April Mommies Rolling Over

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Krissy25 - December 4

Hey ladies, how is everone doing? It's been so crazy here and we are in the process of moving our dd out of her room and into her big girl room but the house is a mess right now. I had an appt yesterday and i thought during the u/s 2 weeks ago the tech was having trouble getting a good view of his kidneys b/c she had said something about that and i saw her type that a f/u u/s might be indicated but i found out today that i was wrong about all that. The view she got was fine, but the baby has fetal renal pelvis dilation. So if you're like me you're like "what?" It sounds scarry b/c the name is so long but after talking to the doctor and doing some research it's really not that bad. There is a good chance it will resolve by the 3rd trimester on it's own, and if it doesn't he might need to be monitored after birth, if very rare cases surgery is warented to correct the problem. So it sounds like there is a good chance this won't even be an issue, but it still needs to be monotered, so i get another u/s in 6 weeks. We're not even telling our parents b/c we don't want to freak them out when it's probably nothing. Anyway i'll keep you all posted. Have a good weekend.


runnershirl - December 10

Hey girls...I hope you are all doing well. Krissy25~ I'm glad that your fears weren't justified and will remain positive that the baby's kidney issue will resolve itself by 3rd tri...I've not heard of that problem before, but know that even with the 1/12 risk for downs that they told me we have, there is truly no benefit (and only detriment) to worrying about it. So,remain positive. Also--in another post Krissy, I think you said that your prior baby measured "ahead of schedule" throughout. Did you deliver early? We've been 8-10 days "ahead" from our very first ultrasound...(I think that I conceived 8-10 days earlier because I also had heavy bleeding then..) I'm just curious whether to be more on guard from the end of March to beg of April, or beg of April to the 4/14 due date. As for us, we went for our 21 week u/s on Tuesday and baby Grace is doing well. The genetic dr. graduated us back to the regular ob. I have a couple questions though...Are any of you noticing increased wetness down there? Not sure if it's sweat or discharge, but yesterday it was quite a bit. No blood just wet. Didn't feel it coming out either. And, on top of that, I think it caused chaffing in between my legs...Anyone go thru that and suggestions on how to address? I thought maybe it was the different undies I got that is rubbing, but not sure. Also, we lost a pound this week...I'm still eating, but haven't felt that hungry the last couple days. You girls going thru that at all? (Considering i've already gained 20 lbs, I won't complain about losing a lb, but don't want to deprive baby from nutrients.) And, my feet are super duper swollen..could hardly see ankles last night. Thoughts/Comments? Otherwise, we're good and looking forward to the next cpl months.


Krissy25 - December 10

Hey Runner, thanks for the support. Most of the time i don't even think about it, there is nothing i can do so why worry, right? I'm glad you are back with your regular doctor, that sounds promising. I know you may have posted this before but are you going to persue further testing? As far as my dd measuring ahead, yes she did end up comming early, 3 weeks actually, but since i was charting and i had my first u/s at 5 weeks i know all my dates were right. B/C of that i plan to be on guard by the end of march, if you think you are 8-10 ahead it's not a bad idea to be ready earlier. We didn't even have a car seat, and my bags wern't fully packed when my water broke. It was all actually kind of humerus looking back on it. As for the wetness down there, it does increase. For me by the end of my pregnancy i couldn't tell if i was leaking amniotic fluid or not. It's just one of the many joys of being pregnant, and one of those lovely things nobody ever mentions, you find out on your own.


vsetter - December 17

Is anyone having difficulty breathing? I've been this way for about two weeks now. I know that things get smushed in there, but I feel like it is too early for this to happen.


Tara B - December 18

no difficulty breathing, but lots of side aches :)


Tara B - December 27

Has anyone got sick with throwing up, flu or fever? My daughter gets sick last Satyrday says shes fine and acting her bubbly self almost the entire time. Then my Boy friend fets sick the day before Christmas. Of course, Christmas Day I get sick right in the middle of the family dinner party I was having and started throwing up, ugh! I didn't get a fever, but my stomach was rolling pretty good and couldnt eat what I wanted to eat :(.


