March Lucky Charms Part 6

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sarah21 - October 15

Onward and outward on our pregnancy journeys together. Here's to more name deciding, continued gender reveals, bigger, stretchier pants, parachute underwear, and all of the fun pregnancy happenings!


corbin289 - October 15

LOL I was just going to suggest at part 6. Glad to hear you have such a possive att_tude Sarah! You will make such a good mom!


BriannasMummy - October 15

So I havent been online since thursday.. and I felt so guilty because I was waiting for Chris's response.. but life happens.. and I spent the entire weekend with my dh and little girls. It was fun! Chris: YAY on the little boy.. I LOVE the names you have picked out.. James Im partial to.. one of my brothers has the name of James.. hes a lawyer mucky muck type..but love him to death. CONGRATULATIONS.. those pictures of him are absolutely fantastic!! Sarah: I am so so so sorry for what youre going through. My heart fell to my toes when I read that they had fired you. I think its c___p that they would do that to you.. especially blindedly. I also think its c___p that they can just do that.. here they cant. You have a 3 month probation period and if it doesnt work out they can fire you any time.. but after that they have to have REALLY GOOD REASON.. otherwise theyll be sued. Do you think it had anything to do with your pregnancy.. and them knowing you would go on maternity leave? Im just so sorry that your boss was a b with an itch about it.. sounds like a horrible situation.. and you didnt deserve it!!!!!!! If I could slap her I would! April: Yay tomorrow is your big day.. i have it all up on my calendar.. and then Brandy is also this week.. n e one else Im missing.. Next week there is a couple of us! Time is moving quickly!! Soon it will be my dd's first birthday and then a 3 months after that.. this baby will be here. I cant wait to find out if its a he or a she I wanna buy things but im not the type to buy neutral colors.. its either blue or pink!!! Anyway Ive gotta go pick Bri up from kindergarten.. talk to you all soon! ~Kristin~


BAF - October 15

Sarah, you will be a wonderful mother. I am a firm believer in having a positive att_tude. I think that's part of the reason I'm here after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 3 years! Something will come up, it always does. Corbin & BriannasMummy, hope you both have a great week with lots of movement from those little ones! I am enjoying every moment of this pregnancy so far & can't believe I'll be 20wk on Thursday. Hopefully my little one will be in the mood to reveal him/herself!


ROBYN - October 15

Sarah i agree with the girls you keep that positive att_tude going thats a great thing to do. BRANDY - ooh how exciting you are gonna find out finally what you are having. I made it to the halfway mark on Sunday. I cant beleive how quickly this is all going. APRIL - good luck to you tomorrow too. I am hoping some of my predictions come true. Well i have been getting lots of movement the past few days almost like i know when he is sleeping and awake. Dont know if its my imagination but they say at the stage we are at that they can actually start to hear us talking.


cattac - October 15

thanks for starting a part 6- the other was so long!


ACG - October 15

Robyn, I've been feeling more movement the past couple of days, too - usually when I'm sitting on the couch. The little one still seems to prefer the right side. That's where I feel most of the thumps and bumps, and my belly looks lopsided a lot of the time! - April


ACG - October 15

I'm off to jury duty, y'all. 'Probably won't be on again today, so "see" everyone tomorrow. - April


cayingo - October 15

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. DH and i went to eat at Carraba's (I was sooo in the mood for yummy Italian) and then to see the new movie, Michael Clayton. Pretty good flick, excellent food! Baby boy was moving ALL OVER the place. DH sat on the sofa with his legs straddled and I sat in front of him while we were watching tv. He sat very patiently w/ his hands on my belly and got kicked a lot. He would move kick/punch down low then up high suddenly. It was so amazing! I am starting to feel some rolling and squirming movements now too, not just pokes. I LOVE it!!!! OK, I discovered something new. I have a small (about 2 inches in diameter) area of what are either vericose/spiders veins on the back of my right leg behind my knee. I didn't get these w/ my DD. Any info on them? Do they go away or will I be plagued forever w/ them?


ROBYN - October 15

MELISSA - ooh love Carrabas its like one of my favorite places. How can you tell if hes flipping around and stuff? Like i get weird feelings i dont know if that what it is but i do get the kicking and punching too sometimes low then high left and right dont know if its a leg or arm. Also when i do the doppler now he will kick when i put it in places he must not like it LOL my son wont go to bed till he hears the h/b everynight hes always saying Come On Justin kick mommy then Anthony just laughs he thinks its the greatest. I know the spider veins are VERY common in pregnancy though i dont believe they go away afterwards you might want to research that one.


ACG - October 15

I've heard that the minor spider veins can lessen or go away after, but most of them are there to stay, unfortunately. I'm back from jury duty - have to go back tomorrow at 9AM b/c all the cases got cancelled today. That means I won't be online at all tomorrow til after my 1PM appointment. I am so excited and nervous. I still worry about the little one and want to see all the right parts and functions going on in there! -April


ROBYN - October 15

April - i was able to get out jury duty in May because we had vacation plans then they rescheduled me for August and then i got out of it because i said i was pregnant all i had to do was a get a note from my doctor and that was it they said your excused. Fine with me i hate going to that i have been always able to get out of it beause of my job or some other good excuse LOL. I am excited for you tomorrow cant wait to hear your great news.


BAF - October 15

April, best of luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear from you.


Nanazi - October 16

Good morning mommies, we are really almost half way through our pregnancies. WOW, time really has flown by, in less than 5 months our babies will be here. God is so good! SARAH-one of my fav. scriptures says "All things work together for good, to those who love God" I live by that and you too must know that God has not forsaken you and you'll see everything will be fine, I'm sure of that! I'm so glad that we are all doing so well, i'm also getting movement these days but not so frequent, my tummy has grown much, I'll be 19 wks tomorrow.i'll try and check in later, have a fab. Tuesday


Mel Page - October 16

Morning girls, I agree with Nanazi - Corbin, you need not worry babe, God already has other plans for you and He will provide!!!!!! April - Good luck at the doc babe, hope that little bub of yours reveils his/her little secret to you so you can come share with us too!!! Robyn - I'm one day behind you babe, I'm 20w1d today, and it's awsome. My mom felt my little girl move for the first time too this morning. Every other time that she tried,my girly would lie dead still.......Now my mom's on cloud nine!!! Cayingo - I'm also under the impression that those spider veins are here to stay babe, but better go research it, just incase.


Nanazi - October 16

Is the funny taste in your mouth gone? Mine is not going away and when i get really hungry, i feel a bit queasy. MEL-wow, that must be really awesome for your mom my hubby can not feel anything as yet, i'm still having my flutters. Are you ladies experiencing any pain around your abdomen? i get it sometimes throughout the day.


Chris1975 - October 16

Hey there....hope you are all well! Mel - your so lucky your mums already felt your bub! I cant wait for my hubby to be able to feel it..i still only get the internal kicks for now :) I have a horrible headache today ...i NEVER get headaches so am finding it totally unbearable and dont want to take anything if I can help it so will try lying down and going to sleep shortly (seeing as its 11pm that shouldnt be hard!). I also get horrible tingly hot/cold feeling just below my b___stbone that I have NO idea what it is, but only get it when i lie down on my sides (which is the only way I can sleep now !)...had it about a week, so will ask the OB when i see him next week as its very uncomfortable , not painful, but not unpainful..if that makes sense! I posted about it , but so far seems noones got same problem ..lucky me eh ! hehe. Nanazi - ive been getting little pains in my abdomen for past few weeks, were worse around 17weeks than they are now at 19.4wks...but still get em occa__sionally...also feels tender to touch sometimes.



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