Due August Anyone Else

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star1 - February 25

h__lo ladies first post on 2nd trimester as am now 16 weeks any other August mums out there?? this is my 4th pregnancy i had 1 successful pregnancy and 2 miscarriages and so far this one going well!!!


Camsmommy - February 25

congrats...im due in august also. this is my third pregnancy 1st was a misscarriage 4 years ago, and the second went full term my daughter is 5 1/2 mos now im 4 mos preggers!


jazzy62316 - February 25

I am also due in August. This is my first pregnancy and I am just trying to take it all in. Congratulations on your pregnancy:)


DF - February 25

although i am not pregnant my fiance is, we due 21st august


augustmommy3 - February 25

congrats to your fiance DH! :) i am also due in August, i'm 17weeks, still don't know what i'm having though. anxious to find out, 2 more weeks.


samy - February 26

congrats all of u....even i m due in august. well this one being my third pregnancy, first two loosing at 20(twins) and 24 weeks coz of sudden labor pain(my doc thinks it was IC), so getting hospitalised next week for the cerclage this time. hope things work. god bless to all of us.


star1 - February 26

welcome everyone anone had kicks yet i've been feeling movement only gentle movements then this morning i was sitting on the floor of my living room and had one almight jab!! took me so by suprise i screamed!!!lol!!!


anniesok3 - February 26

Hello Ladies! I too am due in AUG, should be the 23rd. Boy am I glad to be on my 2nd trimester no more nausea! yay I am sooo excited my next doc appointment is March 4th and I will find out of I am having a little boy or a little annie aww! I keep thinking the doc might tell me I have having twins!!(my grandmother had 2 sets of twins) There is a girl here in my office who is having tripplets! all girls and my best friend is having twins! Anyhow, I am counting the days! How is everyone feeling? This week all of a sudden I have really bad dandruff is anybody else experiancing that?? I havent changed shampoos! Oh well, hope you ladies have a great day!


augustmommy3 - February 26

dandruff has been killing me! i haven't changed shampoos either, i think it's the "side effect" of pregnancy. also my scalp seems extremely dry and i have several dry spots and it seems like my hair is just full of dandruff. i hate that!


samy - February 27

hey, even i have extreme dandruff...and my skin and scalp are so dry...it is nothing but hormonal change. i am going for my level 2 tom. yeah, i have also been feeling little movements already sometime.


kare21162 - February 28

I am due August 19th! This is my 2nd pregnancy! My son is going to be 2 on October 4th! This was an unplanned pregnancy, but we are happy about it and are hopeing that this baby is a little girl. My mom has 3 grandsons and no granddaughters, so we have our fingers crossed!


cammieque - March 1

i'm due august 24th with my first. 4 1/2 weeks til we find out what we're having, i can't wait!


km143 - March 1

I am due August 21st, the day after my birthday. I have a daughter who is 3 years old today!! Congrats too everyone!!


Camsmommy - March 4

Hi!! how is everyone feeling? i've started to feel baby movemnets! Im 18 weeks, and have been feeling them now for about 2 weeks. i was hopin that i would get lucky this tmie and not have nausea the whole way through but i am still suffering with bad all day sickness LOL its more like motion sickness though. congrats everyone!


anniesok3 - March 7

hello everyone, so I didnt find out what I am having. I went to my appointment on Wed, I walk in and I check in with the front desk, and get charged for my ultra sound, my brother and my boyfriend went with me and were thrilled to find out what I am having (I also told everyone I know I was going to find out that day) but then I get called back to the front desk and they tell me I was actually there for a check up...I was upset to be honest, that was all I had thought about and looked forward to for the past 4 weeks...I know this sounds childish but I cried a little :( anyhow, I will find out on March 25th...I just really want to see the ultrasound and see my baby and make sure my baby is healthy! That is ALL I really care about! Anyhow, that my update..Hope you ladies are doing well, take care!! -annie