Krissy25 - December 27

Hello ladies, i hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays. Santa was very generous to our dd this year, she's a lucky little girl. Vsetter how are you feeling, has the breathing gotten any better? I haven't had that problem yet but i'm sure it will come soon. Maybe your baby is just sitting high. I have gotten those side aches that Tara B has mentioned. They suck, and i don't remember getting them with my first. Tara B. I hope you and your family is feeling better. It's one thing to be sick but to have vomiting and upset stomach with it is miserable. My dh gave us all a stomach bug earlier in the year and it was awful. My dd threw up in her carseat several times, talk about a mess. I have a dr appt on tues. I think i'm going to have to schedule the gb test, ugh! I hate that one and with my first i ended up having to do the 3 hr test b/c i failed the 1 hr. Hope i pa__s this time. Does anyone have new year's plans? I don't know what we are going to do yet. It's kind of hard with a 2 y/o. We've been invited to a kid friendly party but i doubt we would make it to midnight.


vsetter - December 27

Thanks Krissy, for asking. Unfortunately, I have not been feeling my best. I'm trying to get used to it though -- I've got a while to go. I'm still having trouble breathing. My guess -- she is either sitting high or she is just squished in there. I don't have much of a belly yet. If she would just 'pop' already, she might have more room (and my insides might have more room too). My doctor doesn't seem concerned. She said that I should keep an eye on it to determine if I if it is just the feeling of not breathing well OR if I am actually not breathing well. Since I am not dizzy, wheezing, or turning blue, I think I am okay. Unfortunately, I also have terrible back pain. Maybe it is because I have to have 'perfect' posture in order to breathe. AHHHHH....I thought that these problems didn't happen until about 8 months along. I go back on Tuesday for an ultrasound. Hoping it is the last one. They are checking her again to see if the spot on her heart has gone away. The spot is a soft indicator of Downs, but it is the only indicator that we have. Again, the doctors are not concerned but want to double check her anyway. We have no plans for new years. This makes me slightly sad as this is one of my favorite nights to play. But I must admit, I haven't made much of an effort to make plans. We'll see what happens...


runnershirl - December 28

Good morning, Ladies. I hope you all had great holidays. Vsetter--Good luck with your appt. I know it's scary having an indicator for Downs--we too have an indicator because my HcG was 3x the average, which is an indicator, but we pa__sed all others. Just stay positive--one indicator out of all that they test, isn't bad. The breathing thing stinks too. I'm winded easily, but I look like I could pop a baby out any time. Seriously! Due 4/14, according to their count. Just know you're not alone. Tara~Sorry about the nausea. That stinks. Not only because it's the holidays, but also because being prego you are limited at what you can take. I hope it was a short-lived bug. Krissy25~Good luck at your appt on Tues. I'm up for my g/c test on 1/4 too. it's nice of the dr. to wait til after the holidays since sugar has been my new best friend...I sure hope it hasn't effected our little angel. I hear the orange flavored is the best (and I had it last time and it reminded me of the orange soda). As for NYE, a friend is having a party, but I'm not sure if we're going. I'm feeling rather fat these days. They say girls steal your beauty and my face is getting bigger, (in addition to belly, and all swelling everywhere else)...so there's truth to that. Aside for xmas, I was eating well, but I've been swollen everywhere for months. I'm feeling super sensitive, super emotional etc. Plus, DH (who suffers from migraines and recovering from spinal surgery) hasn't been very affectionate over the holidays, which made me feel "alone". I'm afraid to get my hopes up for NYE and be alone. I feel bad for him, but for me too. He never got out of bed for xmas day at all. He had 3 days of migraines that didn't subside until the day after xmas...and when he's not feeling good, he's cranky and cold. So, that sucked for me. I don't mean to have a pity party, but that's what I was doing xmas night. he's really a good man who has been excited about the baby, but the farther along we get, the more stressed I see him becoming, thereby leading to more headaches, etc. Anyone else going thru this? Men handle stress so differently than women and I've always known he's wired differently. But, when he's feeling good, he's the most loving man I've ever met. thats about it here. have a good week ladies.


