Amniocentesis Anyone Had One

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debbie - March 29

i an nearly 18 weeks and my blood test just came back im at high risk 1 in 60 chance of abnormalities in the realy worried been offered a amniocentesis and not sure weather to have it or not scared of misscarring already lost 3 babies with normal misscarriages


TINA - March 29

there is a chance that you can miscarry and I guess you have to decide yourself, would you abort the baby if you found out there was anything wrong with him/her?? if not then there is no point. you will get an ultrasound where they measure the baby and they can see if there are any abnormalities which is not 100% but can give you an idea. the blood tests are not very accurate either. i chose not to have blood test or amnio because i did not want to lose my baby i have now been told that my daughter may have down syndrome. it is hard to hear but i still would not change a thing.


debbie - March 29

ty tina for your feedback i work with children with disabilites and feel im unable to bring a child with disabilites into this world this may sound harsh but i see how these children suffer on a daily basis.


Mrs o - March 29

How old are you? I'm 36 and had some problems show up with my blood work and I'm 1 in 94 chance of a down's baby. I'm going next Thurs. for an Amnio. Abortion is not an option for me- I just want to know plus there is a chance I would have the baby in a bigger hospital that could care better for a baby with down's. So I'm doing it so I will know forsure instead of worrying and so we can be better prepared at birth. Good luck.


tara - March 29

hi debbie, There are a lot of false positives with the blood test and the amnio with u/s would give you a firm yes/no answer. The chances of problems arrising from amnio is 1/200 and as long as you go to a location with experienced staff you should be okay. Going through this is very stressful, but at least you will know what you have to think about and the decisions you have ahead of you. All the best.


L - March 29

Hi Debbie...I had an amnio about a week and a half ago...(I chose to because I am over 35). I also had one with my first child. The procedure itself is relatively painless. I had it done on a Friday and just stayed in my pj's all weekend relaxing with my husband taking great care of me! I also just suffered a miscarriage last Oct, so the worry of miscarriage was the most difficult part of the whole procedure....but the risk of miscarriage really is not that high...1/250 and even lower than that. I hope this info helps. Good luck to you.


BBK - March 29

We had it done and it was pretty painless. The doc was VERY experienced, he was in and out in less than a minute. He marked a spot away from the baby and had the ultrasound going the whole time. My wife felt a small pinch when the needle went in, but nothing after that.' It's a personal decision though but that was our experience with it. Odds of mc I was told are 1/2%


Mellissa - March 29

Debbie...I found this on a website, I hope this helps..... You may get a blood test that measures your baby's risk for birth defects such as Down syndrome and spina bifida. It gives you valuable information about the health of your baby, but false positives are common; out of 1,000 women, 50 will be told that their fetus is at risk, but only one or two babies will actually be born with Down syndrome.


Leahp - March 30

Hi Debbie, What blood test did you have done. I had my first bloodwork done at 11 weeks, are they able to tell anything from that or did you have something specific done? My mother-in-law wanted me to get an amnio since she found out her biological mother is mildly mentally retarded so now I'm highly worried, but have heard that my husband and I have a very slim chance of anything happening since we're only 26.


debbie - March 30

ty all nice of u all to responed i will answer a few questions i am 34 and was to the results were nothing to do with my age they said women ages 37 and above are more at risk of a downs baby. the blood test i had done was done at about 16 weeks and is called many different thing ABC test alphabet test and many others . i have been to the hospital today and i have a week to make my mind up so a lot of thinking a head.


Christina - March 31

I wouldn't worry too much. For peace of mind you could have the amnio. A friend of mind was told that from her blood work they thought her baby had down syndrome, but he is a perfectly healthy one-year old now!


Mrs O - March 31

I was told i had a 1-94 for a down's baby. What are some of yall's ratios? I'm going to do the amnio. just b/c I need to know so I can be prepared. I have heard that alot of people have recieved false positives from blood work. I go April 7th for the Amnio. How long does it take to get the results?


Mrs O - March 31

I'm going to have an amnio. April 7th. I just need to know so I can be prepared. My blood work showed a 1-94 chance of a down's baby. What are some of the stats you ladies have been given? How long does it take to get the result from the amnio?


debbie - March 31

mrs o i have been told it will take up to 3 weeks for the results but if im willing to pay £ 60 i can have the results 2 days later so i will be doing that


Heidi - March 31

Did anyone have the Nuchal ultrasound done between 11-13 wks instead of amnio or did you have this done and that's why everyone is having the amnio done? I'm having the ultrasound done on Monday.


debbie - March 31

i didnt have a Nuchal ultrasound what is it . im having a amnio due to blood test results,


Heidi - April 1

Not sure of the correct name, but it's Nuchal something ultrasound. It's done between 11-13 wks and they do measurements of the fluid in the baby's neck or something. It's 100% safe. If they say I'm at high risk for downs, then they do the amnio. I'm surprised nobody else had this done or if it wasn't offered as it's 100% safe. I don't know how available it is. I'm going to Mayo to have it done as our clinic/hospital does not do it. It's very new I guess too.



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