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TCM - August 23

Time for a new thread ... we need a better way to tell which is the latest though. All well here - my baby found my bladder though and spent about 15 minutes this morning kicking it. Not very comfortable. Still love feeling him though. Good to hear others are well. Are the glucose tests standard for everyone or do some doctors do them, others not, or for specific patients? My dr hasn't mentioned it but I will ask at my next appointment (begiining of Sept).


Bree - August 23

Hi TCM, I went to the Dr. yesterday and am scheduled for the glucose testing in 3 weeks. I'll be 25 weeks then. ^^^^^A thought about starting new December threads^^^^^ Why don't one of us just start one maybe weekly and date the thread??? That way we'll know. I always just look at all of them near the top of the board and sometimes end up replying to more than one if someone else has posted on it, which is a bit c_mbersome. I am glad to have these boards to post to. It's good talking to all of you! I hope today finds everyone well. As I said, I went to the Dr yesterday and everything is okay w/me. I heard his little heartbeat again which always brightens my day. ^^^^^ How's everyone growing? I'm not happy about putting on 4 1/2 lbs. in one month! But I really feel it. I had some nice pants I have been wearing to work and tried them Saturday and they are gapped open about an inch and a half. Now I WORE THESE LAST WEEK! My belly is now going up so high. I feel it expanding north! I feel so big! So, what's new with all of you guys???


Gina - August 23

Sorry, I did not see the new thread. I jsut b___hed and moaned in the old one. Hey Bree, I went also yesterday and gained 6 pounds. Not happy......


YC - August 23

Good morning ladies, so many new threads I can't keep up. I havent been on in a while so I had to read all of them from the last one. I never seemed to get an answer for this question "If you are haing a baby shower, when are you doing it?". Just curious as we are all due right in the middle of the holiday madness. Thanks!


laura - August 23

Hi everyone!!!! I'm so excited. I found out yesterday that I'm having a boy. I thought my fiance' was going to pa__s out in the Doctor's office when he realized that it was a boy. This is such an amazing experience. I'm not too thrilled about gaining almost 20 lbs and counting, but it's all for the baby. (Every scoop of ice cream is for him. lol) I think I'm huge, but my family thinks I should be bigger. **I'm having a baby shower sometime around the beginning of November.


Erin - August 23

Hi all! Bree, I am glad your appointment went well. I also had an appointment on Monday and was very excited to hear the heartbeat, too. If it helps any, I don't think that 4 1/2 lbs. in one month is bad at all, I read that about 1 lb. per week in the 2nd trimester is expected so you are right on track. I know it feels differently to you, though, and I can sympathize...I am up to 19 lbs. total in 23 weeks. I feel huge. That is a good idea with the weekly thread and dating it so we know which is the most recent. YC, from what I understand they don't have baby showers in Germany, I am kinda bummed. What people typically do here is send birth announcements with a picture of the baby and then the recipients can decide if they would like to send or bring by a gift. Alaina, I am glad your appointment went well too. Gina, I am really sorry to hear about the problems with your veins and working and stuff, I hope everything works sounds like you are doing everything you can to take care of yourself so that is good. Good luck everyone!


Ca__sie - August 23

Hello all. I've been getting headaches a little more often. I've also been growing out of some of my size small maternity clothing. I am now up to the medium size... what with my belly and b___sts getting so big! I actually just bought a dress today that was marked down to $5. I think my baby shower will probably be in November, but I'm not sure. No one is telling me. (My mom and sister are planning it). Erin, isn't it sad they don't have baby showers in Germany? They just have a different way of celebrating there I guess. Baby has been moving pretty regularly, but she likes to kick my bladder too. Well, I have been on the run all day, so I think I will lie down now. Oh, and I think the glucose tests are pretty standard these days. I am not expected to have gestational diabetes, but my doc says they test all moms.


