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Bree - August 31

Newest thread for all December Mommys! Post away, ladies!


Trish - August 31

Hi everyone...I've been so tired again lately, like in my first trimester...I do work full time though. I have a great job and will be coming back after the bambino is born, but I will work 4 days instead of 5, hubby works Tues through Sat so he will be home one day during the week with the baby too! As far as prego clothes, God Bless ya if your not in them, I popped early and started wearing elastic waste bands right away, it's more comfortable for me. Also, not to be gross but I had a real problem this morning going to the bathroom, I was crying it hurt soooooo bad, I have never had that problem before...has anyone? Also, I got milk today and a few girls were saying I shouldn't drink skim because the baby needs the fat???? Is that true? Thanks for the help


Erin - August 31

Hi everybody! TCM, Ca__sie, Alaina and Bree--thanks so much guys for your support about my health problems and the shots and stuff. I am having my husband give me the daily shots (he isn't as squemish as I am) and I am already getting used to them, they are not that bad. I hope you guys are having a good week so far! Bree, I have found that I, too, am eating a lot of different stuff than before I was pregnant. I crave cokes and coffee a lot, which I didn't really have to have before, and fast food like Taco Bell and McDonalds. It is funny! Ca__sie, I am not working now either, I have been finishing my degree online full time for the past year and a half so I am on the computer a lot at home. After the baby is born I will just take part-time cla__ses and will need three more semesters. I will have to stay at home for at least the first two years anyways, because they don't really have day care for children in Germany like they do in the States so even the women who want to work don't have anywhere to take their babies. I am so glad I am not working right now, mainliy because of my health problems, but like Alaina, I am really impressed with those who are working. I am sure it must be really tough. By the way, I am up to 20 lbs. weight gain...hee hee! I hope everyone has a great week!


Trish - August 31 you guys see certain words that are green with links...what's that all about?


Alaina - August 31

Hi erin glad your hubbys given you your shots.No Bree I made a late dinner but Mcdonalds has no need to fear I'll be there later tonight lol.Yeah whats up with the green words I think it's advertisments if you put your arrow over them things pop up.Ca__sie I meant to say before were lucky we have great hubbys tho when I start to feel bad I remember how I was up all night the day before or how much my back hurts that always cures guilt lol.Trish I think skim milk is fine.Some women don't even drink that and their ok.Isn't funny it seems like ever since I got preggo everyone has a PHD in medicine everyones a doctor lol. I know people try to help but I wish sometimes they would leave the medical advise for my doctor.I know they mean well but still.Anyway got to go eat w/the hubby I made meatb___s w/homemade garlic bread.Bye take care


TCM - August 31

Hi All. Trish, I also get comments on skim milk, but the way I see it is that the best thing for us about drinking milk is the calcium, and that is the same for Skim or Full Fat, and I prefer the taste of Skim Milk. I dont know about you but I get PLENTY of fat from other sources (ice cream, french fries etc ...). Alaina, it is amazing that everyone suddenly is super-qualified to give medical and especially nutritional advice (just after I have given some myself, hee hee), often with little regard to any sort of common sense. My news is that my b___sts (after having stayed the same for the last 8 weeks or so) have hit a growth spurt again - they are SO itchy (bad at work!!) and have grown visibly bigger the last 2 days. Dont know what started this off ... anyone else have this?


Bree - August 31

Trish, you are not alone. I've had problems this week regarding that. I'm trying to drink a lot of water and eat some fruit, but.... you know how that goes. I agree with TCM that you probably get enough fat in other stuff, so I can't understand why skim milk would be a problem. ^^^Erin^^^ I'm glad to hear you're doing okay and the shots aren't that bad. Good! I haven't really had supper. Just this and that. Olives, piece of cherry pie. What's wrong with me? There's nothing I want. I actually scoured the cabinets and cleaned out some old stuff while I was searching for something good to eat. That's when I found the olives. They are too salty, though. I'm feeling bloated tonight. When I would lay on either side earlier whichever side down would cramp. I guess it's the weight of the belly. I'm going to start using a pillow for that.Blah, blah, blah ...yes I'm rambling. Sorry. Glad hump day is over - I'm so ready for my long weekend -yooohooo! Be good!