augustmommy3 - March 8

Annie, this is exactly what happened to me, back in january i was scheduled to come back 0n 18th of feb. for all the testing, u/s and meet the doctor that is going to deliver my baby and possibly find out the s_x of the baby. But really, just like you, all i wanted to see is my baby, i didn't care for the anatomy testing, i just wanted to see the growth and development of my little one. Make sure she/he is fine and healthy. So, of course, i announced to everyone about my big day of possibly seeing my baby sucking it's thumb. The last time i saw my little one it was just a size of a peanut at 7 weeks. When i arrived they told me i was here only for the check up and i needed to give the blood to test for any abnormalities! They told me i can get my u/s 4 weeks from then(which is on the 18th of march!!!) I was so disappointed, so was my husband. We kind of kept quiet in a car on a way home. We have been living with the idea for those past 4 weeks of seeing the baby on that particular day and so, just a check up with the doctor wasn't enough. oh well, 10 more day and i will find out! very excited, hopefully i don't get rejected again :( Good luck to all mommies out there and lets hope for a speedy spring. i need to get my little belly into some lose dresses! the pants are killing me already! :)


anniesok3 - March 17

Hello Ladies! Hope you are all doing well! I've had really bad allergies lately :( My morning ritual now consist of sneezing 6 or 7 times minimum and having runny nose! Is anyone experiancing that? So this weekend I was little bit of a drama queen, my dad came to visit from Mexico and so my youngest brother and I hung out with him all day on Saturday, my brother is really really imature (23 rs old)and so he loves to make stupid comments about my weight and what my baby will look like...I really tried all day long to ignore him, but by 3pm I had a headache from his remarks(he likes to act up infront of my dad) anyhow, my brother knows I have a really good paying job and lately I've been making some pretty large bonuses...I am not a stingy person, infact I helped him and his girlfriend move out here to AZ with me, I let them stay at a 2bedroom apt I have here and I paid the rent for them and even let him drive one of my vehicles while he got him self a job etc..So anyhow, Saturday we went out to lunch and dinner, and he always expects me to pay and so since I only paid for my boyfriend and my father and not for him or his gf he threw a fit! He doesnt understand that I am trying to save money for this baby!!!! Plus I may be moving to Florida to be closer to my mother and sister, he is very inconsiderate..So later that night while we were parked at a Walgreens store (my dad was inside picking up a few items) We were sitting in the car and I was talking to my boyfriend and we began to play fight (not loud but just wispering)We were just kidding around and my brother exploads and starts yelling "Shut up Ann!" And I told him "I am talking to Joe not you" and he continued to yell, I was so fed up with him at that point that I got out of the car and walked back to his apt by myself and I cried the entire way there (15min) My dad later followed me and walked with me..but I cried like I have not cried in a LONG time, I am sorry girls to have to share all this drama I usually live a drama free life but ever since I got pregnant it seems like there are more and more situation that frustruate me! I have NEVER been a fight in my life with anybody and have no enemies, its sad to say but my little brother may be the closest to that, we havent talked since, I feel like he owes me apology! I feel like such a drama queen and maybe I over reacted but he just doesnt understand how it feels like to be pregnant! He called me fat all day (I've always been a bit chubby since I was a kid) So everytime he would see a fat girl/boy he would be like "That is what your kid is going to look like" SOOOO ANOYING!! :( Also my boyfriend told me when I got out of the car my brother brought up the fact that I was being p__sy all day and that is why was unwilling to pay for his dinner! ugh! Which is not true, I am just so OVER supporting him and his GF plus I had paid for the dinner on Friday night(which was my boyfriends 45th b-day) Anyhow, now that I am done venting, I changed my schedule at work and am now working 6AM to 3PM so I have time to go to the gym! Thanks for reading this, I just had to vent I know you ladies will understand me better than anyone I really know because apparently people who really know me think I am loosing my mind and I am trying to use the "I am pregnant" card.



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