Krissy25 - December 29

Hello everyone Runner, sorry to hear your dh has not been feeling well. That's a bummer as i'm sure you could really use his support. I had my dr appt today. Everything is going well. Belly is measuring exactly 25 weeks, I've gained about 17 lbs. Which i guess isn't too bad. I've heard 10 lbs by the first 20 weeks and 1 lb each week after that. It kills me that it's been so cold and i haven't been out walking. I'm tempted to join our local Y. So i will be doing my gd test on 1/15, same day as my u/s to check the kidneys. I figured it's best to try and do it all on one day, but i think i will cry if i end up failing it and having to take the 3 hr like i did last time. And at the end of Jan. is my last 4 week appt and they become every 2 weeks, yikes! Where did the time go?


vsetter - January 2

Let's see...we had our ultrasound on Tuesday. It went pretty well. The white spot on her heart is still present, but has faded significantly. Everything else looked great! But -- the doctor said that she has a decent sized belly and that if I don't cut down on my carbs, I will be delivering a big baby. So -- I have been put on a diet. Not so much for my weight (I have gained 17 lbs now), but for her weight (as of Tuesday, 2 lbs). I am supposed to focus on proteins and veggies. With that said -- my lack of breathing makes sense. My belly is fairly small and she is big. She really has no room. But, with that brings my latest symptom. Does anyone's belly hurt? My belly feels so tight at times -- maybe she is stretching out -- that it feels that I'm going to explode on the sides. During those times, I am very uncomfortable and my belly hurts, even to the touch. Wow -- my belly was not happy during parts of that ultrasound. I guess, these are problems I expected, but just not yet. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Krissy25 - January 3

Vsetter that is good news about the spot on her heart, does the doctor expect that it will go away completly? Do you have to go back again for another u/s? I think i've been getting those same pains you have been describing on your belly, i've also been getting quiet a few bh contractions, sometimes with pain most of the time without, but sometimes i get pain in my belly and i'm not having a contraction. Ok i'm rambling, i just try to take it easy and drink lots of water (which i'm sometimes bad about). Make sure you're drinking lots of water, that may help. Ok so i have a little bit of a pet peeve, I know it's silly b/c it's really not a big deal but i have to vent. I got a baby blanket today for my son, it came from an aunt of my husband whom we almost never see. She gave us one for our dd too when she was born. While i apperciate the thought i have so many baby blankets it's not even funny and this is this baby's second already. We received a bunch for my dd when she was born and my MIL gave us all of my dh's from when he was a baby. I don't know what to do with them all and i don't want to get rid of them as many of them were handmade and therefore sentimental but at the same time they are taking up a lot of space. Ok that was my rant, I guess if that is my biggest problem i'm doing pretty good.


runnershirl - January 4

Krissy~I have to laugh with (not at) you at the baby blanket thing because I feel the same way about items. While I'm extremely appreciative, my MOL went shopping for so many things (including hi chair, toy box, etc) that things were overflowing out of my dining room into my living room --while the baby room wasn't even set up yet. Yes, I got overwhelmed...not that I didn't appreciate the kindnesses, because I do, but her "fun" in shopping was now becoming my burden in finding a place to put all the c___p...including the high chair which baby can't use for quite some time. So--my point is--I get it and feel the same. We are nesting and trying to find places to add a new human into our homes--gifts, in my opinion, should be reserved to things we register for, or truly sentimental items--I can see that a baby blanket is sentimental and it puts an added pressure on you, but you can always put it in a box in the attic, hopefully. I think part of my problem is hormones--I'm already overwhelmed about the whole nesting thing, and then you've got other ppl crossing over boundaries. I try to remind myself that those people mean well. Vsetter~glad to hear that the news is better about the heart. That's interesting about teh diet and big baby...I'm HUGE--when I say huge, seriously, I look like I could deliver a healthy baby tomorrow! I have appt today so hopefully i'll know if I need to be watching my food too. I think I've gained 20-23 lbs? Somewhere in that range (but she weighed per the u/s 1.3oz the first week of Dec.)


