April Mommies Rolling Over

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Tara B - November 22

OMG Congrats Krissy25 and Lyleemama!!! I find out on Wednesday :). Lyleesmama- My moms b___st cancer spread into her liver and lymphnodes in the chest area :(. They did a biopsy on her liver to determine what kind of cancer. I'm not sure to see if its still b___st cancer or what kind of b___st cancer, but that will help them with what kind of treatment plan they're going to start her off on. Krissy-the pathology test hasn't come back yet, so they're starting chemo on wednesday for her hoping it we get answers on Monday for which type it is.


Krissy25 - November 22

Yes, I'm very excited about having a boy. I was a little sad at first b/c by not having a girl i'm not giving my dd the one thing i always wanted, a sister, and we are stopping at 2. But i grew up with a younger brother and we had good times together so i think it will be fine. I've been going crazy tying to organize everything. I'm hoping one of my neighbors is having a girl b/c i have 6 boxes of clothes to get rid of and i really don't care to take the time to try and sell it all. Plus i want them to be able to use the stuff. We're hoping to move our dd into her new room soon. I want her to be comfortable in it and in a "big girl" bed before the baby comes. Sarahsteele, it's good to hear from you, i'm glad things are going well. That's a tough one on possibly doing a v-bac. I'm going to try for one, but my c-section was not an emergency. My advice is to think about it and talk to your doctor about it. I was nervous about going for a v-bac but my doctor said if the baby is too big or it looks like things aren't progressing we'l just do a c-section, she doesn't want to push me too much. What is a little surprising is they want to induce you. My doctor says labor will need to start on it's own for me b/c w/ an induction the contractions are too strong. Like i said though, talk to your doctor and make sure you are comfortable with it. Tara B, I look forward to hearing what you are having on Wed. Best of luck to your mom and starting the chemo, that's a bummer that she has to start that right before the holidays.


vsetter - November 22

Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. I have kept in touch with those on facebook a little bit better. Anyway...I just wanted to stop by and annouce that we are having a little girl! We had our ultrasound this week. We are very excited to begin our purchasing of pink outfits. I would like to say that was our final ultrasound, but it's not. We will be back for another u/s in 6 weeks. Our little girl had a white spot on her heart (a calcification). It is probably nothing and will probably go away, but it can be an indicator of Downs (especially if there are other signs). Fortunately, there were no other indicators; the rest of the ultrasound looked good and so did my bloodwork. We'll see what happens. Either way, we are happy to have our baby girl.


Tara B - November 23

v-setter- did you do any of the first or second trimester screening? I think they may screen for downs in first. Just curious to see if you did and what the results said. I'm sure everything is fine though. Best of luck and Happy Holidays to all!!!


sarahsteele - November 23

congrats vsetter on your girl, i hope everything is alright and im sure it will be. Krissy25 - im not sure on the reasoning for the induction but i know there was one haha i think because Noah was big and i had to be induced at 42 weeks with him.. but there was another reason that i just cant remember and yes my doctor said that a c-section could still be on the cards depending what happens anyway. Tara - im sorry about ur mom, youll be in my thoughts. and good luck with your ultrasound!!!


runnershirl - November 24

Hey ladies...I've been lurking because of work and having a MOL staying with me, but wanted to offer all the congrats to you who recently learned of your baby's gender. I've been keeping in touch with a few of you thru facebook, and have really appreciated the support of you other mommies. :) A little about me..I'm having a girl too! I was told a few weeks ago that I was 18 weeks and then told two weeks later that I was only 17 weeks, and then her we are now, and I'm 91 weeks. Point being--the baby is ahead in development, but they won't change the due date since the first u/s listed it as 4/14...So, 4/14 it is. We're naming our angel, Grace Elizabeth after each of our grandmothers. I had the last 3 weeks of hell with inlaws that don't respect boundaries, and it didn't end well, leading my bp to skyrocket. Fortunately, I've reclaimed my home and all is well. I've gained 13 lbs (3 last month) but thought it was more like 20 lbs...and am showing alot. The u/s looks like the baby has long arms and legs, but we're both tall, so it's possible. We were given a 1/12 risk for downs, and I'm remaining positive and keeping faith in the lord that he will give me the baby I need to have. And, i heard that babies with long limbs normally don't have downs. *fingers crossed*. I refuse to do the amnio though. I sincerely apologize that I can't go back and read all the posts, but please know that I've been reading them as they come in, even if I can't respond at the time, and am supporting each and every one of you through your pregnancies. If I can't chat back between now and then...I want to express my thankfulness of you all and having other mom's to share this journey with. As such, Happy Thanksgiving!


runnershirl - November 24

Hahah--that's 19 weeks (not 91)--could you imagine how huge I'd be then?! Hehe.


lyleesmama - November 24

runnershirl~ I TOTALLY Understand what ur talkin about with the in laws. My mil has been here since beginging of nov. We have been totally supporting her since then and we can't affird it. Last night my feelings got sooooo hurt. When my dh and I started dating we bought each other bibles. I'm a very sentimental person too!! So he gave her his which ok she needed one, but she totally scratched out what I had wrote and wrote over it. I kno I can buy him another one but its like she was trying to change what I had done! I'm still teary about it you kno. She never gets off my couch. She flooded my bathroom into my bas____nt!! AHHH!!! I could go on and on but I kno God doesn't like complaining. So I'll stop. So I know how you feel...also when I had my us the tech wouldn't tell me anything but I think my baby boy is measuring 2 weeks early. So we will see at me next appt


