April Mommies Rolling Over

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lyleesmama - October 1

Hi everyone!!! we r here now. some of us are starting the 2nd tri so we thought we would all come over here today!!! so hopefully we will get some new mommies by coming here... well i gotta get ready for the mary kay thingy that i really dont wanna go to but should huh?? TTYL


Krissy25 - October 1

Hey lyleesmama, glad we're finally over here. I hope this trimester is easier for everyone that the first. I know for me the past few days my nausea has gone down quite a bit as have the food aversions. I don't blame you for not wanting to go to the mary kay thing. I usually go to those sort of things b/c i feel obligated, but really it's just a way for the host to get a bunch of free stuff. I'm sure everyone would understand if your were "too sick" to attend. :)


Krissy25 - October 1

Tara B, I'm going to respond to you over here. I had a c-section with my dd b/c she was breech. Overall it was a very positive experience and if i have to do it again it will be ok. I would like however to try for a vbac, my reasons being that i found it difficult to pick up my dd and walk upright for the first few weeks. My biggest concern however is this baby will be too big. My dd was over 8 lbs at birth and she was 3 weeks early, so i'm really not interested in pusing out a 9-10 lb baby. My doctor is very supportive and actually went through a vbac herself. I feel very greatful to have her as my doctor and she has made me feel much more comfortable about this decision. As far as risks, my doctor told me it was a less than 1% chance for a uterine rupture with the kind of cut i had. I don't remember a feeling of pressure on my chest, i do remember getting sick during the procedure. I think if you go into a scheduled c-section instead of having to do it urgently after being in labor the tone is more relaxed, i'm sure it would be much better for you the second time around. You have time to really think about it though, my opinion is every woman should do what is right for her, if you would be more comfortable doing a c-section than you should go ahead an do it.


Krissy25 - October 2

Hi Kiddolebel, How is your pregnancy going for you? My doctor is planning on doing a scan to check weight as the due date nears, that way we'll know. b/c i had a c-section they won't induce. I'm not sure if this is a general policy or just hers. So basically i have to go into labor on my own. My water broke 3 weeks early with my dd so hopefully i'll go early with this one too.


sarahsteele - October 2

Yay 2nd trimester board!! OH dear me and my pregnant brain lol i definately meant 38/39 weeks.. lol!! and yes at the same hospital as there is only one where i live.. which is christchurch new zealand haha pretty far away from the rest of you all. and i have a totally differnt doctor but shes read up on all my notes and spoken to all people invovled and shes also one of the best in the city so im pretty happy with her. So ive decided im not going to find out the s_x of baby!! i have no idea why but i think itll be a great surprise. So have you all picked out any names yet?? Im thinking Skyla-Grace for a girl and either benjamin or tyler for a boy.. but thatll probably change. I still feel like c___p with m/s!! im hoping its not going to last 29 weeks like with my last pregnancy, its definately no where near as severe but still annoying!!


Tara B - October 3

Hey Ladies! How's everyone doing? Im finaly starting to feel better as far as my mood swings and morning sickness goes. Still very tired all the time, but who isn't? I don't know if this is true, but someone told me that Western Career College (I don't know if everyone has western career college's around)does free ultrasounds. If anyone is stressing out and wants an ultrasound sounds like its definitly worth checking out!


Tara B - October 3

Im wondering if any nursing school or tech school would be willing to do free ultrasounds.


Krissy25 - October 3

Sarahsteele, 38-39 weeks sounds much better, i'm glad you have a doctor that you like, it makes everything so much better. I love my doctor she is great, she never rushes me and totally listens to all my concerns and she always has a smile on her face, she makes me feel very comfortable. TaraB i think it is worth checking out, I've never heard of them but there are other tech school that might do the same. I've been lucky enough to have one ordered for next week to check the due date, since i'm not sure when i ovulated. My dh can't come which is a bummer but i'm going to bring my mil, i know it will be really exciting for her. I wish i could bring my own mom, but she can't take the time off of work. Maybe for the big one i can schedule it late enough for her to be able to come.


Tara B - October 3

The college I went to also worked on your car for free. You just had to buy the parts, so that might be helpful for some of us trying to save up. Just go to the local Junior College. I went to school there, but they didnt even ask if I did. I think they like ginny pigs or testies.


vsetter - October 5

Hi everyone! So I am over here a few days early, but I think that is okay. :) So my question for the day -- is anyone exercising on a regular basis??? I really want to, but I have had zero energy the past few months. I did prior to getting pregnant. Maybe my energy level will get better in the second trimester??? I work for a park system so I do get some activity, but I don't think it is regualar enough to count. I was thinking about yoga as they say that helps with labor. What is everyone else doing????


