16 Wks W Abdominal Pain Anyone Else

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MooBaby - January 1

Anyone have mild but persistant abdominal pain at around 16 weeks? It is an achy sore feeling that is persistent and sensitive to have anyone touch my abdomen. I went in to the doc and they did an ultrasound saying everything looked normal but my bladder wall was enflamed. My urine test came back negative. Sometimes I also feel a painful twinge like feeling in my cervix even though the docs say I shouldn't feel that. According to my ultrasound the cervix measured normal. I am concerned about my little baby, they said HE :) looked healthy and great. Anyone have similar experience? (It is not round ligament pain, I have that too but it is different.) Please Help...


Sheila - January 2

Yes, I am 19 weeks and have had abdominal pain (mild, aching) for basically the entire pregnancy. Sometimes it gets worse, but my doctor a__sures me everything is OK. It is worrisome at times, but I read that it is normal. Hope everything is OK with you.


MooBaby - January 2

Thanks Sheila, have been stressing out about it... but I am sure everything is fine, I really have no other symptoms, just achy and icky and sometimes I have to sit or lie down.


Dia - January 2

Hi girls. I am 17 weeks, and for the last week I have been fairly achy...sometimes enough to make me stop what I am doing. Also, it feels like the baby is curling up in a tight ball low in my abdomen - I can feel very tense, tight pressure when "s/he" does it. I have a doc's appt on Friday and I am going to ask her about it - - I am going to a specialist Wed to find out what I am having....VERY EXCITED!!! Good luck, ladies!!


MooBaby - January 2

Thanks Dia, your symptoms sound much like mine. I have that pressure feeling too and sometimes my abdomen feel very tight. Good luck with the appt on wednesday... we find out last week during my ultrasound that we were having a BOY! :)



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