runnershirl - November 24

Thanks Lylee...Yes, MOL"s have a tendency to bring out hte worst. Mine arrived the end of Oct and just left--I think staying 3 weeks at a Non-pregnant person's house is too long, so why would it be different with a woman who's emotions are roaring, who's going thru loss of control of nearly every aspect of her body and life? (that's me anyway.) Our situation was bad and I mean super bad...she violated every boundary I created and even wanted to decorate the baby nursery while i was at work. This is my first and likely only baby and she got angry for me calling it "my baby"...lol. I still think that's funny...it is MY baby and her GRANDbaby, but I think she was forgetting htat. Anyway, my point is, there is some relief in complaining about it, as long as we do it to let the stress out, but like you're saying, from a religious standpoint, we shouldn't complain. As for your MIL, my feelings would also be hurt by her appearance to erase what you had done. I guess if we try to think about it the religious light, it seems like your DB did a good job in giving her a bible, she might be a good recipient for it. haha. I don't know what it is with MIL's, but mine and I used to be close, but something must happen when we become pregnant that makes them no longer feel like #1, or feel like they have priority? I dunno. Hang in there though and I hope yours doesn't stay too long. It's really alot of unnecessary stress to put on a prego person and maybe your DB can talk to her to fidn another place to stay due to the extra stress on yoU?


vsetter - November 24

Hi Tara. I did have the screening. We decided to do the integrated screen. So I did have an ultrasound and bloodwork done at both 11 weeks and 19 weeks. I didn't see the results, but the doctor said that all the bloodwork looked good -- even for my age. I am 34 but will be 35 when the baby is born. From what he said, the chances are low -- but, you know, one more thing to worry about. First the H1N1 scare...now this. My doctor also checked my blood for parvovirus antibodies (also call slap cheek). I guess it is a virus that you only get once in your life. However, if you get it while pregnant, it can cross the placenta. Needless to say, my bloodwork showed that I have never had it. It is more common in kids, and I spend a significant amount of time in the schools. I'm not really worried, if I haven't had it yet, what are the chances of getting it now. But...like I said...one more thing...


Tara B - November 26

Its a BOY!!! The ultrasound tech said I was measuring two weeks bigger March 31, but they won't change my EDD either. Well they did by one day 4/12/2010, it was 4/13/2010. I'm still up in the air about the c-section vs vbac. I kind of want the baby to pick his own day, but then possiibly have a c-section. Is this weird? I'm sure a lot of people get the c-section so they wont have to go through labor, but I kind of like that idea but then not follow through all the way. I'm scared of the 7% risks there is with the uterus abruption and risk for baby. vsetter-I wouldn't worry about it either. Especially if you've had the screening and the chances are low. Did you have the H1N1 shot then? I just got mine yesterday. I feel fine. didn't seem to make me feel sick just my arm is sensitive when i touch it. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


lyleesmama - November 26

tara~ CONGRATS!! I hope that's what you were wanting. The tech didn't tell me snytjing but it think my boy is measuring two ahead also!! So what does that mean? Does it mean I'm further then I thought?? And y won't they change ur due date? Aren't you further along then?


Krissy25 - November 26

Vsetter, congrats on having a girl. How exciting, it's so much fun shopping for girl stuff, there is so much to choose from. I'm sorry to hear about the spot on her heart. Even if it's most likely nothing it still makes your worry. Runnershirl congrats on your girl too! Try not to worry too much about your baby's growth. They have spurts, sometimes they are ahead and sometimes they are behind, but it sounds like everything is going well. I'm glad you are not measuring 91 weeks though! :) Ok ladies, have a happy thanksgiving. I'll try and get back later today and respond to everyone else. I'm being pulled away by my dd right now.


Krissy25 - November 26

TaraB, congrats on the boy, and getting your edd bumped up by a day. I know how you feel about the vbac. It's like if they baby comes before your due date that's great but if not go ahead and do a c-section. I told my doc i didn't want to try for a v-bac if the baby was too big. She told me they would do an u/s to get a est. weight close to the end. So we'll see, i feel like i have a 50% chance that it will end up being a c-section. Ok, time for a nap, my dh has our dd at his parents house right now to give me a little break, I'll take it.


Tara B - November 28

Lyeesmama- not sure why they dont change the due date. they said he's really big. i swear when i first found out i was pregnant i thought i was further along then what they told me. i was thinking anywhere between 3/31-4/6/2010, but then they told me 4/13/2010. They go off you first day of last menstrual cycle, but I couldnt remember my exact day because it had been awhile. Also, they're very inconsistant so who knows. I guess it ill just prep myself for anywhere around that time, he will come out when he wants to come out. I personally didn't care if its a boy or girl, but my boyfriend wanted a boy so bad. Im very happy that we were able to make one being that he has three girls. vsetter-congrats on your baby girl! You ARE going to have so much fun shopping for her. They make the cutest clothes for girls :)


Krissy25 - December 4

Hey ladies, how is everone doing? It's been so crazy here and we are in the process of moving our dd out of her room and into her big girl room but the house is a mess right now. I had an appt yesterday and i thought during the u/s 2 weeks ago the tech was having trouble getting a good view of his kidneys b/c she had said something about that and i saw her type that a f/u u/s might be indicated but i found out today that i was wrong about all that. The view she got was fine, but the baby has fetal renal pelvis dilation. So if you're like me you're like "what?" It sounds scarry b/c the name is so long but after talking to the doctor and doing some research it's really not that bad. There is a good chance it will resolve by the 3rd trimester on it's own, and if it doesn't he might need to be monitored after birth, if very rare cases surgery is warented to correct the problem. So it sounds like there is a good chance this won't even be an issue, but it still needs to be monotered, so i get another u/s in 6 weeks. We're not even telling our parents b/c we don't want to freak them out when it's probably nothing. Anyway i'll keep you all posted. Have a good weekend.



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