Alaina - August 23

hello all.Ca__sie, I have an appointment nexr month w/a headache Doc but until then my doc said to put an ice cold rag on the back of my neck, something about veins and to much blood flow I forget why but she says to try it.My baby loves my bladder i never thought it was possible to pee so much.Bree I agree w/erin I also read a lbs a week is what you should be gaining but like I said everyone is diffrent, it's not like we have gained 70lbs lol.I think 4lbs is about what I gained because I was 10lbs heavier last time so your right on track!Laura congrats on your boy, it's funny watching the hubbys face when they find out they'll be having a little boy to play with.My hubby was the same way.Good idea on the thread we can also make sure we put a sighn next to it so we know it's on of ours, thats what this other group did a while ago, thats why I always use** we could start puting ^^or %% next to the dates to just incase something like **1205mom823** or **decmoms823** that way we know for sure it's our thread just a thought.Tmc glad your appointment went great I tink they'll give you the sugar test next visit or the one after that, take care all.Oh yc my hubby and mom our throwing mine but I would think in October so you have time to buy what others didn't buy.If you wait to long you'll be scrambling to buy the rest of the stuff you need.Along w/the money you need to buy it, gosh it's alot of stuff my sis inlaw said her baby goes threw 5-10 outfits a day! I thought I did alot of laundry now lol.


Bree - August 24

Hey everybody, I'm glad it's hump day! Ready for Friday, as usual. I have some manual labor today @ work which I'm not looking forward to. I have an office job, so I feel pretty lucky, but I'm in a moaning mood, I guess. sorry! Thanks for the comments about the weight gain being normal/on track. I just feel so fat right now. Laura, congrats on finding out it's a boy! When's your due date, btw? Ca__sie, I know how the headaches can get ya down, mine have let up, but I had one all day Sunday and wanted to scream, so I definitely sympathize w/you. Alaina, my sweetheart loves to stretch and kick straight down on my bladder, which is unpleasant, but I'm glad he's kickin! I think he's trying to get out early (lol). I love to lie back and watch my stomach when he's moving and see it thru the skin. It's awesome. Have any of you found that a little orange juice perks 'em right up? Mine either loves it or hates it, I'm not sure. But it gets him going every time I drink some (lol). Well, I've rambled on enough, I guess. ***Hey*** how about starting a new thread on Mondays? That way we know whether another one should be started or not? something like ...^^^^December Babies Weekly Thread 8/29/05^^^^? What to ya think? I hope everyone is doing well today.


Alaina - August 24

Bree thats a good idea plus at the end of an old thread put something like N/A or this thread is done in bold oh or see new thread, I don't know. Bree I love oj last night I ate it staight from the can, you know the kind you get in the frezzer ummm.My hubby rolled his eyes but it was very good.I only ate a few bites tho.The babys been moving alot all day long it's so neat, hubby still hasn't felt him move, at what week are thew suppose to be able to feel them?I got to go to meet with a college adviser today all this extra time I figured I'd start college back up.Anyway take care all,


Ca__sie - August 24

Alaina, you're going to go to school this semester? Think you'll make it to the end of the semester? :-) Thanks for the headache advice. I'll try the cold washcloth thing next time I get one. Today I've been just plain tired... no headache though. Bree... I know! My little gal seems to love oj too (or hate it... wouldn't that be funny). She jumps around like a bouncy ball if she gets enough of it. My hubby has been able to feel baby move for a while now, but he has to be around at the right time... when she is most active because otherwise her movements are too small for him to feel. We can both see my belly jiggle and pulse when she punches and kicks as well. Laura, when my hubby found out we were having a girl, he was all smiles. I don't think he cared either way... but when you finally find out what it is, it just all becomes so real. He couldn't stop smiling all day and kept saying "we're having a little girl." It was so cute. Alaina, Mmm.... frozen orange juice. I'm tempted to get a can just to try it. lol!


Trish - August 24

Hi All...I post on questions but have never posted on the December thread. We are due December 15 or maybe sooner if my little chunker stays in the 90th percentile. I am only 5'2" and they said if the baby continues to measure in the 90's we will schedule a c-section. This is our first baby and we are not finding out the s_x...although I really feel it's a boy :-) I am 24 weeks tomorrow, seems like time has been flying by!!! I have awful stretch marks and just bought some oil from Aveda, hope it helps! Sorry to ramble it's just nice to chat with others due around the same time and see that others are going through exactly what I am going through. My family is throwing a shower at the end of October and another one the beginning of November (I have a huge family) because of the holidays and weather, you can never tell what Cleveland, Ohio will be like...could be snow or hot and humid! Any who take care everyone and I'll write again soon.


