Nipple Size

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RG - April 28

I've never had large nipples...but my hubby seems to think they are getting a little bigger...has this happened to anyone else? I'm curious because I do want to br___t feed and wondering if small nipples will cause me to have problems brest feeding. I might even try to post this in the 1st and 3rd trimester section too. Thanks for any input or help.


Lynn - April 28

Mine have DEFINITELY gotten bigger too. I'm like you, they've always been on the smaller side & I was worried about it affecting b___stfeeding, but looks like I won't have to be worrying about that!


RG - April 28

Thanks Lynn...I'm only 12 weeks so I'm sure there is more time for them to grow. I read some other posts in 1st Tri that said someone had trouble with them getting too big and the baby having a hard time getting it in it's mouth. Maybe we won't have that problem.


heather - April 28

I dont have large nipples also, but my areola's have gotten huge. Kinda weird looking they are no lye like at least 1.75" across. any one else have this?


Kara - April 28

Every woman is different and all variations are completely normal. The areola especially and usually the nipple too increase in size as your pregnancy progresses - it takes 9 months for your b___sts to complete their readiness for b___st feeding, so if you think they're big now, just wait till bub is born! PS They reckon the larger darker areola serves to catch the baby's eye and trigger his feeding instinct. So it's all good! :-)


mandy~ - April 28

your not alone heather.. does anyone know if they go back to normal after pregnancy?


lyn - April 29

mine are the same, but then nothing in the b___b area has grown yet....maybe when I get to 8 months. My poor kid is going to starve!!


mommy - May 10

my areola part is really huuge....only on the right side too...i read in article it says it will go back to a normal size after you stop b___stfeeding, i had my son 3 months ago and im bottle feeding only but my nipple/areola is real big...does anyone know it goes back to a normal size??? it is kind of scary looking...


Ebtesam - May 20

i have got a problem in b___stfeeding because my baby has got infection in her mouth and it is hurt my Nipple and bleeding now so i cant give my baby my Nipple again and she refused any food i am worring about this please give me solvation my e-mail [email protected] thanks



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