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squished - January 24

Hey all! Haven't been on in a few weeks b/c we moved, but congrats to everyone as we go into the 2nd tri! Anyways, I had an u/s done just over a week ago at 13w2d. You know how at the u/s there is a black area (the uterus) and the baby is in there. Well, with mine I had the black area and the happy little baby in there and in one spot I had a bump that went inward, towards the baby. Have any of you had this? The doc didn't seem too concerned, but I'm worried. My mom said that if I've been constipated it could be the bowel pushing on the uterus, but I don't know.....what do you guys think? We have another u/s on the 5th.


Tammy276 - January 24

I know at my u/s, we could see the placenta and it looked like a bump pushing towards the baby..but if the u/s tech wasn't concerned, I wouldn't worry about it.


jessicaspatherapist - January 24

i was just looking at some random ultrasound pics online and most of them had that inward bump...i was wondering what it was too....


SaraH - January 25

humm I have no idea. Wouldn't worry to much though since your doc wasn't concerned.


squished - January 25

hmm.....I wonder if that's what it was?Our next appt. is with a high risk doc (and from now on) b/c I have a split uterus so we will have an u/s every visit. I'm just worried to death about this little one b/c we lost our ds at 21w last time, so everything makes me nervous. Thanks you guys!


TamaraAngel - January 26

Squished - I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, and happy to hear this pregnancy is going well for you. Do you mind if i ask what caused you to lose a baby at 21 weeks? If you don't want to answer, i understand. Best wishes!


Tracy88 - January 27

Squished, I have a fibroid tumor that appears to protrude into the uterus and the baby's space, however in actuality, it does not. They always measure it when I have an U/S and I get them frequently due to the fibroid, since fibroids tend to grow during pregnancy. My fibroid is not invading the baby's space as it appears though, it is on the posterior side of the uterus, so the doctor's are really just keeping an eye on it rather than worrying about it. Ask, you may have a fibroid, or it could be something else like the other ladies said.


squished - January 27

Tamara.....we had a completely normal pregnancy last time. We had an u/s at 6w5d and then not another until 21w and that's when we were told that the baby had pa__ssed away. Just 4 days before the u/s we heard the heartbeat at the docs and I felt him move 2 days before that. After he was born we found out he had anencephaly. Most are diagnosed way before 21w, but b/c we didn't have any u/s then that's why we didn't know. And our doc was surprised as were we b/c I had been taking my prenatals for 4 months before we conceived. Anyways..... Tracy....thanks for the info about the fibroid. Maybe that's what it is. I'll definetely be asking the doc about it at our next appt. I think I'll read about fibroids on the internet now :)


TamaraAngel - January 27

Squished -- my thoughts and prayers are with you for a healthy pregnancy! I was at first carrying twins and lost one of the babies at 8 weeks gestation. But I know we will both be blessed with beautiful, healthy babies!


Tracy88 - January 27

Tamaraangel, I was also carrying twins, one of which I lost at the same time as you. I am now almost 24 weeks with a little girl. Squished, so sorry to hear all that you have been through. Don't be afraid to ask questions while in the U/S. I think I drive all the techs crazy with my questions.


TamaraAngel - January 27

Tracy thanks for sharing -- i posted a few times when it first happened and no one seemed to have a similar experience. Was it "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" as well? I wish the doctor or nurse would have prepared me for how common it is to "reabsorb" one of the embryos. This is my first pregnancy and i had told everyone my wonderful news of carrying twins. I was devastated to learn i had lost one. Sorry to hear about your loss, and glad to hear your baby girl is doing well!


squished - January 28

Tamara and Tracy, thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of one of your twins. I just watched a show on Discovery channel about twins and I was shocked at how common the loss of one is. They say that if you are left handed you probably started off as a twin, something about the mirroring that babies do in the womb. I have an u/s on the 5th so I'll definelty find out more about the inward bump. Thanks again.



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