Amp Mama Crow Why All The Fighting

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Sad :-( - May 14

This is a site for us to all talk and compare our feelings and symptoms during this very exciting time of our lives. So why come on here and fight? I know everyone does not always agree with one another, but if we are all at least respectful of one another it would be much more pleasent to sign on. If you do not get along just ignore one another. I am sure this added stress is not good for either of you. Baby Dust to all!


Brooke "Mama" Crow - May 14

With my sugar-coated, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm aside, I really do agree with you. I am sad, too. I also thought this was a safe haven for all of us "mommies-to-be" to talk and share - discuss and compare - our experiences, fears, feelings, frustrations, irrationalities, sense of humors, etc. And, I never dreamed that I would ever find myself caught up into such a pathetic soap opera. If we all look into this honestly, each and every one of us is drawn into these forums by the motivation for attention of some level or sort. We all want to be heard, considered, accepted, answered, and encouraged. Otherwise we would not ask our questions and/or be moved to respond to someone else's question. Yet when I realized how much time I have spent investing into these certain unfortunate threads (that you've alluded to) since Wednesday, one specifically that was created by me as an attempt toward comic relief that obviously backfired, I was appalled and ashamed. So much time and energy and tears wasted. My husband and I have spent the last two hours together reading them together, and the painful experience has actually brought us closer. I am responding to this only to say that I will not be around here any longer. Life is too short, and this truly miraculous journey God has given me is too precious to waste on petty communication that is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I've enjoyed and sincerely loved the few friends I have met here within these forums (and you know who you are) but there are other ways to stay in contact beyond these abstract and superficial chatrooms. I am sure the organization behind this opportunity also never imagined this arena would be used as a platform to hurt, twist, pervert, profane, belittle, and destroy ... but it has been used in this way, and I want no more part in it. I have always, from the beginning, never been ashamed to put my full name behind my words despite advice against this practice. I have even gone so far as to say which town and state I live, and I believe I've actually posted my email address somewhere. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I've experienced or what I've said. When carnality got the best of me ... and I exploded in understandable indignation ... I took a moment to reflect and actually returned to apologize. No one is perfect, and Lord knows, I am far from it. Yet I stand behind my words ... good or bad ... but then, most writers have to. (It's a risk we must be willing to take or we wouldn't do what we do.)However, that said, I respect those who choose not to reveal their names. Still ... once again ... the anonymity behind it all breeds distrust, and I am now leery to continue opening up to anyone under these conveniently clandestine circ_mstances. In conclusion, you ALL remain in my genuine thoughts and prayers, and may our babies grow and thrive to be born beautiful and healthy and strong and loved. May God Bless. Good-bye.


Sadly Curious :-( - May 14

I think we've just lost a keeper. Would somebody tell me what's going on? Or point me in the right direction here? Whoa. Good Morning?


Misty - May 14

It is something to me to wake up and read something like this. Without all the sarcasm what you are saying really gets to me Brooke. I honestly hope that if you come back and read this I was never one of the people you questioned as being true. What a morning, this is going to make me cry, but in a good way, kind of. :-) I will never forget you I can honestly say becasue you are the first person who has made me look at the fact that the way I stood up against that other lady is truly something I shouldn't have done and I should have handled differently. So much bashing goes on sometimes I had gotten sucked up into responding in kind and you made me see it was wrong. That is invaluble. I don't care how corny this sounds, I grew from this, and I will never forget you for that reason. I wish you all the best in life, I think you deserve it. And I'm sure with a guy like the one that stood behind you last night you will find it. Best wishes. xoxo


Kimber - May 14

Brookie, you're not getting away from me, I have your email! Seriously though, I am saddened that the impact of one person's cruel judgment has caused you to feel this way. In a sense, she got her way. I do not like conflict, but I stand behind every word I said to %-/ because she was totally out of line in her initial attack and "stalking" of you. The things she said were both heartless and unnecessary. There are some extremely nice women here that make me laugh, and cry, and think, and brighten my day, if only for a moment. The beauty of it is that, for the most part, we are a sisterhood sharing a common chapter in our lives, bonded by the beauty of creating life. Don't let one negative attention-seeker destroy part of our link. You're a good person, Brooke. But you were personally attacked and you fought back like a pitbull! Good for you! I also know that if %-/ were sincerely sorry and apologized that you would be the first to forgive her. Please reconsider leaving. I for one enjoy reading your posts and would really miss you if you weren't here.


%-\ - May 14



jb - May 14

Back off %-/ Why do you have to keep it up? Just drop it you have already hurt a lot of feelings here. I think it is best if you just say you good byes and end it.


%-\ 2 - May 14

You all don't even know how much she has done to others.....MAMA... all I ask is that you think about how you treat, i am not perfect, but I did not say the awful things about the pistachio's and chocolate ....there are apparently multiple people posting under this name. Maybe others are using this sign as a way to get a message across.


jb - May 14

%-\ maybe it is your way to make people feel bad for you to say others are posting undering your name. Why are you so angry? Get over it and drop it. I can't see that you are pregnant because most pregnant people are more understanding than whay you are!


rb - May 14

woah - did i miss a lot or what? I did read over some of the thread that Brooke was welcomed into by us - but %-\... what did Brooke do to you? You keep alluding to something but so far have mentioned nothing - you keep being cruel and attacking everything she (along with a lot of other people) says, but with no substance... if you're trying to get people to see the "real" Brooke, then spill the beans, or let us form our own opinions of her without snide comments. I happen to think she is funny, a good conversationalists and well, wacky... like a lot of us... Brooke, certainly hope you're not gone for good - something tells me you won't be - I wouldn't be leery about opening up -we all do! I just don't get the bickering but maybe people just need to start ignoring %-\... anyways... hope everyone is having a good weekend! Brooke... it's all good - we're here for you


Sad:-( - May 14

Wow my intentions of this thread was for no more fighting, it seems I caused just the opposite. I apologize for another can of worms opening up. I too will no longer talk on this site as it has become to much BS and not enough of what we are really here to discuss. Again Good Luck to all and lots of Baby Dust!!!


Sadder:( - May 14

I dont think you've caused another fight or opened another can of worms. I think you've helped alot of us to stop and think. From what I've read so far Brooke isnt a quitter, she's a fighter. and shes not a loser shes a winner. Sometimes walking away is the bigger ting to do.


oops - May 14

^Typos, sorry.^


Question#2 - May 14

The trail led me here. A mini-series! Who/what is %-\ and where is he/she/it?


Good Lord - May 14

GROW UP PEOPLE You are this petty and catty and you are about to be mothers? Please.



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