Down Syndrome Result 2 8mm

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lawlady72 - March 22

quote "it frustrates me that all of you are so concerned about is having a "healthy" baby." unquote - there now, that was easy. and as for a high horse you say you're shocked...well as far as high horses go perhaps you should get a ladder to get off yours. People are allowed to be afraid and concerned about the well being of their soon to be children and I read EACH AND EVERY thread here and you say "I never said..." well NOONE here posted they would terminate if the child was DS all they did was voice concerns......Jeez, relax a little. As far as telling me to get off this site, well I don't berate people and insult them for being concerned parents to be...


lawlady72 - March 22

pardon me, before you jump down my throat I meant to say every post on here.... not thread.


LisaBlair - March 22

Hee hee hee - Quote this "no comment"!


eminnier - March 22

LisaBLair, As a person who spends everyday working with special needs children as their teacher, and as someone who just went through testing. I think that it is you that are on a high horse. This testing not only tests for DS but for Trisomy 18 and 13. If you go for an amino they also test for spina bifida. These other diseases are often incompatible with life. Most people who go through this just want to be informed of what health needs their child may need when it is born. It takes alot to raise a special needs child. Doing what I do I don't need to sit at home and read about DS. These sites and other sites like them are here to help women support each other not to splash info on to the internet for no reason. For someone who seems to dislike splashing info out on the internet you seem very quick to unload information about your partner's family. Maybe you shouldn't be on the web site.


ginger6363 - March 22

She posted a similar message on the AFP test thread. It seems she likes to start trouble. That, and she sounds real mature!


lawlady72 - March 22

ahhh the maturity is astounding....anyway, to all you girls who are concerned, don't let people like her make you feel bad. You're here for support, not insults.


lqtoo - March 22

Okay, don't throw rotten fruit at me, but I live in a country where abortion is legal and where BY LAW it is legal to terminate a pregnancy due to a factor like the fetus having DS. Whether you agree with this or not, some women do use these screening tests for that reason specifically. So yeah, I guess some people would "get rid of it" as LisaBlair wrote. I think a lot of people say that they would not abort regardless of the results of the test, which is fine, but a lot of other couples DO use the test for exactly that reason. They just wouldn't admit it here for fear of being flamed. Just injecting a reality check here...


lawlady72 - March 22

true iqtoo, but noone on here out it into words and it was wrong for her to jump to conclusions. But honestly, there are some people in this world who shouldn't be responsible for any child never mind a disabled child and adoption is not a realistic option, not many people out there filling out apps for that purpose. So like I say to many people, unless you are on the list to adopt a crack baby, disabled child or the biological child of a serial rapist, please don't judge. Sorry if harsh, but life is sometimes.


cakegirl - March 22

Personally, if my baby has Downs, I will still be having the baby and raising it in a loving home where it is loved and wanted. Getting the news that you are "high-risk" for anything is always a shock, and having your expectations rattled is also a shock... I've spent the last 9 weeks growing to love this little being in me, and fantasising about my hopes and dreams for it. If it has DS, I'm not going to love it any less, but it does mean I need to revise some of those hopes and dreams.


PRS - March 23

hey ladies , just relax .I am living far away from my family ,neither i have informed them regarding my pregnancy yet.reason i dont want to give them any tension .when i visited to doc , and she told me about result , i got panic , start looking for some info , i am regular visitor of this forum since i got pregnant ,but never wrote here before the test.I was looking for the some one here with whom i can share my worries , luckly i got also . which made me relax, my intention is not to hurt any one feeling, i have to go for team meeting, will write later.


LisaBlair - March 23



eminnier - March 23

LisaBlair, Very mature att_tude to pa__s on to your children.


lawlady72 - March 23

good for you cakegirl :} I suggest that Lisa is just here for s*^ts and giggles to get people riled up. PRS I'm glad you're feeling better and do not worry about people on here debating, if everyone agreed life would be extremely boring!


vinita balani - October 31

hii pls replu me


vinita balani - October 31

hi , i am almost 12 week pregnant . i have gone through with the ultra sound and double marker (blood test ). But the NT of my baby is 2.9 which is high, and the blood report is also comes under high risk . My doctor has suggested me to abort the child . What should we do ?? should we go for CVS Test ? . Please advice .


dekraytom - December 7

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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