Alaina - August 24

Trish as you can tell we all ramble lol, (I do anyway) I was thinking of just getting registered and taking the test, I think I'll start cla__ses this spring.Mabey I'll take one cla__s for the fall just to give me something to do, Who knows I can never make up my mind anymore lol.Trish welcome hope everyone else is doing good, Ca__sie you should try the oj umm.Took my brother to friendlys I got my icecream to go and forgot it :( tear boo hoo....I guess theirs always well take care


TCM - August 24

Hi all - I like the idea of a monday thread and telling everyone old threads are no longer used. All well but had an uncomfortable night - not sure if baby kept waking my up or what it was. Couldn't find a comfortable position to go to sleep in. Keep well all.


Bree - August 25

Alaina, you're a mess. You and your OJ out of the can (haha). Does your baby go nuts when you eat the concentrate? I know mine would. It actually sounds kinda good. How's the sundae craving going or are you trading it for the OJ? Just kidding. I've been eating like crazy this week. Can't get satisfied. I usually take my vitamin at night before bed, otherwise I'm starving all day (when I take it during the day) and this week I've forgotten so I guess taking it during the day has made me starved feeling. I hate that. Do any of you get that way? ^^^^ Welcome Trish! Yes, many of us ramble on here as Alaina said. I enjoy it! Glad you're joining us.^^^^ Have you gained much weight yet, Trish? ***Ca__sie, I'm still tired all the time, too*** I work in an office, so I sit a good bit and don't get in much physical activity, but when I get home I want to go straight to the bed and rest. I don't sleep, but just turn on the tv and drink something and just do nothing. I think it makes me feel worse doing that, but I just feel fatigued by the time I get home. I hate feeling like I'm out of breath when I haven't done anything strenuous. OH well... Tomorrow's friday, thank goodness. I'm ready for the weekend. I need to work on getting the baby's room cleaned out so we can get ready to paint it. I still haven't gotten a crib. I don't intend spending a fortune on one, but am thinking of the convertable type so we can use it as a toddler bed later. What about you guys? What have/are you going with? Okay, I'll quit rambling now. Be good, girls!


Trish - August 25

Thanks for the welcome Bree. I have gained 15 lbs. I am truly all baby. I know what you mean about costs, things are expensive. We got our furniture at Target...simplicity ellis is the crib and the dresser/changing table combo in cherry. It is so beautiful and very sturdy, the crib is on sale for $200.00 right now. It converts to a toddler baby to a day bed to a full size it was a really good deal. I will warn you that when the box came it looked like it went through World War III but everything was fine and it was easy to put together...hubby and I didn't even fight, hee hee! I don't exercise much at all either, after working a full day, I come home eat dinner have my usual bowl of ice cream, right now I am into Breyers peanut b___ter ice cream with peanut b___ter cup chunks and fudge is so heavenly I can't wait to get home, lol, then I just sit around and watch TV too! I figure, hey better relax now because in a few short months we won't be able to right! any who take care everyone


Ca__sie - August 25

It's time for my lunch and with all this food talk I think I'm gonna cave and get something fattening. Ah well, I was good yesterday and ate healthy. Trish, thanks for the info on that crib at Target. We'd like one that turns into a toddler bed too because then she can stay in the "baby" room a little while longer. See, we have a guest bedroom with a full sized bed which will eventually be hers, but it would be nice to have that extra room for a while, ya know? Girls... I can't believe it, but I've gained 25 lbs!!!! I don't understand it! I'm really not pigging out... the only reason must be because I'm not as active anymore. I used to move around a lot, work out occasionally, dance around the house LOL, etc., but now it gets uncomfortable to be so active. It doesn't help that I'm always hungry now too. Hubby is real good about it though and rea__sures me that I look great to him.



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