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Maggie - August 12

I wanted to start this thread for all of us due in February. I'm due February 23, 2006. My morning sickness is slowly going away, and I already feel as big as a house. How is everyone else doing?


Jean - August 12

I'm due February 8th. My morning sickness subsided about a week ago - thank God!! I feel human again! I have a small tummy and feel very curvy... trying to get exercise back into my life and trying to get back to eating normally.


Crystal - August 12

I'm feeling better (finally!). I've had pretty serious morning sickness up til now, so what little relief I'm getting is great. I'm also showing already, but this is my third pregnancy, so no surprise there! Oh, I'm due Feb. 18th by the way. Anxiously waiting for Tuesday when I get my next ultrasound ~ can't wait to see my little baby!


jb - August 12

My due date in Feb 15th. I am soooo excited! I am actually feeling worse, with naseuas and all in this trimester. The first trimester was a breeze. I just feel fat. I dont think Im showing but I can tell my stomach is bigger.


lmrod55 - August 12

We're due Feb. 14th. About a week ago a I started feeling better, and I too need to get exercise back into my routine!! My pants are starting to get a little tight and I can see a small belly on myself!


shelly - August 12

I'm due fib 17th. I'm one of the lucky ones and had no morning sickness whatsover!! I've been still exercising the whole time but still have gained 7lbs. How much has anyone else gained so far?? Besides being tired all the time, i've been feeling great!!


Denise - August 12

Hi my due date is February 25, 2006 and I'm pregnant with my first. I have been feeling great. Little nauseous once in awhile, tired & hungry all the time. My new thing that I just started experiencing is that I gag every time when I brush my teeth and the past two mornings I vomited. This has been going for about two weeks. I can live without some kind of food item but I can't live without brushing my teeth!!! I put myself through the torture every time because it has to be done but let me tell you it's not fun. If i come up with any solutions I'll let you know!


Bella - August 12

I am due feb 19th, My second. I feel the sickness is slowly going, thank goodness and as soon as it cools down I can start my excersise routine. I am sporting a small belly. I love it!


brit - August 12

Congrats all... I am due February 14th... my morningsickness is still not gone, but it has gotten a little better. I am super tired all of the time, but also I cannot sleep through the nights because I get uncomfortable or have to use the restroom. As soon as my morning sickness goes away I am going to start excercising. I am not showing at all... but for some reason at night I show a little- I think it is bloating more than anyting. lol... Denise- I also had problems brushing my teeth. I would gag every time. My fiance suggested using his toothpaste ( little kids grape flavored... lol) so I used it and I don't gag when I use that... also I had to stop brushing my tongue... maybe this would work for you as well... but you don't get the minty fresh feeling afterwards.. :(


denise - August 12

Thanks for the advice Brit. I did try a couple different kinds of toothpaste and it didn't work but I didn't try the kids kinds yet. I'll try that tonight. Thanks


Sam - August 12

I'm due February 1! Have had very few pregnancy symptoms this whole time. Besides being more tired than normal. And hungry. Especially in the 1st trimester. I am anxiously searching for the perfect name, and just starting to get where a few pairs of pants are too tight or press against my stomach. I THINK I have felt the faintest of movements already...I know it's early, but I don't think it could be anything else. Haven't felt much in the past few days, but I'm guessing I'll feel it again soon. Good luck everyone!


CANDI CAPPO - August 12

the morniing sickness is lifting a bit but i still look the same, not showing yet!....and as for movement i'm not sure about that either...this is my first baby, i'm a lil nervous...due date is Feb 10th 2005.


Crystal - August 12

Shelly I've actually lost weight, but then I've had horrible morning sickness. The wierd part is I'm definately showing. I'm not worried though, I know I'll be catching up soon enough!


Cara - August 12

I'm due February 2nd. This is my first pregnancy and i haven't had much morning sickness. Just with long car rides. I started at 112lbs, and I'm now about 117. All the weight is in my belly and I feel so big, and I look bigger, like I gained 10 lbs or more. I feel like i should weigh more, even my fiance says I have really gotten big in the past couple weeks. I go for my ultasound Sept.1st and they may be able to find the s_x, since I will be about 18 weeks. Has anyone found the s_x of the baby out yet?


Tiffany - August 12

I am due on February 8th and the morning sickness seems to be going away. I still have heartburn and am now getting headaches. I found out througha blood test that I'm having a boy. My husband really wanted a girl but is now very excited that Cameron is on his way!


erinsoul - August 12

I'm due Feb 10th with my first. Only about 2 weeks of m/s around the 6 and 7 week mark. But in the last month I've been bloating alot, and it's very uncomfortable. I've been really tired too. I work with 4 and 5 year olds all day, and by the time I get home I have nothing left in me. I actually went to bed at 6:30 last night! I don't have much of an appet_te. I eat regularly during the day, but by 5:00, I don't want anything. I too lacked on the exercise and am really looking forward to starting up again soon. Health and luck to all!


Tara - August 12

I am due Feb.6th and we found out through ultrasound that it is a boy. We are so excited, this will be our first baby.



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