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confused - October 17

I had a u/s done around 19 weeks and they said it was 80% boy. Now do i take that yes its a boy or not. At first he said he seen 3 lines but told us it wasn't a good look and when he came back around he said he seen it was a boy, but the little one had its legs crossed. Has this happened to anyone else, if so did you take the 80% or did you hold onto the fact it could still be either one. I'm really just want this little one to be healthly i already have a boy and girl, but i would like to go out and buy some gender clothing for this little one considering my youngest is 5 now and i dont have anything left :)


JP - October 17

Hi Confused. I wouldn't believe what they say, because according to them there is a 20% chance it was a girl. Friends of my in-laws told us that when their daughter was pregnant they told her it was a girl. They planned on a girl and named her Hannah. Needless to say when Hannah was born, she had a bannana. I guess you really don't know until he or she makes an appearance.


m - October 17

I was told I was having a girl and they were 80% sure it was a girl at my 12 wk us, when i had my 20 wk us they confirmed it and it was a girl!!! So more than likely you will have a boy but you still have a chance of having a girl.. good-luck


jb - October 17

Im in the same boat with you. They told me 80% chance its a girl.They did point out the 3 white lines. I told everyone what they said and everyone is just sooo excited its a girl. My mom just bought all the nursery stuff, and its totally for a girl. I have a fear inside that it will be a boy. I dont care what it is as long as its healthy and happy but everyone is buying me pink stuff and I dont want my baby to have nothing if it turns out its a boy.


Tara - October 21

Well I have been going to a high risk OB and so her ultrasound equip was better than my regular OB and she could see at 14 weeks that it was a boy for sure b/c he had his legs spread open and you could see his little male parts hanging out all ready. He is really not going to like those pics when he is older...


Lisa - October 21

At my 16 week appointment I had a 90%+ I was having a girl; but because they was she was positioned it was hard to tell. I stuck with the girl because I really wanted a girl and at my 20week appointment it was confirmed!


Erin - October 22

I was told 75% sure it was a boy by my doctor's ultrasound, and then the ultrasound tech told me a few weeks later that it's definitely a girl.. and this time, I saw it, it's definitely a girl. I would try to get another look


?? - October 25




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