Alaina - August 31

Bree thxs you answerd something for me w/o knowing it, I was feeling belly heavy and kinda crampy but not bad crampy I don't know how to explain it I guess like you said the weight of the belly,I came on to see if anyone else felt this way and you do so thx lol. I agree w/TMC you get fat from other places like icecream.I went to mcdonalds for dessert but they were so busy I went and bought a strawberry creme doughnut instead but it's not the same:( I understand about the not eating thing I can't eat during the afternoon, I can't find anything I want so I try to at least eat some cereal even tho I don't want it.Its like the baby doesn't want to eat but if I don't I feel sick oh well at least I'm not getting sick sick.TMC sounds like some "big"news ok that was corny lol.My b___bs are big but I havn't noticed any major changes exept my nipples are darker and dry, and sometimes they burn if they get cold.Is anyone b___stfeeding? I don't know what I'm doing I think I might try a pump so the baby doesn't have to latch on everytime he wants to eat.Just wondering.Well I'm going to go watch monster in law I rented it today.Chat w/you all soon.Take care man I want a sundee!I sould of waited in line.bye


Gina - September 1

Hey everybody. I am back to work and terrified. This is the first day for kids. I have huge cla__ses. 41 kids in one cla__s. That is nuts for an art cla__s. All the rest of the cla__ses are 37-39. There were so many cuts in the budget, they have to put kids somewhere so they dumped them in art. My back is killilng me. MY veins are so bad. I can see why the doc said I wont be able to work til winter break like I planned. I am too miserable. I cant see my chiro anymore. They said I have plateaued. So as long as I am preggo, no adjusts unless I pay out of pocket. This sucks...... I have been so crabby. One kid I am moving back to college, one is a senior, my daughter is a sophmore-just wants everything, and my son started middl.le school today. He had so many supplies I had to take them into school. He is terrified, it is cute. He is too shy so I am worried he wont ask for help if he is lost. Okay the bell is going to ring! WISH MY LUCK!


Bree - September 1

Hello everybody! Alaina, I'm gonna try to b___stfeed (at first, anyway). I bought a good manual pump already. I'm not looking forward to the pain of it, but I know it's good for the baby, so... Hey Gina, sounds like you're busy, eh?! Best of luck with the new school year. What age/grades do you teach? I'm about to starve. My little bowl of cheerios is long gone by now. Also, from not eating supper last night I need to make up for it. I'm in a foul mood, also. Last night I gave some subtle hints to *J and he ignored me and went to sleep. I can't stand to feel rejected. And being so emotional, anyway, I'm grumpy. I stormed out of bed after removing his arm from around me and he just ignored me. Jerk! Then I didn't sleep because I was mad. I hate being over-emotional. D***m hormones! Yeah, I'll blame my moods on that for now (lol). Well, be good everybody. Have a good day!!!


Alaina - September 1

Hello guys sorry your having such a bad day Gina.I made my self a breakfast sandwhich w/ these sausage and bacon things that are pre cooked they only take 20sec in the microwave.They're pretty good and fast.Bree I sat in bed last night alone(the hubby was on the couch) and cryed for a good 5minutes lol.Well I gotta go the dogs are barking at soon.Gina and bree hope your day gets better.Try an icecream they always cheer me up.


Trish - September 1

Hi everyone...hope all is well. I have a funny story to share about last night. My hubby is finishing up his degree and taking a few night cla__ses so he was gone last night. I made some yummy chocolate fudge cookies and sat to eat them while doing the following...I have an ingrown toe nail...gross I know, so I had my right foot soaking in a bowl with my left propped up on the autumon (sp?), then my stretch marks are out of control and kinda sore so I was rubbing Aveda body oil on my belly with my right hand and proudly munching on a cookie with the left when in pops hubby, his cla__s was done early...he walked in and just fell to the ground dying laughing, I started laughing so hard I almost peed myself!!! Quite a site...we are still lauging about it today. I do have to brag on my man, he cleaned the whole house for me, right down to mopping the floors! Gosh he sure is great. Any who take care everyone and Alaina I think I am going to have to get a sundee tonight all the talk about it is making me want one bad!!!


