71bpm At 16 Weeks But Kicking Hard

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DallasDad - April 25

My baby is 16.5 weeks old and the obgyn says that he (or she) has a slow heartbeat. It registers about 71bpm and should be at least 120 bpm. Mom's rate was 80bpm, so probably not hers interfering. No issues outside of that. Abdom S/G shows him kicking and dancing about. Doc says he could only think of congenital heart block, but admits that he does not have expertise in this area. Doc will have a pediatric cardiologist contact us for a review. For background, last (and only other) pregnancy ended at 6 weeks but was noticeably small even at 4 weeks. Anybody go through this? Positive or negative comments and advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


stormy - April 26

just curious but are they 100% sure they werent picking up on the mothers heart beat? was it via a dopple or ultrasound? im not a doctor but id get a second opinion just from personal experience with my nephews as they have all had similar problems but were due to spina bifida and omphecele.. if the rest of bub is registering fine then i have no idea unless they had a dodgy machine!!! sorry if i have been absolutely no help to u.. thoughts are with u.


Micky - April 26

I would go see another doctor and get a second opinion...It is possible something was wrong with the doppler or ultra sound machine...


Micky - April 26

It is also possible that the heart beat has improved and is fine now...Good luck and best wishes..Please keep us posted.


DallasDad - April 27

We saw the pediatric cardiologist today, and the technician gathered info for her with an Abdom S/G. We noticed that he did not use sound, and he said that he does not because it can be misleading and that parents of children with heart problems often do not want to hear the sounds. Rather, he zoomed in on the baby's heart and measured the rate visually, and voila - 141 bpm. He measured it many times with 3 different probes as it is difficult to get a good image at 16 weeks, and all were around 140bpm. The data was reviewed by the cardiologist, and she says that everything appears to be fine. She said that it is possible that the S/G itself could have caused the heart rate to slow if the baby's head was close to the probe, but that it should have no ill effect on the baby. No equipment malfunction was mentioned. She stated that all four chambers are present and working fine, no holes, no problems at all. Our baby, in fact, was swimming quite vigorously in the S/G image. The technician said that they can hear the sound waves, so perhaps our baby was getting ready for the dance floor. We are pleased, but cautious. We have an appt with the OB next week, and again with the Pediatric Cardiologist two weeks after that, so we will know by the end of May whether or not there are any issues at all. Stormy, Micky, - It is possible that he was picking up Mom's heartbeat, and I always hoped that's what it was. He first used an audio only machine that was attached to his belt (not sure if that's US or Dop), then went to the Abdominal Sonogram, before referring us. As you read, we did get a second opinion, and we are very happy with the results of that so far. Thank you both for your valuable information and for taking the time to read my post and replying to it.


Micky - April 27

That is fabulous news ! I am very happy for you...


stormy - April 28

bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dallasdad i am soooooooo pleased for u and ur wife!!!! they did something similar to me but it was the opposite way round and the heart beat was going of at a phenomenal rate.. i got a second and third opinion and it was in normal range!! some times they just make mistakes.. but i freaked too!!! very very pleased!!



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