Skaman082 - October 5

Hi everyone i made it over here. I'm 14weeks exactly today. Still in my regular clothes or at least for the next few weeks. everyone is really excited to find out what we are having. Prob another 4 weeks and we should know. I'm still getting sick and mood swings. The baby is sooo picky on what it wants. I will try to upload better and clearer pics on facebook. The one i posted was upclose and blurry. I am trying to exercise every other day at least 20 mins a day. I have a treadmill. When i start feeling better i plan on doing winsor plates. Really work my arms and legs. It will only help with delivery and after the birth getting my body back.


Krissy25 - October 5

Hello Ladies, Happy Monday. I'm beat, mondays are always hard on me, I usually end up working somewhere between 11-12 hrs and mostly i'm on my feet. I don't exercise per se but between work and going for regular walks i think i'm doing ok. I'm excited b/c i just found out that my next door neighbor, whom i'm very good friends with, is pregnant too. She is only 6 weeks behind me so our babies will be really close together. I think it will be fun to go through pregnancy with someone else that i actually see, not that i don't consider going through it with you ladies a joy :).


lyleesmama - October 6

hi everyone!! Well its tuesday and I'm already ready for the weekend.. I'm still dealing with sadness but on a good notte my sickness is going away...thank god. I'm so glad for the 2 tri!! It should be a cake walk for me. It sounds like everyone is doing good. My major complainy right now is I'm always hungry. My tummy growls ALL THE TIME. I'm waking up at all hrs of the night starving. I'm such a picky eater that I have a hatd time finding things to eat. It sucks. I've gained 4 lbs and I'm not complaining. My dr wants me to start drinking ensure but come on that stuff tastes icky. So I stay on a cereal kick right now but that's starting to get old. I'm open to ideas. krissy~ what I'd it that you do for a living. That's a long day even for someone not pg. I guess if ur use to it its not so bad huh? Well I just wanted to drop in. I'll check in later


Krissy25 - October 6

Lyleesmama, i'm glad the ms is going away, i've been feeling better myself too. I know how you feel about the hunger. I often wake up at night and need to snack (along with having to pee...again:)) I am a medcial a__st. I work part-time, only 3 days a week, but mondays are the worst b/c we start clinic so early, 7:30 am and we end up seeing patients until about 5:30, but then i need to clean up and i have to wait for the dr to finish up. The rest of the week is much better. It's not as bad as the job i had when i was pregnant with my dd. I work in the restaurant biz, and did 10 hr days 5 days a week, and i never got to sit with that job, at least with this one i can sit down some. So i've been searching craigslist for some maternity clothes. I'm hoping to find some decent stuff for not a whole lot. I'd like to avoid spending a fortune on clothes i'll never wear again.


Skaman082 - October 7

You can go on craigslist and go under baby/kids. I found tons of people getting rid of there maternity clothes for nothing or almost. I will start checking into that soon. They also have stores where i live that people sell there maternity clothes and then they resell them for like 5-7.00 a piece for pants and ect. I wouldn't go all out if you are done having kids after this. I know i am. I'm hoping to make it to 18week or so fitting into my clothes. I still have ms bad all day. I would think it would be over but i was wrong. I have my next dr.s apt tomrrow. I have a follow and also a sugar test. After that i get to schedule my u/s to find out what we are having which is exciting. For as much as i'm sick i'm sure everything is okay in there.


Krissy25 - October 9

Hello ladies it's been a little quiet around here. I hope everyone knows to come on over here now. I'm a little bummed b/c i was suppose to have my u/s today to check my due date but it had to be rescheduled b/c the u/s tech got the swine flu. So now it is next week, i hope she is better by then. Skaman I found a woman selling abunch of maternity clothes on craigslist the other day. I was able to get like 8 tops, i dress, 2 pants and 1 skirt, plus she had kids stuff so i got 3 tops. 1 pair of pj's and 1 pair of shoes for my dd, all for $30. I think that was a pretty good deal. I might end up buying anything else i need new, i would like to have 1-2 pair of "good" jeans that fit nicely and are the right length, my legs are kind of long. I'm sorry the ms is still around, hopefully it will let up soon. Good luck on your gd test, i'm not looking forward to mine as i practically puked up that drink last time. I kept telling myself "you have to finish this and not throw up or they will make you do it all over again" It must have worked b/c i got through it. So anyone who has little ones what are they going to be for halloween? My dd is going to be a cheerleader, last year she was a ladybug and the year before that she was a pea-in-the-pod.


lyleesmama - October 15

well where is everyone? its almost a week since anyone has posted. i hope everyone is ok. my ms is gone!!! FINALLY!!! but now im having ligament pain. OMG IT HURTS SOOOOO BAD!!!! i think my dd is starting ti figure out that im having another baby. she is being kinda mean to me. some say its cuz im having a boy...what do u guys think? im dressing lylee up in a tiger comstume someone gave me. its really cute. and free u can never beat that huh? well hopefully someine posts back so i know everyone is ok. i have a dr appt monday. i get to hear the heart beat i hope its found easier then last time



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