March Lucky Charms Part 7

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val_jo - October 25

Second half of the second!!!!! Here we go girls!!!!!!


BAF - October 25

Hi March Mommies! Well things are quiet around here today! I had my monthly OB appt & I was so shocked when the nurse said I weighed 11lbs more than last month. But my Dr said it wasn't too bad as that's really the only weight I've gained since I found out I was pregnant. But all in 1 month! I have been trying to not stress about it but don't quite understand it either. I don't feel fat, just have a bigger belly & slightly bigger b___bs. Guess it's time to start watching the sugar & sweets that go in my mouth! Anyway, enough of my obsessing. How's everyone doing today?


val_jo - October 25

I go for my monthly appt in a week and a half and am worried about the very same thing. To date, I am -2 pounds than when I started. But in the last couple of weeks, my belly is REALLY getting out there!! I'm afraid I'll go in and they'll tell me I gained like 15 pounds or something!!! I'm sure it'll be ok, but it's so crazy how you can gain nothing and then BOOM!!! Headed home from work now, have a good evening girls!!


ROBYN - October 25

Hey girls i have been busy all day spending time with my 3 1/12 month old neice and 3 year old neice. So i havent had a chance to come on. I am glad we started part 7. The other was taking too long to load. I had to back date my appts next week we have a lot of stuff going on . So my routine OB is Monday and my perinatologist for an u/s is Tuesday so looking forward to that u/s see how big Justin is getting. I am worried about the weight gain too.


ACG - October 25

Yeah, I've been watching the scale pretty closely. According to mine, I've gained about 9 lbs total. Every time I go to the dr, though, I weigh 4-5 more lbs than at home. I don't think my ob believes my suggestion that the difference is all water weight since my appts are in the afternoon - lol. - April


Happymommy - October 25

I don't think that you're off on the water weight--I weigh myself at home and I always weigh more in the evening than in the morning! I've gained way too much so far, about 21 lbs or so , but my doc is not worried. So you ladies are doing fine!


corbin289 - October 25

Wow not very chatty today huh? Everyone must have had a busy day! I hear you on the weigh though. I'm also just waiting. My next appt. is on the 31st so we'll see. As of my last appt. I had only put on 4lbs but I have no appet_te. I called the doc because I was worried that I never feel like eating and after the u/s it was very clear why when out lo head is up in my ribs squishing my stomach. Silly boy!


Nanazi - October 26

Morning morning, mommies. hope you a having a wonderful sleep as i'm certain most of you are in "Dreamland". how i wish our time zones would swap everytime i have to get up LOL.i was also worried about not eating enough but am trying to make sure that i have proper meals now...i think last time i checked i gained about 6kgs (not sure how you convert that to lbs)but i'm still fitting into some of my clothes, the loose ones.have a great weekend everyone...check in later


val_jo - October 26



Mel Page - October 26

Hi girls, I dont think you girls should worry too much about the weight gain,I'm 22 weeks on Monday and I've gained 12pounds already, but I must say these last 3 weeks I can really see my tummy grow, every morning i get up it's the first thing I check LOL do you think that's silly of me. Yikes I've been telling my mom today, my little girl is so active and her feet are down there somewhere (saw it on the u/s yesterday) and it feels like she wants to stick het hand or foot out my hooha to feel the weather on the outside or something LOL it doesn't hurt just feels weird LOL. Glad everyone is ok. Nanazi - I hope your weather isnt as droopy as ours babe, I was hoping to have a swim this weekend but with the weather like this, there's no way your getting me in that water, Yes Yes I know, I'm a big sissy LOL. I hope the rest of you girls have a fab weekend too. Love Melony XxXxX


BAF - October 26

I love this website so much & the support & encouragement from all you sweet Mommies! Glad to hear I'm not alone in my weight worry issue. If nothing else, it was a wake up call for me to really focus on healthy eating & minimize the sugar in my diet. My dr called me back late yesterday & said that after reviewing my 20wk u/s, she does want me to have another one as a followup on December 6th. She said it was for 2 reasons but not to worry. First, she couldn't really see for sure the baby's palate and there was a small shadow on the images of the heart. So guess I'll look forward to seeing my lo again on the big screen after all! I'm not at all worried because I know God is watching over my baby & will make sure everything is normal. Happy Friday!


Astra - October 26

Hi all, thanks for starting a new thread val. I tried to keep up with the last one but got a little lost in conversations. I've also been gaining weight furiously this trimester. Then again I have been eating everything not nailed down. I tried out prenatal yoga this week and really enjoyed it. I'm going to try another cla__s this weekend. I'm hoping this may balance out the crazy appet_te. Anybody else with doubled appet_te?


BAF - October 26

Hi Astra, yes, I'm right there with you. Some days I feel like I just don't ever get full. I have always been curious about yoga but have never tried it. Maybe I need to check on a cla__s in my area or go get a dvd. Have a great Friday & weekend.


BAF - October 26

Hey forgot to tell you'll! We received our first official baby gift last night! My best friend brought us a congrats gift. It's a Fisher Price Itsy Bitsy Bouncer. I can't wait to put little Ford in it so he can watch Mommy cook dinner. If you haven't seen one, check it out. It's really a cool twist on a bouncy seat. I was so excited. Sorry, just had to share that excitement this morning.


montie75 - October 26

I see you ladies are talking about weight issues. OMG, you all are doing so wonderfully!! I have gained a total of 21 pounds since my last visit. I can see that I am bigger because my maternity pants have started hurting my belly. I can only imagine where I stand now. We are pregnant ladies, and this is natural. We have to gain weight in order to produce healthy loving children!!! I eat as healthy as I can.........I am not seeing a large increase in my face or arms, but in legs and belly for sure!! I am also getting the vercose veins. UGH!! BUT.......if this is what happens to have a blessed bundle of joy (or 2) then so be it!! Let's keep our heads up ladies!! We will lose the weight when we are chasing these toddlers all around the house!! It's only natural to lose it as we did gain it!! Remember that!!! We are all let's grow and enjoy it!! I mean, we have worked so hard to get this far, let's not let weight upset us!!! Love you all!!


BAF - October 26

Thanks Monica, you just made my day & you are so right! I feel so lucky & so blessed to be carrying this child after trying for 3 yrs & losing 2 beautiful babies! So I will quit worrying & it won't enter my thoughts again! Thanks so much for bringing the issue into perspective for me. As I sit here & type, my lo is playing in my belly. How wonderful that feeling is! Monica, you're the best!


Astra - October 26

The itsy bitsy bouncer sounds adorable! I will look it up. How nice to get gifts already.



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