


Danielle19 - February 28

1-swing 2-burb rags lots of em 3-good stroller 4-front carrier 5-baby health kit w/rectal therm. things i don't like 1-cloths 2-diaper gennie 3-bottle/wipe warmer 4-ba__sinet-i would get pac-n-play instead 5-baby bathtub-pain in the b___t, we just got a sponge pad for like $2 worked great


lawlady72 - March 1

Everyone registers for that diaper genie. I HATED it. A complete pain in the b___t. When your a new mother (or a mother with more than one) the last thing you need is something that's more time consuming than you need. A regular pail with a lid that closes tightly and plastic bags are all you need. One thing I am sooooooo glad I got was the bouncer. My dd loved it for months. We had the one with the vibrations and music. It was great.


sunniesmile - June 15

just responding to pull thread back up


nintendoprincess0 - June 15

how many diapers in what sizes? i heard size 1 and 2 you're supposed to get small packs of, how many would you say would be in a small pack? i really want to stock up soon. lol my baby is supposed to be born a month before christmas, the only newborn dress up outfit i wanna get is a cute xmas outfit,it'd be so cute! lol.



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