April Babys

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***jumac*** - November 8

would just like to compare notes with everyone and see how u r getting on im due 11th apr starting to show now but still just looking like i ate all the pies and i can feel the baby it does feel great.....you


ry - November 8

hi i am due april 8th, getting my "big" u/s tomorrow and am a little nervous since i opted not have afp test done. my tummy sticks out a bit but i still only weigh about 109. ( i was 111 pre-preg) so i am anxious to gain weight but am having a hard time eating (no appet_te). i am worried my baby is not getting enough, but i do take my vitamins everyday. and these d__n headaches.................


karen - November 8

I'm not due till 4/26, but I have really started popping out in the past week. It's weird because at night I look a lot bigger than in the morning. I can't wear any more of my regular pants without leaving the b___ton/fly open. Haven't felt the baby at all. I get headaches a lot too.


goblair - November 8

I have decided that you are bigger at night because of gravity. When I wake up in the morning, the top of my uterus is about 2 fingers above my belly b___ton, but I don't stick out too far. At night my uterus is at the top of my belly b___ton but is sticking out further. My not-so-scientific research has decided that the difference comes from being upright for so long during the day.


Terra - November 8

ry. I am similar, with the headaches etc. I have them very severe at times, and I had a hard time keeping weight on.. from vomitting etc. I'm 20 wks now and 111lbs.. *I was 106 lbs when I got preg.* I'm due March 30th, but if she's late like my first born, It will be an April baby


***jumac*** - November 8

gosh i feel so much better to know that the headaches are not just ahppenin to me they r such a nightmare but touch wood i havnt had one recently


me - November 8

Due 4/18, been feeling baby since week 12, little flutters in lower abdomen on occasion, usually late late at night while sitting sit. Nausea went away week 12, & started eating normally again, but only began to gain weight last week (week 17 now). Internal organs being compacted. Arms & legs tingle sometimes. One dream that baby was healthy; one nightmare that people were trying to hurt me & baby. Suspect the baby dreams will become more frequent from here on out. So glad to not be so d__n moody anymore or so exhausted. Uterus seems to be about an inch below navel. Tummy popping slowly, surely. Will wake up one day within the next month & it'll be huge. That's how all other moms I've spoken with have recounted it to me. Good luck to all; may you have healthy, happy babies.


Lee - November 8

We are due 4/21. I'm looking more pregnant-I think. I don't know. One minute I think I look pregy, the next I look like your typical "thick" waisted woman. HEE!


teigan - November 9

due april 14th, i also didnt want 16 weeks tests but not nervous as i have had 4 misscarridges and having the teat can cause loss, didnt want to be that 1 in 100... baby is moving all the time, near my naval now like a little tapping every now and then!! dead excited but little anxious as everyone proberbly is xxx good luck mums wether its your first or twentyfirst ( gulp ) xxx


Samantha - November 9

I am due April 10th. I have felt movement once. I'm hoping since this is my first pregnancy I'll start to feel more moving soon! I have my 20 week ultrasound next week, I can't wait!!!


ry - November 9

hi girls!! got my u/s today, i was a bit disappointed the tech was unfriendly and only did it for 10 min. i gotta go back b/c she could not get a good look at heart and placenta-uugh! now i am still worried about defects! i guess everything else looked good though. i am still due Apr 8th, right on schedule. Sue, that sounds really interesting about the acupuncture- i def have to check that out!


danielle - November 9

hi! im due april 3rd. baby is moving all the time, and i love every min of it! i had an u/s when i was 10 wks, they said they think its a boy, ithought it was to soon to tell. anyone else get early news?


MeM - November 10

I'm due April 11th and yesterday I found out that I'm having a boy. I have felt kicks I thinkf rom time to time. My stomach is getting a little bigger but only I can notice. I have gained 10 lbs so far... I love french fries and hot sauce!!!


Cortneay - November 10

I am due April 11 and I have not felt the baby move that I know of. This is my third baby I am kinda worried, any advice?


danielle - November 10

hi! i was reading in one of my books that you may not feel the baby move do to the size and the way the baby is positioned. i wouldnt worry to much cause thats not good for you or baby! it also says that you may not fell movement until 22-24 wks. not uncommen. wouldn't stress over it! good luck!


Amber - November 10

I just found out today I am having a girl! I am totally shocked. I thought it was a boy. I have gained over 20 lbs already, and now have to watch it, because I have already gained almost all of my weight! Oh well. I am a tall gal, so you really can't tell, but it is back to the protein and veggies for me.



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