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heather - January 5

h__lo ladies I have a question.. ok im now 18 1/2 weeks pregnant how man months is that? I know that im in my 4th month but im just not sure when the 5th starts.. i was just looking on a site and it said that you 6th starts at 20 weeks??? i dont know let me know thank you


Monique - January 5

According to the book "What to Expect When your Expecting" month 5 is 18-22 weeks.


Dia - January 5

I agree with Monique...that is what I go by! However, my doctor says something different. The book says 7th month (third trimester) starts at week 28, but my doc says at week 25 and 1 day....


Tillie - January 5

I've been going by this pregnancy calendar--it's really convenient! And I think it tells you when you've hit a new month. http://www.pregnancy.org/pregnancycalendar/


bean - January 5

It all depends on whether or not you're talking "lunar month" or "calendar month." A lunar month only has 4 weeks in it, while a calendar obviously has 4 or 5 weeks. There are 10 lunar months in a pg, while only 9 calendar. Either way, I personally think the most convenient way is to count back from your due date. On your due date you'll be exactly 9 months... so a month prior to that you're 8, etc.


a bird - January 5

The way I avoid the confusion is to not even use months - calendar OR lunar - to state how far along I am. It's too confusing. The week system is a lot easier. I'm getting people who don't know about this updated way of telling how far along a pregnancy is to use it too. I just say "I'm 25 out of 40 weeks." Good enough.


heather - January 9

thank you ladies. Its just so confusing.


Leanne - January 10

5 months begins at 150 days...according to my OBGYN.


krista-lee - January 10

20 weeks wouldnt be 5 months. im due May 26th, and im on week 20 now, if 20 weeks was 5 months i would be due april 26th insted of may. im pretty sure 5 months is like 22-24 weeks?


Stephanie - January 11

If you are going to count by calendar months than 20 weeks would be 5 months. You are actually pregnant for 10 months. 40weeks divided by 4 (average # of weeks in a month) = 10 months. You don't have your baby at the beginning of your 9th month, you have in at the end (or the beginning of your 10th).


ker - January 11

It is confusing, I think there are several ways that it is calculated. Some people bread it down into 10 months, and some people go by gestational months which would be 8 months. Most often your doc's will use the 9 month calculation, which would mean that you will be 5 months pregnant when you are about 23 weeks pregnant. At least I think. If you want to do it the easy way, just take your due date which if it's June 11th, then just use the 11th of each month as your new month marker. So on the 11th of Feb you would be 5 months. I hope this makes sense.


N - January 11

I have a couple of books by Dr. Sears and he breaks it down this way...all months up until your 8th are 4 weeks. The 9th month is 5 to 7 weeks, because technically a baby is considered full term at 37 weeks of pregnancy.


heather - January 11

thank you ladies.. kinda confusing



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