April Mommies Rolling Over

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lyleesmama - October 15

well where is everyone? its almost a week since anyone has posted. i hope everyone is ok. my ms is gone!!! FINALLY!!! but now im having ligament pain. OMG IT HURTS SOOOOO BAD!!!! i think my dd is starting ti figure out that im having another baby. she is being kinda mean to me. some say its cuz im having a boy...what do u guys think? im dressing lylee up in a tiger comstume someone gave me. its really cute. and free u can never beat that huh? well hopefully someine posts back so i know everyone is ok. i have a dr appt monday. i get to hear the heart beat i hope its found easier then last time


Krissy25 - October 15

Hey Lyleesmama, yeah it's been quiet around here. I guess the second trimester is kind of uneventful. I'm excited b/c i have an ultrasound today, my first. I keep dreaming they are going to tell me what i'm having but then something happens and they can't tell me. This is just to confirm due dates but i'm hopeful they might actually be able to tell me what i am having, i think i'm somewhere between 14-15 weeks so we'll see, I totally understand that i will probably have to wait until my 20 week u/s. I'm also excited b/c i found someone on craigslist selling a really cute holiday dress for a toddler. I'm going to pick it up within the hour. I'm going to pay $20 for it which i think is a pretty good deal b/c new they are usually around $50-$60. Good luck with your dr appt tomorrow, i'm sure they'll find the heartbeat right away this time as the baby has grown.


Tara B - October 15

Hey everyone! Hows it going? Sorry I havent been on here in awhile. Anyone getting weird stomach pains? Sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night. I get a little worried t times because of it, I wish we could get ultrasounds anytime free of cost or we could buy an affordable one. I got this adorable little bumble bee costume for Julia. I was thinking of taking her to onw of the malls around here then go trick or treating with her older sisters later on.


lyleesmama - October 16

i graduated tonight from school!!!! it was sooo exciting. but now i gotta find a job. its hard when ur prego and noone wants to hire u u know. but it will all work out.


runnershirl - October 16

Hey girlies..I finally made it over... Wahoo--we're in 2nd tri! I haven't read posts yet, but have any of you had feedback on genetic testing?


Krissy25 - October 17

Hello ladies, well i finally had my u/s on thursday, baby was measuring 13w6d so today i am 14w1d. So that is about where i thought i was even though based on my lmp i would be over 15 weeks. It's kind of a bummer to go backwards but it is what it is and the baby will come when he or she wants to. Oh and it was too early to tell the gender, bummer. But it was so wonderful to see the baby. The detail was great i could even make out the ears. Baby was very calm, not like my dd who was always bouncing all over the place. Heart beat was 156. Tara B, sometimes i get sharp pains in my abdomen but i think it is more ligment pain than anything. I know how you feel about the u/s. I was happy to get it the other day but since my insurance has a deductable i will have to pay for some of it, not sure how much though. I asked what an u/s costs and they told me $275! Isn't that crazy, i was in there for less than 10 min, and what do you think an u/s tech makes an hour $25-$30 maybe? I mean what a money maker, just in an hour they make over a $1000 on that. Lyleesmama, congrats on your graduation, remind me again what you were studying, sorry i forget easly, pregnancy brain. LOL. Good luck finding a job. Runnershirl, welcome, i guess i technecally entered the 2nd tri yesterday, or at least i have been told the begining of your 14th week is the start, i guess it depends on who you ask.


Tara B - October 22

Krissy25-I get the ligament pains also when I stand up. Othertimes I think its gas. Dont know for sure. Ultrasound techs probably make around that much. All they're doing is running a machine across requested parts of the body. And it is crazy on how much they are. I've had one everytime Ive gone in so far (about 4) because of my hematoma. My next appointment is on the 28th. I don't think I'll get one. I just got a bill in the mail for $58, I'm still waiting to get a huge bill any day now. This second trimester has been pretty boring I guess. Good news most of my moodiness has gone away. I feel bad for the little one in their. I drink about 3-4 12 oz starbucks every week and cant stop eating Junk food such as taco bell and halloween candy. Anyone else feel that they're not being fair with what they eat? Im also horrible at taking my prenatals for some reason. 1st pregnancy I didn't miss a day.


Krissy25 - October 24

Tara B, I'm the same way, with my dd i did everything by the book, now i'm just like "whatever". I feel bad for my baby, I'm so busy with my toddler i forget sometimes i'm even pregnant. We're going to a halloween parade this afternoon, it should be fun, i'll be sure to help my dd eat her candy :)


Tara B - October 29

Oy I'm soooo bad I swear it's like give me Taco Bell, Burger King and don't forget to grab me some chicken strips from McDonalds. I had my 16w check up yesterday and we just listened to the heartbeat. It was actually my 1st appointment without and ultrasound. We find out November 25 if its a boy or girl yay!


Krissy25 - November 3

Hello ladies, wow it's been so quiet. What's been going on with everyone. I have some exciting news, i felt my first kicks today. I may have felt some earlier but i know what i felt today were some genuine kicks. I'm 16w4d, so this is about 2 weeks earlier than with my first. Also we find out on Nov. 20th what we are having. Everyone keeps asking what i think it is, i really hate this question b/c i have no clue, if i had to take a guess i would say boy, but i really have no preference on what it is, i'll be happy either way. How was halloween for those with little ones already, my dd (who is 2) really enjoyed it. This was the first year she had any idea what was going on. Anyone get their H1N1 shot yet? I was able to get it at my last appt. And just in time too. Almost everyone at my work has come down with it. I know a lot of people are nervous about getting it but i had no side effects from it whatsoever.


Tara B - November 4

Sooo Quite! My daughter had a pretty good Halloween also. Took her about three houses of knocking and saying "trick or treat" to get the hang of it. Krissy25 I'm not sure if I've felt the baby kick yet. I think I've felt some flutters its just not consistent enough to tell. With my last pregnancy they seemed regular starting around 16 weeks. Today I'm 17w1d. Did you get your edd pushed back?


Krissy25 - November 5

Hi Tara, well it's a little confusing. I went for an u/s a few weeks ago and the tech told me i was measuring 13w6d, a few days behind my edd. When i saw my doc 2 weeks later i asked her if it changed anything and she said no we're still keeping the April 13th due date. So even though my date hasn't changed with my doctor i'm going off of the u/s. I figure it really doesn't matter though, the baby will come when s/he wants to. I'm hoping early like my last one did. I felt a few more kicks today, It's hard b/c i need to be in kind of a reclined position and i only feel them if my hand is on my abdomen. With chasing my dd around i don't get a whole lot of quiet time to feel for them.


lyleesmama - November 5

hi everyone!! Its been a long time I know. Krissy I think I'm feeling the baby move too. I jav to be sitting up and my pants are tight so I think that's why I'm feeling it. I will be 19 weeks on saturday!! I can't believe I'm alomosy half way done. Now the exciting things start. Movement and finding out the s_x and yay!!! I can't wait


Krissy25 - November 5

Lyleesmama, when do you get to find out?


lyleesmama - November 5

nov 19.... My nieces bday! She so excited that I did it on that day! I feel like its a boy!


lyleesmama - November 5

what about you krissy when do you find out



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