lyleesmama - January 4

hi everyone!! It's been a while since I've been on here. Things are going good. I've gained a lil over 22 lbs. Noah is growing great. Ppl think I'm about to pop cuz I'm sooo big. I have really bad heart burn and I've been gettin charlie horses. They hurt. I'm planning ny shower already. I don't wanna wait til the last min. I start my last tri on saturday!! I can't believe I'm on the last stretch! It's goin by soo fast! I hope everyone is doing good. My hormones are on the rollercoaster. I hate it! My poor husband. He's a real trooper...lol


Krissy25 - January 5

Hello ladies, Lyleesmama i got one of those charlie horses last night, I've never really had one before, (sometimes in my feet when i was a swimmer in college) but this was in my calf and i would say that was one of the most painful things i've ever felt, so i feel for you if you get them on a regular basis. Hopefully that is not the case for me. Runner, it seems bad to complain about gifts that people give but useless stuff sure does pile up fast. I remember with my first i had over 60 onsies (0-3m). Whoever said you can't have enough of those was wrong. And to top it off practically nobody gave me a receipt for any of them so i was stuck with them all. What i ended up doing was sorting out the neutral ones and i put them aside in case i ended up having a boy (which i am) so i'm still have a bunch of new clothes i can use. So we did end up joining the Y and i'm really happy about it. Mostly i just walk the track and swim some laps in the pool. I'm going to be taking a prenatal yoga cla__s starting thursday. Plus my dd really likes being able to go swimming. It feels so good to get out of the house especially considering it hasn't gotten above 20 degrees for the past 2 weeks.


runnershirl - January 6

Thx Krissy for the feedback--please, please don't think I'm being ungrateful because I'm not. The whole (or a little more of the) story is that the "help" being offered didn't stop with simply getting me a thing or two, but rather, it ended up where I was being told that they bought every signle last item every known to man that matched the theme of the baby room and sent it to me and it made me feel that I had to hang it all up, or else risk hurting someone's feelings. I told my MOL (and SOL) that "we'd see" to almost everything, or that "we hadn't decided yet" about many of these things...but they decided for me. I drew the line when they started telling me what picture frames and wall hangings they bought for that room(it's only 10x10) a__sured me on where exactly I could hang it. Not only did I feel that MY fun had been taken away, but that they weren't taking "NO" for an answer. They had it all planned out. MOL told me where my crib should go, where my futon, changing table, etc., should be, where the wallhangings should be, etc. I tried to slow her down so DH and I could do this together, and he even tried, but she didn't listen. Instead, she just kept shopping shopping shopping every day for 3 weeks and left all the remnants of her shopping in my dining room to overflow into my living room...I was busy at work and it stressed me out significantly--so much that my bp went up to 165 while she was here. While I completely utterly appreciate acts of kindness, she was no longer thinking about OUR needs. At every shower though, we will get things that we can't use or want, and we take it into stride as to that person's act of kindness, and I'll be okay with this...I think this situation was compiled by the fact that she was staying with me for 3 weeks, in my business, rushing me to decisions I wasn't prepared to make, telling me that she already bought the xmas 2010 baby dress, bought things I specifically said I WANTED TO BUY MY BABY and mostly thinking about her own needs before the needs of me, the baby or our health. I didn't want you or others to think I wasn't appreciative or an unkind person. By the way, when do we switch over officially to 3rd trimester group? How is everyone doing? I'm 25w4d weeks--check up yesterday said baby is fine and we did glucose test, which I haven't heard anything on. No news must be good news. Oh, and I did just get a charliehorse yesterday too! I think it's from dehydration isn't it?



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