Bree - September 1

I wish an ice cream would make me feel better (lol). Lucky you, Trish! Sounds like you've got the perfect man. I'm ready to run mine off (just kidding). Be good!


Alaina - September 1

hey Bree I know a guy that would do it for you real cheap lol just kidding. Trish look how smart you are for multi-tasking lol. I just got back from you know where.I'm a little blah today mabey I'll take a nap, I'm up all night no matter what I do so a nap won't interfer w/my sleep.Bellys feeling big today, I went to the store to get swifer pads so the hubby could do the floors and got all the way home and forgot my bag, so I had to go all the way back to the store to get my bag.Well I'm going to go watch the news then lay down take care, bree I hope you feel better I hate getting in a slump.


Erin - September 1

Hi there! TCM, I SO know what you mean about the b___sts, mine have not stopped growing the whole time (although it has been gradual without much itching, so I should be grateful). In my opinion they are just huge. Alaina, I am planning on b___stfeeding for 6 months, 4 months of full b___stfeeding and the last 2 months I will start to alternate with formula milk so that at 6 months the baby is weaned from breasfeeding. I hope it works out, it will all depend on my health situation after delivery if I am able to do it this way. I had a sundae today, it was so great, what kind do you get at McDonalds? It is so cute that your cure-all is ice cream, you are so right, it is great and always makes me feel better. Gina, I am so sorry about your stress with school, my parents are both school teachers and the beginning of the school year was always VERY stressful. I hope it goes well and that your veins get better. I will be thinking about you and praying for you. Take care everyone!


TCM - September 1

Hi all. Erin, glad to know I am not alone. Had a day working from home yesterday and got so much done - coming into the office this morning was hard - but at least it is Friday. It is Fathers Day in Australia on Sunday and I bought something for my hubby (this is our first). Hope its not tempting fate, but it is something I probably would have bought for him anyway, this is just a nice occa__sion to give it to him. Ice-cream is definitely a cure-all (before I was pregnant, chocolate had that job). Trish, your man does sound good!! Mine rubbed my back last night until I fell asleep - kept making comments that he expected to be doing that for his baby but never his wife...think I've earned it though. Hope you are all well and have a great weekend!


Ca__sie - September 2

Wow, I miss one day on here and boy does it fill up fast! :-) I'm glad we're all so willing to talk though. I know I can always rant, rave, etc on here and I'll have people know where I'm coming from. Anyway, Gina... I hope the school year doesn't get you down. Budget cuts suck, but at least you still have a job. I hope they never cut art in your school (or music). It is so important. It makes school fun and gives the kids something to look forward to, ya know? Good luck with it all! Bree, funny story with how your hubby found ya on the sofa. Lucky he cleaned the house for you. My hubby was pretty oblivious two nights ago. I wanted to sweep and mop the kitchen floor so I began moving all of our dining room chairs into the livingroom. He didn't notice though and by the end of the whole shebang, my back was killing me. The floor is clean though! Of course last night when we had company and I brought some chairs out there, he wouldn't let me carry them by myself (people were looking). What a baby! Anyway, he means well, but can be pretty oblivious sometimes. I still have a slight cold. Anyone know what to do for a stuffy nose? We're leaving to go camping today. I don't really want to because I'm not feeling the best and I am not looking forward to trying to sleep in a tent, but I can't back out now. We're going with a group and if I don't know, my hubby won't want to go, so on and so forth. Ugh. I hope it goes better than I think it will. If not, they will have to put up with some major crankiness. Alaina, you said you spent some time crying in your bed the other night. I am crying a little more often myself. I'm pretty sure it has to do with Katrina. I don't like thinking about all the chaos and suffering there right now. What a world to bring a baby into... but I also know there are so many joys to share with my little girl too. It is just hard to handle sometimes.... to see and experience the difficult parts of life. I know it all happens for a reason though. Not trying to get religious on all of you, but I know God is in control and that all things will work out for good. Sorry I rambled on sooo much. Look what happens when I miss a day on the forum! I'll be gone all weekend too so I'm sure I'll have a lot to read when I get back. Have a good labor day, all!



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