5th Disease

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erica - May 3

Has anyone had 5th disease in pregnancy before? How did the pregnancy go? I may have been exposed between 23-24 weeks, but I dont know for sure ( the girl never got tested!)....so now I am waiting on blood results of my own ( which take up to 7 days!)... Anyone have any information to share? Thanks!


Beth - May 3

Sorry for my ignorance but what is 5th disease?


PP - May 3

I have been told that there is no problem with 5th disease. It is very common among children and rarely is diagnosed much less tested for. It is a relatively harmless version of the flu.


Nick - May 3

i am a teacher and have been exposed to it several times. My doctor said not to worry about it past the first trimester.


Lissi - May 3

I had to look this up myself, because my nephew had it recently. 5ths Disease is also known as Slapped Cheek Syndrome. It starts with flu-like symptoms and then you get a rash which starts on the face and then travels round your body (adults don't always get the rash). They used to think it was harmless but they now know it can cause anaemia in unborn children. I was exposed to it recently but luckily I was past 20 weeks, so my doctor said I was ok. Lots of women are immune to it allready, having contracted the disease without even knowing. I also read that even if you do get it whilst pregnant, that there's only a 2% chance of the baby being affected. So it must be pretty rare.


Lily - May 4

Thank You Erica for starting this thread. 5th Disease is something that I've never heard of before. Thank you for bringing it out for all the ladies here to read on. I know I'll find this information valuable for at my next doctor's visit! Good Luck!


M - May 4

I was exposed to 5th disease too. I am a kindergarten teacher and one of my kids had it. I had a blood test and it came out negative then I had another one six weeks later it was also negative. My doctor told me that most adults are immune to the disease and it's not somthing to worry about. Take care and relax.


Chris - May 20

Erica, I got 5th disease which is also known as pavovirus when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I am now 28 weeks. My doctor had to monitor my baby very closely cause it can cause heart failure in unborn babies. I tested pos. after my 4 year old got it. I was not immuned to it. Most adults have already had the virus in the childhood but I hadn't. Most of the time the virus only hurts the baby if you get it in your 1st trimester. Although just cause you test pos. does not mean your unborn baby will. So far my baby is very healthy & I am tickled to death about it. Also 5th disease is the 5th type of measles. I had to have level II ultrasounds done every 3 weeks of my pregnancy up until a month ago. So far I have had 9 ultrasounds. I am having a healthy baby girl. Hope your results went well & since you are already that far along you should be just fine. Good Luck!


Zavala - June 9

My son has 5ths disease and his pediatrician said that it is not usualy harmful in children but if a pregnant woman is exposed it could cause miscarage. There may be a low risk of anything happening to your baby but a low risk is still a risk.


Kimbelry - June 9

I work in a daycare and i was exposed to it about 12 weeks. My test all came back fine but it can cause problems. Did you have it as a child...if you did then your body should be immune to it. As long as you had the test done don't worry unless they give you something to worry about...you are probably fine.


deb - June 10

At worst, if you test positive, your child might have to have a blood transfusion immediately after pregnancy. I was exposed and did not come up with the virus, however a friend of mine was exposed during her second trimester and that is what they told her. Good Luck!


ann - June 10

erica, you have no worries as long as you're in the second half of your pregnancy. it's before 20 weeks that it can be very scary for the baby. look up on the internet "parvovirus and pregnancy" there is loads of info on the disease.


Sara - June 25

Im 26 weeks pregnant and just found out my son has fifths disease. I was told to contact my midwife asap to let her know, because prgnant women will need constant ultrasounds to make sure the baby is not swelling, as well as 2x bloodwork



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